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(PC: RC16-CD)

Written by: Dr. Paul Thigpen
Narrated by: Chris Knuffke
Category: Apologetics (CD)

Finally! The Whole Catholic Truth About the So-Called "Rapture"!
Here's Just Some of What You'll Discover in this Audio Book:
What the Catholic Church really teaches about the so-called "Rapture"
Why Jesus came the first time-and why He will come again
What all Christians need to do to prepare for the Second Coming
What is the purpose of suffering and tribulation
Why America has always been fertile ground for apocalyptic religion
Who has the authority to rightly interpret Scripture
Why the rapture idea is so seductive to Christians
Why Anti-Catholicism is a natural outgrowth of "Rapture" theology
How to evaluate the validity and importance of private revelation
Is Jesus really coming to secretly "rapture" deserving "born-again" Christians to save them from the Anti-Christ and "End-Times" tribulation? Are today's headlines explained (and tomorrow's headlines predicted) in ancient Scripture? What is a Catholic supposed to believe about the widely held teaching on the so-called "Rapture" that has fueled the sale of millions of the wildly popular series of "Left Behind" books?
Clear, Concise, Charitable
You'll find the answers to these questions and a whole lot more in the new audio version of Dr. Paul Thigpen's timely tell-all book The Rapture Trap, read by Christopher Knuffke.
A former Pentecostal and Catholic convert, Dr. Thigpen reveals the origins of the "rapture theory", its theological flaws and the spiritual dangers that await those who get "caught up" in this misleading doctrine. Drawing on Scripture, Tradition, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and his own experience, Thigpen exposes the shortcomings of this deceitful doctrine and the disordered web of distorted dogmas to which it is attached.
The Rapture Trap also exposes the overt anti-Catholicism of Tim LaHaye, the creator and co-author of the unbelievably successful "Left Behind" books. Dr. Thigpen documents LaHaye's many outrageous and often ludicrous attacks on the Catholic Church to illustrate how anti-Catholicism is not only consistent with "left behind" beliefs, but is actually a predictable outgrowth of "Rapture" theology itself.
Theological Seduction
A Yale-trained religious historian, Dr. Thigpen reveals how dispensationalist teaching is really on Christianity's theological fringe, historically speaking, by demonstrating that none of the leaders of the Reformation ever believed in the "Rapture"- making The Rapture Trap an indispensable introduction to this troublesome topic for both Catholics and non-Catholics alike.
At last you'll understand why rapture theology is so seductive to so many Christians as this digitally recorded presentation lays out in clear and simple terms what the Catholic Church really teaches (and doesn't teach) about the end of the world. As an added bonus The Rapture Trap includes a chapter about private revelations and Marian apparitions where you'll discover a commonsensical list of questions to consider in evaluating the validity and importance of apparitions.
Order now and discover what to believe about the "End Times"-and what to leave behind!
Language: English
Running Time: 00:00:00
Sale Price: $:38.95



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