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Obituary for Colin Earle Kennedy, Jr. 

Colin Earle Kennedy, Jr. was born to Colin Earle Kennedy, Sr. and Marilyn Lucille (Boyd) Kennedy on May 4, 1956, at Offutt Air Force Base near Bellevue, Nebraska.  The family was soon transferred to air bases near Cambridge and Oxford, England where they resided until 1960.  A second child, Curtis, was born into the family in 1959 while they lived near Cambridge.  The family was transferred a final time to Wichita Falls, Texas in 1960, where Colin Sr. departed the U.S. Air Force to become a freelance artist.  Both Colin Sr. and Marilyn soon became employees of the newly formed N.A.S.A. and moved the family to Houston, Texas.  Their next stop was Seabrook, Texas (nearer to N.A.S.A.), then to La Porte, Texas in 1965.  This was where they would all finally settle and Colin Jr. was able to establish some long-lasting friendships.

        Colin Jr. graduated La Porte High School in 1974.  During his school years, he learned to play several musical instruments including cornet, tuba, electric guitar, piano and drums.  He also formed and co-formed a number of musical groups while learning to sing and compose.
After graduation, Colin then moved back to Houston where he formed more music groups and performed in a number of live venues and on radio.
He moved to the Los Angeles area in 1988 with the intention of launching a musical career but unfortunately, that did not come to fruition.

His employment with Sony Corporation of America brought Colin into contact with a large number of film, TV and recording stars.  Included were Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Mel Torme, Ricardo Montalban, Denzel Washington, Angie Dickinson, Sondra Locke and many others.  Despite not having distinguished himself as an actor, a friend did help him land a part as an extra in the 1991 film, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead.

Colin departed Sony after ten years to become an audio editor for film and TV soundtracks.  In this area he was mostly self-taught, so this became a long-standing dream come true.  He made it last for the next nineteen years.  Retiring from soundtrack restoration and editing in 2014, he moved back to Texas.

Having been an (almost) lifelong smoker, Colin was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer some fifteen years after he quit.  His message to all smokers is this: “Quit now, while you may still enjoy your remaining years, as I have.”

Colin passed away from lung cancer on April 26, 2021.  In leu of a funeral or Memorial Service, Colin requested that each of you honor his memory with a donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital or provide a complete stranger with a random act of kindness and quietly remember a memory of him that will remain in your heart.


Colin Earle Kennedy, Jr. is an author of two Songs:
"Sandy" and "Guardian Angel Prayer"

Recorded by Rafael Brom and Colin Kennedy
Released on 3 record albums of Rafael Brom: "Angelophany", "The Best of Rafael Brom" and "All My Love To You Jesus"
by Cosmotone Records / Cosmotone Music (ASCAP)






Records Albums on CD:













"Life is good, enjoy it while you can"




"The Peanut Regatta"


Protest Songs - "Refugee from Socialism - Record Album"


Move Your Ass


The Best of Rafael Brom - Volume I


The Best of Rafael Brom - Volume II


The Best of Rafael Brom - Volume III


The Best of Rafael Brom - Volume IV


The Best of Rafael Brom
- All 4 Volumes - 4 CDs






At The Gates of Heaven


The Best of Rafael Brom - Volume V


Destined for Heaven
Rafael Brom


The Third Secret of Fatima
by Rafael Brom


Rafael Brom


The Best of Rafael Brom - Volume VI


Rafael Brom



Rafael Brom
Greatest Is Love



Racers of Galveston Bay
Rafael Brom



Texas Sailors
Rafael Brom


The Best of Rafael Brom - Volume VII
Double Album


Protest Songs
Rafael Brom


Rafael Brom



Biography of Rafael Brom





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DVD - Marian Apparitions of the 20th Century
A Message of Urgency

Narrated by Ricardo Montalbán


Worldwide, reports of apparitions of Jesus and Mary are surfacing. Discover in this award-winning documentary some of the most fascinating apparitions of the 20th century and the urgency of the message Heaven is giving to the world. If men only knew what eternity is, they would do everything in their power to change their lives." Fatima, Portugal Deeply rooted in humanity's history, the Blessed Virgin Mary has been making repeated visitations throughout the world, particularly in the latter part of the 20th century, to warn us that we are on the brink of destruction unless we heed her messages for repentance, prayer, conversion, fasting and reconciliation. Is humanity on the verge of self-destruction? Can the world be delivered from the fear engulfing it today? Meet Father Rene Laurentin, Father Stefano Gobbi, Father Michael McDonagh and Father George Kosicki as they inspire us with their insight on the times we are facing.
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