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DVD on Padre Pio - St. Pio of Pietrelcina
3 Catholic Documentary Films in one DVD
JPN Film Production

Best and Most Complete Catholic DVD on Padre Pio Ever Made
Over 2 Hours Long
St. Pio of Pieltrecina as shown on EWTN of Mother Angelica


BEST Padre Pio DVD

"The Celebration of Padre Pio" - DVD
(Pray, Hope and Don't Worry)

(This DVD is playable in all regions)
in English
By award winning British film director J. Paddy Nolan

Padre Pio famous Italian saintly priest who bore the stigmata, or wounds of Christ. (Padre Pio died in 1968.)
He possessed the gifts of celestial perfume, bilocation, healing, prophecy, tongues and reading of hearts.
Considered by many as the greatest mystic of the 20th Century.

3 Documentary Films in one DVD
by A JPN Production
Best and Most Complete DVD on Padre Pio Ever Made
Over 2 Hours Long

This DVD is playable in all regions

"The Celebration of Padre Pio"
(Pray, Hope and Don't Worry)
together with
"Padre Pio's Way of the Cross"
"The Canonization of Padre Pio"

UPC / Product ID: 634479239830

135 minutes, DVD
This DVD is playable in all regions
Item Number: SIB12D

Sale Price: $19.95


1st Documentary Film:

"A Celebration of Padre Pio - Pray, Hope and Don't Worry"
(Pray, Hope and Don't Worry)

Documnentary Film on ST. PIO of PIETRELCINA

For the first time, you will see exclusive scenes of His Holiness, Pope John Paul II,
in prayer and deep meditation at the tomb of Padre Pio. And you will witness trestimonies
by some who have been touched by Padre Pio's miraculous insights.

For 50 years, Padre Pio lived with the pain and the glory of the stigmata, the five wounds of Our Lord,
Jesus. Here is an absorbing hour of faith and joy about this
gentle priest who may become become a saint in our time.

Pope John Paul II recently visited the historic monastery where Padre Pio lived and died.
This was the third time he had come to the remote village in southern Italy, San Giovanni Rotondo.

On his first visit many years ago, His Holiness was just a simple priest and
it was then that Padre Pio told him he would,
one day, become Pope and that he would be covered in his own blood. Both prophecies have come to pass!
On his second visit, John Paul II was Cardinal of Krakov, in his native Poland.
But on his third visit he came as Christ's Vicar on earth to celebrate The Holy Mass.
It was 25 May 1987, the 100th anniversary of Padre Pio's birth.

One of the greatest stories ever told. As recently as 1968 Padre Pio died in a Franciscan Monastery in Southern Italy.
For 50 years he bore the wounds of Christ's Passion. Thousands visited him every year when he was
alive to be cured of their bodily and spiritual ills. Even more visit his tomb today. Why?
This video includes personal testimonies of healing, bilocation, powers of conversion,
prophecy etc., and Pope John Paul II's visit to San Giovanni Rotondo. A CELEBRATION OF PADRE PIO
was directed by award-winning English filmmaker, J. Paddy Nolan with the spoken word
by Sir Michael Hordern.
(As seen on EWTN of Mother Angelica).

"This is a beautiful film" (Padre Alessio O.F.M. CAP)

"My teenagers liked it because it was not sentimental ... but they were moved by it" (Mrs. S. Stacey)

"You've got a winner there" (B. Ness)

"My hearthfelt thanks for this masterpiece so skillfully directed and artistically realized" (Padre Villani V.F.)

"A powerful weapon in the work of saving souls" (S.R. Patricia)

"Thank Goodness you have brought this message right up to date" (FR.S)

One Hour Documentary Film


2nd Documentary Film:

"Padre Pio's Way of the Cross"
Documnentary Film on ST. PIO of PIETRELCINA

Padre Pio said, "After the sacrifice of the Mass, the Way of the Cross is the most powerful prayer of petition.
"Father Alessio invites you to come to San Giovanni and follow the Way of the Cross in the footsteps of Padre Pio.
The director of the English office, Father Alessio, looked after Padre Pio constantly for six years
towards the end of his life. In this video he leads us on the journey to Calvary, as he reads Padre Pio's
own words on the Passion of Jesus. In the Fifth Station Padre Pio is shown with his pierced hands carrying
the cross in place of Simon of Cyrene. The first stone of the Way of the Cross was blessed by
Padre Pio on the day before he died in 1968. This beautiful devotion completes a pilgrimage to
San Giovanni Rotondo, offering a quiet place for meditative prayer,
in the "city on the mountain" prophesied by Padre Pio.

PADRE PIO'S WAY OF THE CROSS was directed by award-winning English filmmaker, J. Paddy Nolan.
(As seen on EWTN of Mother Angelica).

40 minutes Documentary Film


3rd Documentary Film:

Make a Journey of Faith and Hope
from San Giovanni to Heaven
with Saint Pio of Pietrelcina

Best Selling New Documentary Film on Canonization and Life of ST. PIO of PIETRELCINA


For the first time on video, the complete life story and the Canonization ceremony
in Rome with POPE JOHN PAUL II of the stigmatic friar from San Giovanni, PADRE PIO.

See the millions gathered in ST. PETER'S Square in Rome, and in San Giovanni, to
hear, and see, the Pope declare him to be a saint of the church.

Also, amazing never - seen - before footage of Padre Pio saying Mass, opening, and
cutting the tape of his new hospital, laughing and joking with his fellow friars in the
monastery, and even taking a ride in a car!

The video includes the story of the miraculous recovery of eight-year old Matteo Pio
Collela, following the intercession to Padre Pio of his parents. He took the name Pio
in gratitude for his recovery.

Interviews with friars who knew him well, and were with him when he died, and with
people whose lives were completely changed by attending his Mass.

For followers of Padre Pio this is the definitive story of his life, death, and Canonization.

Join us on a journey of FAITH and HOPE, from SAN GIOVANNI to HEAVEN with



St. Pio Pray for us.

The video was produced and directed by award-winning English director,


No. 10 of
Seeing is Believing
A Video Series

(As seen on EWTN of Mother Angelica)

35 minutes Documentary Film

3 Documentary Films in one DVD

"The Celebration of Padre Pio" - DVD

Best and Most Complete DVD on Padre Pio Ever Made
Over 2 Hours Long

The Celebration of Padre Pio
together with
Padre Pio's Way of the Cross
The Canonization of Padre Pio

135 minutes, DVD
This DVD is playable in all regions
Item Number: SIB12D

Sale Price: $19.95


Available in Spanish too




Known as Padre Pio


Monday, 17 June 2002

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 1. It is a great joy for me to meet you again the day after the solemn canonization of the humble Capuchin of San Giovanni Rotondo. Dear pilgrims and devotees, I greet you with affection who have gathered in Rome in such large numbers for this special occasion. I first of all greet the bishops, priests and religious who are present here. I want to pay special attention to the Capuchin Franciscans who in communion with the whole Church praise and thank the Lord for the marvels he has worked in their exemplary confrere. Padre Pio is an authentic model of spirituality and humanity, two characteristic features of the Franciscan and Capuchin tradition. I greet the members of the "Padre Pio Prayer Groups" and the representatives of the family of the "Home for the Relief of Suffering", that great institution for the treatment and the care of the sick that came forth from the new saint's charity. I embrace you, dear pilgrims from the noble land that gave birth to Padre Pio, from the other regions of Italy and from every part of the world. By your presence here, you witness to how widespread are devotion to and confidence in the holy Friar of the Gargano in the Church and on every continent. 2. But what is the secret of such great admiration and love for this new saint? He is first of all a "friar of the people", a traditional characteristic of the Capuchins. He is also a saint who is a miraculous healer, as the extraordinary events which are part of his life attest. However, above all Padre Pio is a religious who is deeply in love with the crucified Christ. He even shared physically in the mystery of the Cross during his life. He liked to link the glory of Tabor with the mystery of the Passion, as we read in one of his letters: "Before exclaiming with St Peter "Oh how good it is to be here', it is necessary first to climb Calvary, where one sees only death, nails, thorns, suffering, extraordinary shadows, abandonment and fainting" (Epistolario III, p. 287). Padre Pio made his journey of demanding spiritual ascesis in communion with the Church. The temporary misunderstandings he had with one or other ecclesial authority did not put a brake on his attitude of filial obedience. Padre Pio was a faithful and courageous son of the Church and in this situation following the shining example of the "Poverello" of Assisi. 3. May this holy Capuchin to whom so many people turn to from every corner of the earth point out to us the means to reach holiness which is the goal of our life as Christians. How many faithful in every social condition, from the most diverse places and the most difficult situations hurried to ask his help! He knew how to offer them all what they needed most, which they were often groping for without being fully aware of it. He passed on to them the comforting and enlightening Word of God, enabling each person to draw from the sources of his grace through his diligent dedication to the ministry of the confessional and the fervent celebration of the Eucharist. So it was that he wrote to one of his spiritual daughters: "Do not be afraid to come to the Lord's altar to be fed with fleshoftheImmaculateLamb,because no one will better reconcile your spirit than your king, nothing will warm it more than his sun, and nothing will soothe it better than his balm" (ibid., p. 944). 4. The Mass of Padre Pio! It was an eloquent reminder to priests of the beauty of the priestly vocation. For the religious and the lay people who flocked to San Giovanni Rotondo even at the early morning hours, it was an extraordinary catechesis on the value and importance of the Eucharistic sacrifice. Holy Mass was the heart and the source of his whole spirituality: "There is in the Mass", he used to say, "the whole of Calvary". The faithful who crowded round his altar were profoundly impressed by the intensity of his "immersion" in the Mystery, and perceived that "the Father" participated in his person in the Redeemer's sufferings. 5. St Pio of Pietrelcina presented himself to everyone - priests, men and women religious and lay people - as a credible witness to Christ and to his Gospel. May his example and intercession spur everyone to greater love for God and concrete solidarity with his neighbour, especially those who are in greatest need. May the Blessed Virgin Mary, whom Padre Pio called by the beautiful name of "Our Lady of Grace" (Santa Maria delle Grazie), help us to follow in the footprints of this religious who is so beloved by the people! With this hope, I cordially bless you who are present here, your loved ones and all who are committed to following in the spiritual footsteps of the beloved saint of Pietrelcina.



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