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People who came back from the death
People who went to Heaven or Hell and came back




Afterlife - DVD
By Paul Perry, Raymond Moody, M.D. & Jeffery Long, M.D.
Format: NTSC, Language: English

What happens when we die? This and other important questions are explored in Afterlife a revealing documentary that stars noted researchers Raymond Moody, MD, PhD, and Jeffrey Long, MD, and features emotionally-charged interviews with people who have crossed the threshold of death and returned to tell their stories.

“Near-death experiences (NDEs) are spiritual events of staggering magnitude that have the power to change our attitudes toward death and life” says director Paul Perry. “Their power to change lives lies in the discovery that a fresh new world awaits our last heartbeat. For the physically ill, it is the discovery that we leave our body behind and continue as spirits, free of earthy pain.”

This film confirms what scientists have discovered since the 1970s, when this field of near-death studies began: that NDEs prove a life after life.

Format: NTSC, Language: English
Item Number: afterlife001 - DVD Price: $19.95


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