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Greetings, Americans!

Some of you may recognize me as a a former refugee from Socialism.

I spent 11 years behind the Iron Curtain in socialist-communist Czechoslovakia and 16 years under dictator Tito in a more democratic socialist-communist Yugoslavia.


It disturbs me greatly to see that our blessed country, the United States of America, is undergoing a Mao Zedong-style "Cultural Revolution," and that some politicians, such as Obama and Biden's "Czars," are openly communists, praising the diabolical Socialist systems and leaders I fled from in 1979.

Now I see how the "Cultural Revolution's" warped demonic powers are turning American children against their own parents.
I know some of you are ecstatic about these changes, while others believe it will never happen here. I just want to remind you that your freedom should always come first, and that no one should be able to take it away from you. You will never be able to regain your freedom after it has been taken away by a Communist dictatorship, and you may lose your culture, property, and even your life in the process.


Communists will utilize anyone and everything to gain ultimate power, then murder anyone with a brain and independent thought, enlisting the help of brainwashed young idealists in the process.

I hope this never happens in the United States.

God bless the United States of America!

By Rafael Brom
(Refugee from Socialism and American by Choice)




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