The last pupil, the lost lamb
(Written by: George Bonan)


As the School exam results and University exam results are published, lots of pupils in the community would come out with higher marks and grades. They would be encouraged by all in the community to appear for higher studies. The smart students would be looked after by all in the community. They will get scholarships and various types of encouragement from the community.

There will be a minority of students in the community who would be drop outs from the schools and universities. The students who are less fortunate, students who could not perform up to the standard, due to lots of reasons, pupils from broken families, pupils from financially backward families, there will be physical and Psychological reasons behind it. Teachers may sympathize with them. The people in the community may pity on them.  But usually there will be no one in the community to look after them. They will be left behind in the community. They are the last in the schools and most probably the lost lambs of the community.

The parable of the Lost Lamb in the Holy Bible could be their story:

We could see the story of lost lamb in the Holy Bible, Mathew 18, 12-14. Luke15. 12-14.
The Jesus himself told this story to the world, which means that this story would be solid with lots of inner meanings which will be revealed to a person at various circumstances in his life.

When we look into this story deeply, we could see that the lost lamb could be a lost person in the community, the one among the hundreds.

The shepherd who takes care of the herd would attend the needs of each lamb and love them because they are all his own lambs. The lamb would follow the words and actions of the shepherd as it is the part of the herd.

As time pass, one of the lambs may get sick or having disability to follow the order and would be left behind. It becomes the last one in the herd.
The weak pupil with learning disability, or other psychological reasons would become the last one in class or in the community.
This pupil (Lamb) will slowly lose his interest in the herd.  The last one, losing his spirit to follow the herd, or the community would stray away from the community (herd) and become the lost lamb.

The lost lamb,(the pupil) who is alone, who is not under the protection of the shepherd, would be chased out to the wrong direction, by anti social elements, would be kept away from the herd, helpless without the support from the herd and protection from the shepherd, this lamb would be eaten by wolves. (Psychologically this pupil would be corrupted and would be part of the antisocial group).
When we read the story of lost lamb in the Bible usually we never think about the following question.

What would have happened if the 'shepherd' has not gone after the lost lamb?

In normal case we could assume that the life of the lost lamb is over and the 'lazy shepherd' would carry on with the rest of the herd and life will go on as normal.

This parable was told by the Jesus Christ. So there could be some thing more in it than a man could presume at ordinary circumstances. So let us think little further on this parable.

The lost lamb could be eaten by the wolves. The wolves got an easy meal.
They will wait for their next meal by following the heard.

The shepherd who didn't look for the first lost lamb would become more careless and lazy and would carry on with his rest of lambs. Soon the loss of second lamb would happen.  The wolves will get the next lamb. As the lambs become the easy meals, the strength of wolves increase and slowly each lamb becomes their meal and the pack of wolves increase in its strength and starts devouring the lambs from the herd. As the pack of wolves becomes stronger it gets courage to attack the herd of lamb and devour the herd.

The herd of lamb would be gone in no time and the shepherd becomes lonely. The strong pack of wolves which had the courage to attack and devour the herd of lamb in the presence of shepherd is no longer afraid of the shepherd and look for a chance to attack the shepherd. The packs of wolves attack the shepherd and would finish him. The whole herd of lamb domed, perished, followed by the shepherd himself.

This is what could happen to a herd of lambs or a community of good citizens.

The Gospel says that the Good Shepherd goes after his lost lamb and he is happy when he found his lost lamb. He tells all his friends that he got back his lost lamb.
So his herd is complete. It stays as a strong herd. The herd will grow and flourish. The Good Shepherd knew that loss of one lamb is equal to loss of whole herd in long term.

The parable of the lost lamb in the Holy Bible is the story of our own communities.

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The last pupil, the lost lamb

Hate the Sin not the Sinner – The Story of a lost lamb





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