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Shocking speech of Fr. John O'Connor
(2 Hrs Long)

Most complete report on Anti-Christ ever made. Shocking speech of Fr. John O'Connor. Fr. O'Connor shows how we will be able to recognize the Anti-Christ through Bible and Current Events, that he is alive and prepared to enter world seen, about infiltration of Catholic Church, about the New World Order, end of US independence, One World Socialist Atheist Government, Wars, Paper Money, Homosexual infiltration of the Catholic Church, Our near Future, How to prepare our self for persecution and more ... Must see. Best Seller.

(DVD Video 2hrs) ...........$ 19.95
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Book: The Reign Of Antichrist
Rev. Fr. R. Gerald Culleton

Price: $18.95
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Old Testament and New Testament prophecies about Antichrist; plus; many; many prophecies from Saints and holy people. This is the best source we know of predictions about the "Man of Sin." A really accurate picture emerges from these pages. This book is so good that one priest used it as the source material for a number of dramatic videos on the subject. This book contains greater detail than any other we know on Antichrist.





This DVD is formatted for Region 1

Mel Gibson's powerful drama of the last twelve hours of Christ's life on earth,
as seen in theaters worldwide in Spring of 2004. Widescreen format.
(Rated R for sequences of scourging and crucifixion violence.)

DVD Features:
Languages: Spoken Aramaic, Latin, Hebrew
Subtitles: English
Time: 2 hrs 7 min | Production Year: 2004
6366D DVD - Price $24.95
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This DVD is formatted for Region 1

One of the most notable films in recent history: Here is Mel Gibson's powerful drama of the
last twelve hours of Christ's life on earth, as seen in theaters worldwide in Spring of 2004.
(Rated R for sequences of scourging and crucifixion violence.)

DVD Features:
Languages: Spoken Aramaic, Latin, Hebrew
Subtitles: English
Time: 2 hrs 7 min | Production Year: 2004
12991D DVD - Price $19.75
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This DVD is playable in All regionsThis DVD includes three programs:
The Passion of Christ: St. Francis chose and elaborated several Bible verses to help his companions better understand Christ’s suffering. This text is illustrated by Pietro Lorenzetti’s 14th century fresco cycle (found in the Lower Basilica of the Basilica of St. Francis), by Assisi’s traditional Good Friday Procession, and by various places in and around Assisi.
The Canticle of the Creatures: "The Canticle of the Creatures" is considered one of the most ancient texts in Italian literature, written at a time when Latin was slowly becoming Italian. However, it is the beauty of this magnificent hymn that astounds, arising out of St. Francis' mystical vision inviting all creation to praise its Creator. Calling the elements "Brother" and "Sister," Francis embraces all of creation as members of one family, perfectly reflecting Christian spirituality.
The Testament of St. Francis: The last will of the saint is the work of a man who, in his final days, was anxious about the future of his order and wanted to state his position one more time as forcefully as possible. In this writing, St. Francis strove to explain to his friars the spirit of the Franciscan vocation, so that throughout the centuries they would have no doubts as to how to imitate him in his following of the poor Crucified Christ.
This DVD has an English, Spanish, Italian and German language track.
Time: 30 min. | Production Year: 2008
501256D DVD - Price $19.75
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This DVD is formatted for Region 1

Through Scripture and examples from life, Fr. Rolheiser gives new understanding and encouragement in how we can give our lives to the world and to also give our death to the world. When we think of passion we think of Christ's physical suffering and death but in the Agony in the Garden, the Gospels do not emphasize Jesus' physical sufferings. The Gospel writers want us to understand Jesus the lover, who undergoes moral and emotional sufferings without resentment or bitterness. Fr. Rolheiser explains that God's strength comes when we are exhausted and open to being transformed. A profound and moving reflection in two parts with a live audience.
This program is presented in two parts of approximately 50 minutes each.
You'll be inspired and renewed with this absorbing presentation by one of America's most popular speakers on the subject of spirituality and faith.
Ron Rolheiser, OMI is a Missionary Oblate of Mary Immaculate, a specialist in the fields of spirituality and systematic theology and present of Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas. His weekly column appears in Catholic newspapers around the world. He is the author of The Holy Longing , the prize winning The Restless Heart , as well as Forgotten Amongst the Lilies, The Shattered Lantern, and An Infinite Horizon.
Time: 1 hr 40 min | Production Year: 2006
14254D DVD - Price $19.75
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Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ"
Photos, Books, CD, MP3 and News

Go and spend time with Jesus.
Go see the movie "The Passion of the Christ"!

Movie Book: "The Passion"
A very impressive book!
Actual photos from Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ"

Contemplate the Passion Like Never Before

What movie event is causing more of a stir than any other? Mel Gibson's new film "The Passion of the Christ".
Top seller for one online ticket service. And we have a new, exclusive offering to complement the film. THE PASSION is a beautiful hardcover book that features striking photos from the film, text from the Douay-Rheims Bible, and a Foreword by Mel Gibson. Also, don't forget about the book that helped inspire the film. THE DOLOROUS PASSION OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST (Bellow) by Anna Catherine Emmerich is a beautifully edifying account of Our Lord's Passion, perfect for Lenten meditation: Also available in MP3 CD format. We are pleased to make these titles available, and hope that they inspire readers with a greater love for Our Lord. Be sure to order your copy of THE PASSION today.


A pictorial book depicting the Passion and Death of Our Lord in beautiful color photographs, taken by professional photographers during the filming of Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ". This book retells the whole story of Our Lord's Passion, as told in the film - but in pictures. Includes corresponding Scriptural passages, taken from the Douay-Rheims Bible.

Actual photos from Mel Gibson's film "The Passion of the Christ", with text from the Douay-Rheims Bible. Foreword by Mel Gibson. Hardbound with dust jacket. 143 pages. Beautiful 9" x 11 1/2" coffee-table book which features striking photos depicting Our Lord, the Blessed Mother, St. John, St. Peter, St. Veronica, Simon of Cyrene, Judas, Pontius Pilate, the Jewish leaders, the Roman soldiers, etc. in the events of the first Good Friday. A very impressive book!


The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ
This book helped inspire the upcoming Mel Gibson movie, "The Passion."

From the Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich By: Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich This book helped inspire the upcoming Mel Gibson movie, "The Passion." Faithful to the Bible story of the Passion and death of Jesus, it fills in many details and is edifying and inspiring beyond belief; plus, it is surprising and heart-rending. It will melt a heart of stone. This book is the best on the Passion we have seen. It is also wonderful on the Blessed Mother's role in our redemption. Includes a short biography of Sr. Emmerich. A great, great book for the whole family!
Price $18.00 Order Here



Dolorous Passion MP3 Audio CD

A professionally read audio book with over 11 hours of listening time, all on one inexpensive MP3 Compact Disc. Includes the 54 page life sketch of Ven. Anne Catherine Emmerich, written by Clemens Brentano, the famous German poet and literary man who copied down her visions.

Price $18.00
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by Baronius Press

The Douay-Rheims Bible - Hardbound

The best, most accurate, safest English translation that you can use.
A careful word-for-word translation of the Latin Vulgate Bible
(the official Bible of the Church) - plus of the original New Testament Greek.
Douay Rheims Bible Product Details

Price $54.95




Douay-Rheims Bibles by Baronius Press

Douay-Rheims Bible, Black Leather Hardcover
Douay-Rheims Bible, Black Leather Flexcover
Douay-Rheims Bible, Burgundy Leather Flexcover
Douay-Rheims Pocket Bible, Flexible Cover - Black Leather
Douay-Rheims Pocket Bible, Flexible Cover - Burgundy Leather
Douay-Rheims Psalms + New Testament, Black Leather
Douay-Rheims Psalms + New Testament, Burgundy Leather
Daily Missal - 1962 Latin Mass Edition, Black Leather Flexcover
Douay-Rheims Bible, Large Print Black Leather Flexcover
Douay-Rheims Bible, Large Print White Leather Flexcover
The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Douay-Rheims Bible (Standard size) Hardcover (White Leather)
Douay-Rheims Bible (Pocket size) Flexible cover (White Leather)
Daily Missal 1962 Flexible cover (White Leather)
Daily Missal 1962 Flexible cover (Burgundy Leather)

Why Be Catholic? - 2-DVD Set Fast-paced information-packed series on the biblical and historical evidence for the truth of the Catholic, presented by best-selling author and Suitable for personal or group study. 2-DVD Set

Where is in that Bible? 2-DVD Set Dynamic presentation on the riches of Sacred Scripture. Journey through twenty key biblical subjects with your host, best-selling Catholic author and speaker Patrick Madrid.
Does the Bible Teach Sola Scriptura? Audio CD Regarded by many as their all-time favorite Catholic/Protestant debate on the important subject of èSola Scripture (by "Scripture Alone").
The Bible Only Debate - Audio CD - An apologetics classic that took place before an audience of nearly 600 people at a Fundamentalist Baptist church in Denver, CO.
The Living Gospel - CD-ROM An outstanding animated interactive storybook in English/Spanish. Children ages 4-11 become active participants in the Life of Jesus. Designed for all branches of Christianity. Contains 11 interactive chapters, all four Gospels. Covers the main events of Jesus' life.



Text of The Third Secret of Fatima - Complete Text
Books and Videos on Padre Pio
Videos and Books on Sr. Faustina and Divine Mercy plus Diary of Sr. Faustina
CATHOLIC BIBLES - Family Bibles, Spanish Bibles, Church, School and Study Bible Edidions
Bishop Fulton Sheen - Audio Tapes, Videos and Books
THE DOUAY-RHEIMS BIBLE - Now in Large Print!
Why Should You Read Only the Douay-Rheims Translation of the Bible?



The Reign of the Antichrist - DVD

The Reign of Antichrist - Book

Free Music Sample of Contemporary Christian Music and Catholic Recording Artists

New Video on
Canonization of Padre Pio



Free Music Samples of Contemporary Christian Music



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