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Juggle Without Struggle Hardcover - Charity 3 Pack

SKU: JWS-Charity
Special 3 Book Bundle. 2 Books Shipped to You, 1 Book Sent to a Cancer Patient.
Peggie O'Neill has left behind a beautiful book which reminds us that "earth has no sorrow that heaven can't heal." In all the juggling that life demands of all of us, this book is a great reminder that although we all have suffering at one time or another, we can accomplish our purpose in life without the struggle. It all begins with a daily discipline of giving yourself the gift of time alone everyday with God. Juggle Without Struggle is a novel that invites the reader on a journey toward finding daily inner peace contained in 5 secrets, 4 weeks, and nine minutes. More details...
Price: $60.00

One book for you, one book for a friend, one book sent directly to a cancer patient through the Courage of One charity.
Peggie O'Neill has left behind a beautiful book which reminds us that "earth has no sorrow that heaven can't heal. "In all the juggling that life demands of all of us, this book is a great reminder that although we all have suffering at one time or another, we can accomplish our purpose in life without the struggle." It all begins with a daily discipline of giving yourself the gift of time alone everyday with God. Juggle Without Struggle is a novel that invites the reader on a journey toward finding daily inner peace contained in 5 secrets, 4 weeks, and nine minutes.

2 Books sent to you, 1 Book for Charity
6" x 9"
296 Pages
ISBN: 9781467545532
Cradle Concepts
The family of Peggie O'Neill (author of Juggle Without Struggle) and the staff of Courage of One wishes to clarify for readers that there will be no financial donations from the proceeds of their books made to the University of Pennsylvania or to any entity that supports Embryonic Stem Cell Research. The family originally inquired about this prior to the first printing of Juggle Without Struggle and were told that this was not an issue. Upon recent discovery they have found that the University of Pennsylvania has a current stated position in support of embryonic stem cell research and receives funding for this type of controversial research. Furthermore, they want to be clear that there has been no financial donations from the proceeds of the books to date to the University of Pennsylvania.

"Author Peggie O'Neill has created a unique and compelling story that imparts the deepest spiritual principles for understanding life's challenges and finding inner peace. The reader will want to collect the 5 secrets and apply their power immediately."
Pat C.
TV News Anchor

"Peggie O'Neill's Juggle Without Struggle addresses the central dilemma of the human experience: how to be in this world but not of it. The trials of these imagined figures bring home the point that the souls yearning for God is a universal constant, irrespective of age, class, station or even self-awareness. The reader cannot help but wish for such peace in the lives of her own loved ones."
Philadelphia Bulletin

I first heard of the iconic Peg O'Neill forty years ago. My own dear mother (who died in 2002) was one of her early volunteers at Birth-right - an organization Peg founded to help poor and very often fright-ened pregnant teenagers.
It was said Peg founded Birthright because she didn't think the Philadelphia Pro-Life community was doing enough at the time for the mother of the child. Not surprisingly this belief, and apostolic response, was somewhat controversial at the time. As word of the organization quickly spread, girls began arriving at Birthright's front door from all over the city. Often she and her volunteers learned about the pregnancy before the girls' own parents did. One night that almost got Peg killed. As the story goes, Peg asked one scared teenager if her parents knew of her pregnancy and as it happened they did not. Peg offered to accompany the girl to her home in the northeastern section of the city to share the news. Within minutes the father excused himself and left the room. Moments later he returned with a shotgun aimed directly at Peg.
About ten years later, while traveling on business for a company she started with her brother, Peg was shocked to discover that there were a number of parishes throughout the country that were unable to offer daily Mass because of a shortage of priests. She was deeply troubled by this and immediately launched a second apostolate which she called Prayer Power. Its mission: to pray for vocations to the priesthood. Within five years, Prayer Power had over 5,000 women praying for over 1,000 priests.
Peg O'Neill raised six mythically independent sons while working side by side with her husband on a number of entrepreneurial ventures.
Suddenly, having arrived at a cruising speed in mid-life that set land records for women 30 years younger, Peg O'Neill was told she had cancer. When first advised of her condition, she reportedly shrugged and said, Just one more thing for God's to do list. Over the next 20 years the disease spread. She would endure six painful operations, a long litany of difficult treatments, and a whole counter full of mostly ineffective medications.
Did it slow her down? You be the judge. She helped one of her sons start and build a highly successful business, became as she liked to say a hands-on grandmother for 16 grandchildren, and oh, by the way, wrote a book.
You are now holding that book in your hands. It is in its essence a survivor's manual for women who have taken on the greatest and most difficult challenges in life: divorce and single parenthood, isolation and poverty, the sickness and death of a child, and the kind of deep and immobilizing depression that puts hope to flight and flight to prayer. Juggle Without Struggle reveals an astonishing familiarity with pain and purpose yet a singular remedy that is as transcendent as it is practical. The book has a voice that we recognize. It is the voice of saints past sharing the eternal secrets of the mystical life with those who would climb the twin peaks of tribulation and consolation.
Juggle Without Struggle does one other thing. It answers an inter-generational question for thousands of Philadelphians who wondered aloud how this extraordinary woman accomplished all that she did in one lifetime. "It's a secret. Well actually there are five secrets," she might have said with a wink.
They are secrets no longer.
Brian J. Gail
Best selling Catholic author
American Tragedy in Trilogy

About Author:
Peggie (Wolfington) O’Neill was a native Philadelphian. The daughter of Eustace and Mary Margaret (Hayden) Wolfington, Peg was raised in Overbrook, Pennsylvania with six brothers and two sisters. Growing up in a household full of love, laughter and affirmation made her the dynamic woman who, throughout her life, touched so many. She and Frank O’Neill were married 54 years, raised six sons, and were blessed with 16 grandchildren. Peg considered her greatest gift and role to be that of wife, mother, and grandmother.
Additionally, Peg worked in corporate America, founding her own consulting company. Over the years she inspired many to follow their passions. Peg authored communication-training programs for corporations such as Ford Motor Company and Carey International. Peg’s passion for life and desire to help others led her to serve on numerous Boards and during her life of service she received multiple awards of recognition from business groups, charities, and the Catholic Church. Peggie O’Neill was always connecting people to one another. She did this in many ways. She was a humble instrument in answering God’s call when asked to host her own TV show, “Passionate Leaders, Powerful People.” She later began a holy hour to pray for priestly vocations which grew to over 5000 prayer warriors praying at the same hour every week. All of this and more resulted from a pivotal moment in Peg’s own prayer life.
It all began in 1965 when she followed the advice of a dear friend to make time for herself to pray every morning. That led to a daily routine Peg called the ‘Peace Way’ that she practiced for 46 years until she died of bladder cancer in September 2011. Juggle Without Struggle is Peg’s gift to the world. It is her passionate legacy that she was determined to leave behind for her family, friends, and those she spent 278 Juggle Without Struggle hours with in chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Peggie O’Neill labored in her last days to capture the grace-filled wisdom that God blessed her with by writing this book as a significant part of her “Courage of One” outreach. It was her greatest desire to help others to connect (or re-connect) with God through the ‘Peace Way’ to discover their own inner strength and peace, so that they, too, could live life to the fullest every single day.




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