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Catholic Audio CDs of Christopher West


Christopher West
Winning the Battle for Sexual Purity
by Christopher West

In this candid talk with men, Christopher addresses the struggles in the area of sexual purity and lust that many, if not most, men face on a regular basis.
Sale Price: $29.95



Woman, God's Masterpiece: Understanding and Living the Feminine Genius
by Christopher West

Why can only woman rightly be called “God’s masterpiece?” Through Blessed John Paul II’s revolutionary Theology of the Body, Christopher helps women (and invites men) to rediscover woman’s true greatness.
Sale Price: $19.95



Straight Talk About Sex: A Seminar for Young Adults
by Christopher West

In this live presentation in front of several hundred college students on the campus of Villanova University, Christopher lays out God’s plan of authentic freedom as revealed in the liberating message of the Theology of the Body.
Sale Price: $19.95



Proclaiming the Theology of the Body: A Seminar for Priests
by Christopher West

In this four-talk seminar, Christopher West details a compelling overview of Blessed John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and shows priests how they can integrate this revolutionary teaching into their lives and their ministry.
Sale Price: $34.95



Theology of the Body: A Bold, Biblical Response to the Sexual Revolution
by Christopher West

The Theology of the Body is a Biblical message that is intended for all Christians. This teaching, originally presented by Blessed John Paul II, draws on over 1000 scripture verses concerning God’s original plan for marriage & sexuality, and reveals how an understanding of this plan gives meaning to our lives. In this talk given at an Evangelical church, Theology of the Body expert Christopher West delivers this life-changing message to an enthusiastic Protestant audience. Catholics...
Sale Price: $19.95



And the Two Become One: Unity, the Eucharist, and God's Plan for Marital Love
by Christopher West

Just as marriage is the bedrock to civilization, the Eucharist is the bedrock of our faith. It is the most specific point of unity between God and man. Our faithful reception of the Eucharist keeps us bound to Christ. Similarly, the faithful union of man and woman, through the renewal of wedding vows in marital love, is a means of strengthening the unity between the couple.
Sale Price: $19.95



Purity in an Impure Age - Discovering God's Glorious Plan for Sexuality
by Christopher West

What is Christian purity? More than likely, it is not what you think. Purity is not Puritanism, nor is it prudishness. These approaches to the body and sexuality actually flow from impurity. Christian purity is the ability to see the mystery of God revealed through the body and sexuality. Your understanding of what it means to be “pure of heart” will never be the same again after you hear this powerful message.
Sale Price: $19.95



Sexual Honesty
by Christopher West

In this talk Christopher West explores the “whys” of the Church’s teaching on human sexuality, focusing on the true nature of human love as a reflection of God’s love. Sexual Honesty presents the critical difference between contraception and natural family planning and presents a positive proposal for how couples can live “sexual honesty” in their married lives.
Sale Price: $19.95



The Case Against "Same-Sex Marriage": Protecting the True Meaning of Marriage
by Christopher West

In The Case Against Same-Sex Marriage, Christopher clearly lays out the Church’s glorious vision of marriage as something only to be shared between a man and a woman. With wisdom and precision, he demonstrates the appropriate Christian understanding of and response to this crucial debate of our time.
Sale Price: $19.95



Love, Relationships, and Responsibility: A Message for Teens
by Christopher West

Christopher West was invited to speak at World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia, and delivered this series of three talks to several thousand teens from around the globe. If you are familiar with Christopher, you’ll instantly recognize the clarity, humor, and sensitivity he uses to bring Blessed John Paul II’s life-transforming message of life, love, and sexuality to the youth of the world. The fast pace and high energy of this live recording is sure to engage even the most...
Sale Price: $24.95



Human Love in the Divine Plan: A Theology of the Body Conference
by Christopher West, George Weigel, Janet Smith and more!

The Theology of the Body (TOB), Blessed John Paul II’s catechesis on God’s plan for humanity, is changing lives around the world by offering a “new language” that speaks to the hearts and minds of all who have ears to hear this liberating message.
This dynamic 8 CD set includes some of the best and brightest Theology of the Body experts ever assembled. Whether you are new to this extraordinary teaching or have been a student for some time, you will appreciate the...

Sale Price: $49.95





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