Articles of Prof. Wladyslaw John Cieslewicz

The Satanic Atheist Anti-Religions

Crimes of Atheism Socialism and of Democratic Secular-Humanism/Liberalism

The Great Curse

The Age Of Atheism

Three Immortal Christian Heroes of Modern Times

A Tragic Reminder

Human Condition

God Only Knows

To Leaders of American Patriotic Christian Organizations

Professor's Reflections On Europe's War

The Real Conflict

Open Letter to President Donald Trump

Open Letter to Timothy Cardinal Nolan, Arcbishop of New York

Muj Estimado Sr. Redactor - La Nacion

Profesor Polaco Descorre Velo De Olvido Sobre Heroes De Su Patria

Letter From Polish Government To Prof. Cieslewics


Prof. Dr. Ing. Libor Brom
(1923 - 2006)