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The Mustard Seed Regatta of Waterford
2020 Series Results

Friendly Racing of Waterford


Race 1 -
2   4


*(RSS) = Race was stopped due to storm
*(R) = Retired during race - Will get half of points if listed in top five boats
*(RH) = Retired during race to help other boat
*(V) = Violation of racing rules

*(S) Sortened Race

2020 Series Summary

Points per each race are given as follows:

1st Place
5 Points
2nd Place 4 Points
3rd Place 3 Points
4th Place 2 Points
5th Place 1 Points



The Mustard Seed Regatta Results
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Private Facebook Group for the Peanut Regatta

To all Peanut Regatta skippers and crew,
We have created a private Facebook Group for the Peanut Regatta. Use the link below to join. Members can post photos from and comments about past and upcoming regattas. Only members can post, see the posts, and see who are members. We would like to keep membership to only those who regularly sail in the regatta for now.
We’ll see how it works out and if it adds to the Peanut Regatta experience.



Photos and Video Clips Shown on Video above available on Flicks:



Attention is called to RRS4: Decision to Race,“The responsibility for boat’s decision to participate in race or to continue racing is hers alone." Disclaimer of Liability: Participants in this regatta entirely at their own risk. Decision to particiapate in this regatta: The responsibility for boat’s decision to participate in this regatta or to continue in this regatta is hers alone. Organizers will not accept any liability for material damage, personal injury or death sustained in connection with or prior to or after this regatta.

INSURANCE: Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum coverage of $300,000 per event or the equivalent.




Peanut Regatta of Waterford - Series Championships



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