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The New Clinton Chronicles - DVD

For the first time on video. A documentary that puts together the whole story!
The names and faces of the key players who Clinton used to build his Circle of Power ... as well as those who got in his way and lost their jobs, reputations, virtue and lives!

From Whitewater to ADFA (Clinton political Machine)
From millions in drug smuggling in Mena, Arkansas. To Money laundering with the BCCI
From Gennifer Flowers to Paula Jones.
From Vince Foster's "Suicide" to the gangland slaying of private investigator Jerry Parks.
The documentary uncovers the shocking truth the controlled media and Clintons don't want you to know!
Watch The Clinton Chronicles for the whole story. You won't find this anywhere else!
103 minutes, '96

On July 14th, 1994, copies of the Clinton Chronicles were hand-delivered to every member of the US Senate and House of Representatives; July 15th documentation supporting the film was presented to the Congress at their request. Clinton was Impeached on December 19, 1998 by the House and later acquitted by the Senate
Clinton Body Count

For Information on the Death of Vince Foster see " The Death of Vince Foster - DVD."
For Information on the Mena Cover-Up the documentry on the death of two teenage boys, evidence exists that they where killed and placed on the rail road tracks - But officials say they were sleeping on the tracks.

Hillary Uncensored about Hillary senate fund-raising and a major contributor from the whistle-blower Peter Paul, who suffered a fall out with the Clinton machine.

NCCD - Price: $21.75





The Clinton Chronicles 2

Twenty years after groundbreaking film The Clinton Chronicles shook the presidency and altered our history by being the notable and single most influential video in the impeachment of Bill Clinton, this long lost, never before seen, sequel is discovered, miraculously during one of the most important elections in American history.

First-hand accounts on topics like drug smuggling, sexual perversion, rape, a political marriage, an eye on the Oval Office, and one of the most corrupt couples in American history; Nichols tells all and twenty years later, his predictions are terrifyingly accurate and enough to make anyone question who the real Hillary Clinton is and what does she want with our nation?

After being lost for almost 20 years, this film was suddenly recovered one month before the American elections that would decide if Hillary would be the first female President of the United States.
In never-before-seen interviews with Larry Nichols and former bodyguard Larry Patterson, the truth emerges.

Both Nicholson and Patterson give us a rare and honest view into the Clintons life behind closed doors, eyewitness accounts show that Hillary not only was fully aware of her husbands sexual addictions, but actively enabled him in his philandering! Nichols tells of Hillary’s ambitions to be President years before the public was aware of it, and warns us of the impending danger of another Clinton presidency.

This tell-all expose´ comes at the perfect time to warn the American voter of the terrifying candidate that is set before them.

You must watch this video presentation and send a copy to everyone you know that has a DVD player! The fate of our Nation relies on the public knowing the truth and doing the right thing.

Price: $21.75




All About Them: The Sordid Saga of Bill & Hillary

"Whenever I walked by the White House, I got the chills. There was an aura of evil around her." - CHIEF INVESTIGATIVE COUNSEL FOR THE HOUSE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE ON FIRST LADY HILLARY CLINTON

In this explosive new DVD you'll gain insight into Bill & Hillary's college days...philandering, Whitewater, Hillary's money schemes, Mena Arkansas and drug running, Chinagate, Vince Foster, Kathleen Willey, Ron Brown and so much more. The Clintons have applied their considerable skills to survive a series of scandals that would have paralyzed any ordinary politician. There is little evidence, however, that their skills were used to benefit the American people. Bill Clinton issued 140 pardons in the closing hours of his presidency. They include crooks, con men, bank robbers, drug smugglers, relatives ex-girlfriends, perjurers, tax evaders, money launderers, international fugitives and even terrorists.

"It is clear that we have made a terrible mistake, for Hillary Rodham Clinton is unfit for elective office. Had she any shame, she would resign." - NEW YORK OBSERVER
"With Mr. Clinton at the controls, the Democratic party won the White House twice. But in the process it lost its bearings - and maybe even it's soul." - Bob Herbert, NEW YORK TIMES
"Hillary is no feminist, no champion for women, no advocate for women. She is an advocate for one woman: Hillary Clinton." - Katheen Willey, TARGET

"According to their friends and supporters, they are cheats, users, liars and greedy. The American public knew that the Clintons were snakes when they took them in. They cannot complain when the snakes turn out to bite." - Barbara Olson, THE FINAL DAYS
93 Minutes. 2008

DVD $19.99



Shocking, Controversial, Factual and Informative
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