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Finest Catholic DVDs

Lectio: Mark

Faith Not Fear

Is the Gospel of Mark only a “condensed” version of the life of Christ? What does it have to offer us that the Gospels of Matthew, Luke, and John do not? Join Dr. Tim Gray in this powerful fourteen-part series to discover the Gospel of Mark like never before. Immerse yourself in this action-packed Gospel that offers Saint Peter’s account of Christ’s life and teaching.

Delve deep into the theme of the “way” and true discipleship and see how Jesus reveals his identity in authoritative action and word. Consider more deeply Jesus’s teaching on the Temple and walk with Jesus to Gethsemane and the Way of the Cross as Mark describes it. Open yourself to profound reflection on the shortest of the four gospels. Combining the insights of Dr. Tim Gray with the masterful artistry of the Augustine Institute, this Lectio series uses the Church’s rich tradition of lectio divina to help you better understand and better pray with the Gospel of Mark.

In fourteen sessions on four DVDs, Dr. Tim Gray combines insight and practical guidance using the lectio divinadisciplines to make the Scriptures come alive in Lectio Mark: Faith Not Fear.

Episode Listing:

Session 1 - Saint Mark the Evangelist - 29 mins
Session 2 - Prepare the Way of the Lord - 28 mins
Session 3 - Come Follow Behind Me - 29 mins
Session 4 - Feasting and Fasting - 29 mins
Session 5 - Binding the Strong Man - 29 mins
Session 6 - The Parable of the Sower - 29 mins
Session 7 - Faith Not Fear - 29 mins
Session 8 - The Mystery of the Bread - 29 mins
Session 9 - The Way of Discipleship - 29 mins
Session 10 - Jesus and the Temple - 29 mins
Session 11 - Signs of the End - 28 mins
Session 12 - The Servant of the Lord - 27 mins
Session 13 - Jesus’s Suffering, Death, and Resurrection - 29 mins
Session 14 - Questions and Answers - 30 mins


Lectio: Philippians - DVD set

Life in Christ

Towards the end of his life, under arrest and awaiting trial in Rome, Saint Paul writes a short but powerful letter to the Philippians. Paul's affection for the Christian community at Philippi is apparent from his opening words. The Philippians were not only Paul's sons and daughters in the Faith but also his partners in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

At the heart of this letter is Paul’s eloquent hymn of Christ's total gift of self, the model for Paul's life. With his words and the example of his life, Paul exhorts the Philippians to have the mind of Christ, to live a life worthy of the Gospel, and, by God's grace, to gain Christ.

In six sessions on three DVDs, Dr. Tim Gray combines insight and practical guidance using the lectio divina disciplines to make the Scriptures come alive in Philippians: Life in Christ.

Episode Listing:

1. Paul and the Philippians (27 minutes)
2. Partnership in the Gospel (26 minutes)
3. Friendship in Christ (27 minutes)
4. The Mind of Christ (26 minutes)
5. Imitatio Christi (26 minutes)
6. All Things in Christ (27 minutes)


Presence (Home Edition)

Although the Eucharist appears to be simple bread and wine, it is actually the "source and summit" of the Christian life. Presence: The Mystery of the Eucharist is a beautiful new series that explores in-depth the truth, power and beauty of Christ's Real Presence in the Eucharist, from its origins in Sacred Scripture, to its profound role in the life of the Church and its members. It is the crescendo of the entire story of salvation.

"Here is the Presence at the heart of everything — the heart of the Scriptures, the Church, the world. The Eucharist is where our Savior and King, reigns within His kingdom, and renews His covenant with each one of us. This new film series makes the reality of His presence and sacrifice so abundantly clear and practical. This teaching will evoke a response from the heart and mind."
— Scott Hahn, Ph.D., Author, Rome Sweet Home

Disc 1
Episode 1: God Is with Us (35 minutes)
Episode 2: The Story of the Eucharist (40 minutes)

Disc 2
Episode 3: Bread for the Journey (34 minutes)
Bonus Track: For Children: The Miracle at Every Mass (11 minutes)

Language options: First three episodes, English or Spanish. Bonus Track, English only.


The Book of Daniel

Taken into slavery after the fall of Jerusalem in 605 B.C., Daniel is forced to serve the most powerful king in the world, King Nebuchadnezzar. Faced with immanent death, Daniel proves himself a trusted adviser and is placed among the king's wise men. 

Threatened by death at every turn Daniel never ceases to serve the king until he is forced to choose between serving the king or God. With his life at stake Daniel has nothing but his faith to stand between him and the lions den. Experience the Book of Daniel like never before in this powerful drama! Stars Robert Miano and Lance Henriksen.


The Early Christians

The Incredible Odyssey of Early Christianity

This DVD can only be sold in the US and Canada. 

How did the religion of Love survive paganism and barbarianism? The Empire persecuted the Christians and was eventually converted. The Barbarians sacked Rome, but were converted too.

How did the religion of Love manage to survive against paganism and barbarianism? How did the first Christians live? Who were their most terrible enemies: idols, lions, Jews... or heretics? How did they defend their faith? How did they propagate it?

The blood of the martyrs was the seed for new Christians. But after the persecutions of the Romans and the barbarian invasions came another grave danger for the new religion: heresies... They would not be lethal. On the contrary, they provided the opportunity to define the essential truths of Christian faith, consolidating the roots of a millennial Church. This in-depth new film series produced in Europe explores this amazing story of the witness of the early Christians and the spread of Christianity. 

2 Discs.

Nine half-hour programs:

1. The Scandal of the Cross
This episode describes the New Life embodied by the Christians in sharp contrast with the Paganism surrounding them. Liturgical life is centered in the Eucharist, the practice of real brotherly charity, and the striving to sanctity.  The perception of Jesus Christ as God and Man sets the ground for the rising Church, and provides a clue to understand the witnessing of the Martyrs.

2. The Empire's Conversion
Christians refuse to let their God be one more in the Roman Pantheon. This is the turning point where History changes. It meant confrontation between polytheism and the Mystery of the Cross. In face of a sensual and materialistic society, Christians present the powerful figure of Jesus.  His supernatural message, linked to the coherent life of the Christians, sparks the wave of conversions.

3. Persecution and Defense
Christians are attacked by the imperial authorities, by the public opinion through slander, and by pagan intellectuals. How did they react? Not with violence, but by conquering minds and hearts. This was achieved mainly by the shining figures of the Apostolic Fathers, building stones of the Christian tradition. Special focus on the danger of Gnosticism, and the Apocryphal writings. Who were the Apologist Fathers? How was their dialogue with the pagan culture?

4. The Threat of the Heresy
Who was Arius? Why was his doctrine so influential in the Roman world? The errors around the concepts of Jesus God and Jesus Man. The rapid spread of the Arian heresy fueled by power politics. Its geographical expansion and its permanence in time spells deep fears and new ideas on how to prevent or halt the propagation of heresies. This would eventually prepare the ground for the Inquisition centuries later. 

5. Constantine and The End of the Persecutions
The so-called "giving up" of the Church to the Secular Power is a recurrent theme throughout history. In this episode we shall discover the truth about Emperor Constantine and how he gave liberty to the Christians. And how, while  granting them religious freedom, he tried to exert control over the Church...

6. Saint Augustine, A Light in the Darkness
We discover the adventurous life of one of the World's most powerful minds. His works would inspire philosophy and theology and became a pillar of western culture. This wayward youth from Carthage would be Saint Augustine. Long years of missteps and tireless search for truth led him from Manichaeism to Neo-Platonism and later to Christianity. In his last years the Vandal scourge could favour a new outbreak of paganism... He wrote then his brilliant work, "The City of God". His legacy was immense. He transmitted two cultures, the Greco-Roman and the Judeo-Christian. He marked out a new path for thought.

7. Monks, Virgins and Hermits
They were a new phenomenon. During the first three centuries, Christians had led an  ascetic life without abandoning their homes and work. There was no community life yet. Now in the 3rd century some retire to the desert seeking refuge during the persecutions. Gradually a sort of community life within the close walls of monasteries begins to flourish. Figures such as St. Pacomius, St. Anthony and St. Benedict made known the perennial call to the reform of the Church and to personal sanctity.

8. Baptizing the Barbarians
During the 5th century, when the Barbarians threatened to smash the Western part of the Empire, the Church emerged as the only authority left to face the danger. Thanks to her the Latin language and culture were preserved. Moreover, Roman Law became one of the pillars of the new Christian civilization. Not only the Church baptized the Barbaric nations but transferred to them the science and culture that she then only possessed. She smoothed their customs and laws, inspired its literature, architecture and other arts. She made of them Christian nations.

9. Byzantium, The New Rome
The Eastern part of the Empire was more christianized then the West. It survived the Barbarian scourge one thousand years more. Byzantium accomplished the fundamental mission of safeguarding the classic civilization, the roman law and the Greco Christian philosophy. Without this the basis of the Western civilization would have been lost. When Constantinople falls under Turkish Islam (1453), a flourishing Catholic Western Europe had taken the relay.

This DVD contains the following languages: English and Spanish languages.

This is a Region 1 DVD (playable ONLY in Bermuda, Canada, the Cayman Islands, United States and U.S. territories).

Samples images from the film:


The Mass

By: Bishop Robert Barron


  • 2-Disc DVD set (145 minutes total) 
  • English and Spanish audio/subtitle options

Walk through the Liturgy with Bishop Barron and be transformed through insights on this most privileged and intimate encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ. See how the Mass brings us out of the fallen world and into the heavenly realm, how it resonates with a call from God and a response from his people, the Church, and, most importantly, how we are intimately jointed with the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus through the Holy Eucharist. The Mass will help you understand how to fully, consciously, and actively participate in the source and summit of the Christian life.



1. A Privileged Encounter - 24:11

2. Called Out of the World - 23:06

3. God Speaks our Story - 24:17


4. Responding to Our God - 24:53

5. Preparing for Sacrifice - 23:04

6. The Real Presence Creates Communion - 25:20


VCAT Collection

Today many people are asking: "Why should I care about being Catholic?" In response is the Video Catechism (VCAT)—60 engaging short films that are relevant, entertaining, and compelling. VCAT answers all of today's tough questions about how to truly live the Catholic faith.

The four volumes in this collection coincide with the four sections of the Catechism of the Catholic Church - Creed, Sacraments, Morality, and Prayer. At 3 to 8 minutes in length, VCAT films can be used in any setting as stand-alone content or as the complement to a theme night, a speaker, or a lesson plan. Pastors, catechists, religion teachers, and youth ministers will celebrate the creativity and relevance of the content in this new series.


Sacred Meal. Sacrifice. Real Presence

Bishop Robert Barron

Bishop Barron offers inspiring insights into the mystery of Christ's presence in our lives and the centrality of the Eucharist. Too many believers do not understand the mystery of the Eucharist, which Vatican II said is the “source and summit of the Christian life.”

This fresh look at the Eucharist brings to light its reality as sacred meal, the sacrifice necessary for communion with God, and the real presence of Christ. 


1. Introduction - 3:20

2. Sacred Meal - 19:08

3. Sacrifice - 24:46

4. Real Presence, Part I - 8:03

5. Real Presence, Part II - 19:43



This DVD can only be sold in the US and Canada.

What is grace? What is its purpose? How do we receive it? Who can receive it? Are there different types of grace? Are there mistaken or erroneous teachings about grace? How does modern research help us understand the idea of grace? This film answers these and other questions about grace.  In Christian theology, the various names and types of grace share one key idea: a second birth into a new and holy life, like a seed in the ground that grows into a plant and bears fruit. In this new life of grace, a human being participates in the life of God, becoming one of His adopted children, and calling Him "Father".


Saint Bridget of Sweden

Wife. Mother. Mystic. Saint. Encounter one of Europe's most prolific Catholics like never before as the faithful vocation of a 14th century model of prayer, piety, and love, comes to life in this EWTN Original docudrama. Follow the trials of Saint Bridget of Sweden, from the deaths of her mother and husband, onwards though the profound revelations that called her to start a new religious order, and beyond.


The Crusades

EWTN's acclaimed original new 4-part miniseries on the myths, the legends, and the truths of the Crusades. Outstanding dramatic re-enactments filmed on-location in the Holy Land and Europe, with commentary by historians and experts on THE historical event of the medieval era. Professors and authors Thomas Madden, Jonathan Riley Smith and others offer excellent insights and commentary on what really happened in the Crusades.



1095, Pope Urban II, and the First Crusade begins, with all the makings of a blockbuster movie hit - lust for power, lands, bloodthirsty players, and little understanding of the extent to which Jerusalem's pilgrimage sites would be involved. 


The Second Crusade will see the formation of Military Orders such as the storied Knights Templars; the Reconquista (re-conquest) of the Iberian peninsula, and the rise of Saladin and his conquest of Jerusalem.


We see the First Crusade's unlikely meeting of St. Francis of Assisi and Sultan Al-Kamil; the Third Crusade's victories through a triumvirate of Europe's rulers; the Fourth Crusade's diversion to Constantinople; and a Spanish pilgrimage.


King St. Louis IX's two Crusades; the rise of the Ottoman Empire; the triumphant Battle of Lepanto; a final Christian victory in the Iberian Peninsula; and the loss of Jerusalem and the Holy Land. 




Bishop Robert Barron

For the first time, in breathtaking, high-definition cinematography, the beauty, goodness and truth of the Catholic Faith are illustrated in a rich, multimedia experience. Journey with acclaimed author, speaker and theologian Fr. Robert Barron to more than 50 locations throughout 15 countries. Be illuminated by the spiritual and artistic treasures of this global culture that claims more than one billion of the earth's people. 

From the sacred lands of Israel to the beating heart of Uganda...from the glorious shrines of Italy, France, and Spain, to the streets of Mexico, Kolkata, and New York City, the fullness of Catholicism is revealed. 

The ten programs in the series are: 

1. Amazed and Afraid: The Revelation of God Become Man
2. Happy Are We: The Teachings of Jesus
3. The Ineffable Mystery of God: That Which Nothing Greater Can Be Thought
4. Our Tainted Nature's Solitary Boast: Mary, the Mother of God
5. The Indispensable Men: Peter, Paul and the Missionary Adventure
6. A Body Both Suffering & Glorious: The Mystical Union of Christ and the Church
7. Word Made Flesh, True Bread of Heaven: The Church's Sacraments & Worship
8. A Vast Company of Witnesses: The Communion of Saints
9. The Fire of His Love: Prayer and the Life of the Spirit
10. World Without End: The Last Things 

The box set includes five DVDs, each containing two full programs. Each program runs 50-60 minutes.

This DVD includes the following language options: English and Spanish subtitles

This is a Region 1 DVD (playable ONLY in Bermuda, Canada, the Cayman Islands, United States and U.S. territories).






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