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(PC: 7603-CD)

Written by: David Currie
Category: Apologetics (CD)
Is it possible that at any moment most people, including most Catholics, will be plunged into seven years of "Great Tribulation" while "true-believers" will be swept up into heaven in the "Rapture"? What should Catholics believe about these startling claims? It appears that time is short as many Christian leaders and best-selling books like the "Left Behind" series are predicting that the end is coming soon!
Truth is at Stake
According to David Currie's Rapture: Ruse or Reality?, this is nothing new. A former Protestant minister and expert on Rapture and Second Coming theology, Mr. Currie spent many years researching and studying this apocalyptic affair. Now on six CDs or cassettes, he reveals how from the 2nd century all the way up to today, various Christian sects have been predicting the end of the world. Clearly truth is at stake. And in this all-new fact-filled series, David digs deeply into history and Bible prophecy to uncover what the Catholic Church really believes about Biblical prophecy, the Book of Revelation and the triumphant return of God.
True History, False Doctrine
As David Currie reveals the true history of this deceitful doctrine, you'll be amazed at the illustrious list of names of those who have falsely predicted the end of the world! With this revealing exposé, you'll gain valuable insights into the unique conditions that contributed to the invention of the "Rapture". In no uncertain terms, Mr. Currie lays bare the underlying errors and willful misinterpretations of Scripture that underlie the teachings of the modern "Rapturists". You'll also discover the all-important ground rules regarding Biblical prophecy as David Currie reveals the true meaning of the several Scriptural teachings that had to be stitched together to devise these dispensationalist doctrines.
Set Your Mind at Rest
Let David Currie set your mind at rest regarding the "Rapture" once and for all as he reveals the truth about the "Great Tribulation", the "thousand year reign", being "caught up in the clouds", and more. With Rapture: Ruse or Reality?, you will greatly increase your knowledge of the Catholic understanding of Biblical prophecy and be prepared to share with those of your family and friends who may be "caught up" in the Rapture! In fact, with David Currie's sensitivity for Protestant perspectives, you'll want to order a copy for yourself and also for your Protestant friends who fear you will be "left behind"!
How to authentically approach Biblical prophecy
The true meaning of the "Great Tribulation"
When Christians from the 2nd century to today have predicted the end of the world would come
What Jesus really meant when he predicted His return in the "Olivet Discourse"
What the Church actually teaches about the "thousand year reign" of Christ
What the "Rapturists" have to do to make the visions of Daniel fit their theology
What the "Kingdom of God" predicted in the Old Testament really means
How 99% of Biblical prophecy has already been fulfilled
Language: English
Running Time: 00:00:00
Sale Price: $:34.95



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