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Classical Statues - Outdoor or Indoor
Church Size Statuary

Classical Statues and Fiberglass Indoor or Outdoor Statuary

Tomb Guard 120 (Egyptian) Statue

Athenian Caryatid 1 Sided 78 Statue

Atlante Right Statue

Crocus By Borgeson 64 Statue

Demosthenes 80 H Statue

Diana Robing 67" Statue

Discus Thrower 68" Statue

Germanicus of Kleomenes Statue

Goddess Of Cornucopia 72 H Statue

Grec. Water Maiden No Plumbing Statue

Hebe Large 64 Statue

Standing Black Moore - Left and Right (in color)

Hebe Statue 40 Statue

Lucius Cornelius Balbus 82 Statue

Minerva Giustinia 74 Statue

Neptune With Child Statue

Neptune With Trident 65 Statue

Polykleitos Amazon Statue

Roman (Arm Up) 63 Statue

Shy Venus 46 H

Shy Venus 85 H

Slave - Michelangelo 48

Venus At Bath 63H

Venus De Milo 33 H

Venus De Milo 40" H

Venus De Milo 102

Venus Genetrix 67

Venus Of Arles 80 H Sq Base

Venus With Apple 53 H

Three Graces 40

Three Graces 32

Three Graces Frieze 31

Three Graces Frieze 15

Three Graces Urn 16

Tario Graces Pedestal

Tario Graces Pedestal-R

Three Graces Pedestal

Three Graces 10 H

Standing Knight in Armor Statue

Roman Soldier with Helmet Bust

Roman Chariot Gr 15" H Statue

Roman Chariot 6" H Statue

Roman Chariot 10" Statue

Three Graces 17" H Statue

Three Dancers 15" H Statue

Vaso Con Ragazze 16" H Statue

Romeo & Juliet 17" H Statue

Three Graces 10" H Statue

Venus Italica Santini 26" H Statue

Dancer-Canova 27" H Statue

Hebe Large 64" Statue

Venus De Milo 72" H Statue

Apollo of Hunt with Dog 108" Statue

The Cathedral By Rodin Statue

Hand Of God By Rodin 1" Statue

Thinker 50" Statue

Minerva Giusti 43 Standing Statue

Thinker By Rodin 12" Statue

Thinker By Rodin-Large 22" Statue

Degas Dancer-25" Statue

Romeo & Juliet 28.5" H Statue

Cherub Termini 64" Statue

Sir Lancelot Statue

Thinker By Rodin-Large 22" Statue

First Love Statue

Socrates Seated Statue

Roman In Armor 64.0"H

King Tut Sarcophagus 96.0"H




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