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Book By Book - Set Of Eleven-DVD [ 11 items]

This DVD is playable in All regions

Book By Book: Genesis: 1: The Beginning of the Cosmos (ch. 1) 2: The Beginning of Humanity (ch. 2) 3: The Beginning of Sin and Death (ch. 3-5) 4: The Beginning of Judgment (ch. 6-11) 5: The Beginning of the Church (ch. 12-16) 6: The Beginning of the Sacraments (ch. 17-24) 7: The Beginning of Election (ch. 25-31) 8: The Beginning of Israel (ch. 32-35) 9: The Beginning of Exile (ch. 36-47) 10: The End of the Beginning (ch. 48-50)

Featured guest is Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of evangelist Billy Graham and well-known writer and speaker.

Book By Book: Exodus: 1: The Lord Hears (ch. 1-2) 2: The Lord Commissions (ch. 3-4) 3: The Lord Opposes (ch. 5-10) 4: The Lord Judges (ch. 11-13) 5: The Lord Delivers (ch. 14-18) 6: The Lord Speaks (ch. 19-24) 7: The Lord Mediates (ch. 32-34) 8: The Tabernacle: Its Layout (parts 8-10 cover ch. 39-40) 9: The Tabernacle: Its Furniture 10: The Tabernacle: Its Priesthood

Featured guest is Joseph Steinberg - from Florida now works in the UK heading up «Jews for Jesus.¡

Book By Book: Selected Psalms: 1. Psalm 20- The LORD Saves His Anointed 2. Psalm 22 - The Psalm of the Cross 3. Psalm 23 - The Psalm of Resurrection Hope 4. Psalm 24 - The Psalm of the Ascension 5. Psalm 25 - In You I Trust, O My God 6. Psalm 27 - The LORD Is My Salvation

Featured guest is Stephen Lungu is a former gangster who now heads up African Enterprise in Malawi.

Book By Book: Jonah: 1. Jonah and Nineveh in the Bible 2. Jonah's Commissioning (1:1-2) 3. On the Run from the LORD (1:3-16) 4. Trusting in Christ in Death (1:17-2:10) 5. Mission to Nineveh - (ch. 3) 6. The Universal Gospel - (ch. 4)

It features guest George Verwer, founder and International Coordinator of Operation Mobilization.

Book By Book: John: 1: Revealing (ch. 1) 6: Dividing (ch. 10:22-12:50) 2: Teaching (ch. 2-3) 7: Loving (ch. 13-15:17) 3: Working (ch. 4-5) 8: Sending (ch. 15:18-17:26) 4: Feeding (ch. 6-7) 9: Dying (ch. 18-19) 5: Shining (ch. 8-10:21) 10: Living (ch. 20-21)

Featured guest is Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of evangelist Billy Graham and well-known writer and speaker.

Book By Book: Galatians: 1. Paul, and Apostle of God's Gospel (ch. 1) 2. Peter, an Apostle to the Jews (ch. 2) 3. Abraham, The Man of Faith (ch. 3:1-25) 4. Sarah, Mother of the Free (ch. 3:26-4:31) 5. The Spirit, the Lord of the Free (ch. 5) 6. Brothers, the Family of Believers (ch. 6)

The featured guest is Jonathan Edwards, an Olympic gold medal winner in the triple jump world record breaker. He is also Commonwealth Champion.

Book By Book: Philippians: 1: This is my prayer (ch. 1:1-11) 2: Live as a citizen worthy of the gospel of Christ (ch. 1:12-30) 3: Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus (ch. 2:1-11) 4: Shine like stars in the universe (ch. 2:12-30) 5. The power of His resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings (ch. 3:1-21) 6. Rejoice in the Lord, always (ch. 4:1-23)

Featured guest is Joni Eareckson Tada, a quadriplegic since 1967, is founder of Joni and Friends, a ministry that communicates the Gospel and equips churches worldwide to evangelize people affected by disability.

Book By Book: I, II Thessalonians: 1: Waiting for His Son from Heaven (I Thess. 1:1-10) 2: Who Are You Trying to Please? (I Thess. 2:1-16) 3: How Are You Going to Live? (I Thess. 2:17-4:12) 4: What Does the Future Hold for You? (I Thess. 4:13-5:28) 5: When Will Our Suffering End? When Will There Be Justice? (II Thess. 1-2:12) 6: How Are You Going to Wait? (II Thess. 2:13-3:18)

With Rico Tice, Associate Minister (Evangelism) of All Souls Church.

Book By Book: II Timothy: 1: Paul and Timothy (ch. 1:1-7) 2: A Herald and a Guardian (ch. 1:8-14) 3: Desertion and Endurance (ch. 1:15-2:14) 4: Correctly Handling the Word of Truth (ch. 2:15-3:9) 5: Scriptures and Preaching (ch. 3:10-4:8) 6: Friends and Family (ch. 4:9-4:22)

II Timothy with Vaughn Roberts - Vaughn Roberts is rector of St. Ebbe's Church in Oxford, and a writer and popular speaker.

Book By Book: James: 1: The Testing of Your Faith (1:1-18) 2: Doers of the Word (1:19-2:13) 3: Faith Without Works Is Dead (2:14-26) 4: No Man Can Tame the Tongue (3:1-17) 5: Humble Yourselves before the Lord (3:18-4:17) 6: The Judge Is Standing at the Door (5:1-20)

With guest Jonathan Edwards.

Book By Book: I Peter: 1. Your Faith - of Greater Worth Than Gold (1:1-12) 2. Born Again - Through the Word of God (1:13-2:10) 3. Christ Suffered - Leaving an Example (2:11-3:7) 4. Suffering for What is Right (3:8-4:7) 5. Sharing in Sufferings - and Glory (4:8-19) 6. Clothed With Humility - Firm in the Faith (5:1-14)

Featured guest is Don Carson, Professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois.

Each segment is approximately 15 minutes.

Richard Bewes is a rector of All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, and a well-known writer and broadcaster. Paul Blackham from Lancashire, England, is a theologian and curate at at the All Souls Church in London.

Scripture quotations taken from NIV version unless otherwise noted.

NOTE: One study guide is included with the DVD!

Time: 22 hrs. 21 mins. | Production Year: 2003-2006




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