Rafael Brom
Graphics Designer / Computer Graphics Illustrator/ Web Designer /
Web Developer / 3D Animations / Exploration Drafting Technician / Publisher

Graphics Designer, Computer Graphics Illustrator, 3D Animator,
Web Designer, Web Developer, Exploration Drafting
Technician ...

Creative Director
12/2003 to Present

Senior Computer Graphics Illustrator
Unocal Corporation
08/1989 to 12/2003 - Full Time Job
Job Description: Mac and PC platforms, Graphics Design, Graphics Presentations, Publications, Logos, Web Design, Web Development, Web Publishing, Oracle Web Portals, Java Scripts, Web Tables, HTML, Webmaster, Intranet & Extranet Site Development and Maintenance, Illustrations, Cartoons, Animations, Exhibits, Posters, Photoshop Software, Dreamweaver, MX Studio, Autographix, Freehand, Fireworks, Flash, Misc. Animation Software, Extreme 3D, Power Point, Image Ready, Corel Draw, Canvas, Illustrator, Final Cut Express, iDVD, iMovie, Toast Titanium, Word Document, Excel, Video Cameras and Video Editing, Docu-Films, Computers and Printers Troubleshooting, Misc. File Conversions, Norton and other Utilities, Exploration Drafting, Large Multilayers Geological Maps, Crossections, Stratigraphics Columns, Montages, Contour Maps, Mapping, Slides Presentations, Computer Training of Employees in Misc. Software and HTML, Assisting Supervisor in Managing Department, Macintosh OSX, Macintosh Workstations, PC Workstations, Maintaining large HP printers, Lead Man of Autographix Section, Helping Coworkers to Solve Creative and Technical Problems, Photography, Webmaster of Unocal Tennis Club Web site and Tournaments, Tournament Organizer, Top Performer - Outstanding Performance every year.

Senior Exploration Drafting Technician
ARCO / Anaconda Minerals - Atlantic Richfield now BP

08/1980 to 08/1989 - Full Time Job
Job Description: Graphics Design, Illustrations, Offset Press Publications, Computer Graphics, Logos, Airbrush, Graphics Presentations, Illustrations, Cartoons, Exploration Drafting, Large Multilayers Geological Maps, Contour Maps, Crossections, Stratigraphics Columns, Montages, Exhibits, Posters, Land Drafting, Slide Presentations, Photography, Large and small Industrial Cameras, Photo Lab, Films Development, Top Performer - Outstanding Performance every year.

Independent Graphics Designer
08/1972 to 08/1979 - Full Time Job
Job Description:
Graphics Design for full Color Offset Press Publications, Catalogs, Posters, Airbrush, Technical Editing for Full Color Offset Press, Coordinating staff of 30 people in Production of Large Sales Catalog, Quality Control,Responsible for Quality of Large Volume Catalogs, Exhibits, Industrial design, Photography, Technical Drafting, Photo Lab, Exploration Drafting, Architectural Drafting, Layout Montages, Offset Printing Technologist, Top Performer - Outstanding Performance every year.

Graphics Designer / Producer / Publisher / Buyer / Distributor / Marketing Director
Cosmotone Records and marianland.com
1980 - Present
Packaging and Graphics Designer in Entertainment and Book Industry: 12' Record Albums, Audio Cassette Tapes, VHS Videos, DVDs, CDs, Books, Audio Recording Engineering, Record Production, Record Publishing and Distribution, Marketing, Wholesale, Resale, Exhibits, Direct Sales, Buyer, One Stop, Webmaster, Music Publishing, Recording Artist, Graphics Designer, Web Developer, Web Designer, Web Publisher, Creative Director, Distributor, Sales Manager, Bookstores Manager,
and more ...

Rafael's Gallery

08/1967 - 08/1972
School for Applied Arts, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 5 years - 9 hours a day education, Graphics Design, Graphics and Fine Art, Industrial Design, Commercial Art, Art History, and more ...

Relevant Coursework:
08/1980 - Present
Additional Courses in Web Design, Graphics Design, Misc. Graphics Software, Photography, Geology, Autographix, Exploration Drafting, Oracle Portals, Geology, Mapping, and more ...

08/1980 - Present
Additional Courses in Graphics Design, Web Design, web Development, Oracle Portals, Geology, Exploration Drafting, Autographix, Fire Safety, Misc. Graphics Software, Photography and more...

Licenses and Certifications:
08/1980 - Present
Graphics Design, Exploration Drafting, Geology, Mapping, Web Design, Web Development, Oracle Portals, Fire Safety, Misc. Graphics Software, Autographix, Photography and more...

Honors, Awards, and Special Accomplishments:
08/1983 - Present
ASCAP Special Awards Misc., employee of the month awards and misc. project awards

Citizenship: I am US Citizen


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327 Main Street, P.O. Box 713
Blackshear, GA 31516

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