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Spanish Bibles - Catholic Bibles in Spanish
Sagrada Biblia Catolico

Catholic Bibles in Spanish Language


Madre de las Américas Biblia Católica Familiar

This classic Spanish Edition is set in the Catholic Latinoamericana translation

Ivory Padded Cover With Gold Embossing

Gold-Gilded Page Edges

Special section:

Scripture Readings For Our Wedding Day

(makes the family Bible a sacramental keepsake to be treasured for a lifetime)

Features Include:

Presentation page; Scripture Readings for Our Wedding Day; Stories of Christmas (Las Historias de Navidad) and Easter (Las Historias de Pascua) will come alive for all ages in these beautifully illustrated pages.

Ivory padded cover

978-1-55665-705-4    Stock #7056    Size: 11"x8 1/2"x2"


La Historia Sagrada on Audio CD
Spanish Bible on
Audio CD

Spanish audio production La Historia Sagrada. Get close to God through the Word with these Bible passages of the Old and New Testament Scriptures as they come alive with music, drama, and the magnificent Spanish narration of Enrique Rocha. This is truly a fitting production of the Sacred History of the Christian faith as recorded on 24 CDs stored in a beautiful designed aluminum case for your enjoyment and safekeeping.

ISBN-13: 9781930034358
Media: 24 CDs Set
Language: Spanish
Narrator: Enrique Rocha
Packaging: Aluminum Case

SAGRADA BIBLIA Edición Inmaculada
Spanish Family Bible

SBP - Item No. SB0012
ISBN: 9781618900012

SAGRADA BIBLIA Edición Inmaculada

Permita que su hogar sea un lugar de paz y oración con la ayuda de la Sagrada Biblia, Edición Inmaculada. Esta lujosa Biblia se convertirá en uno de sus objetos más apreciados que diariamente le recordará el amor y la misericordia de Dios y preservará en sus páginas los grandes acontecimientos familiares.
Esta elegante Sagrada Biblia, Edición Inmaculada contiene:
Una sección para escribir sus acontecimientos familiares en papel de primera.

Elegantes páginas de filo dorado
Una lujosa y duradera encuadernación
Una vasta sección a todo color sobre la vida de Cristo
Un Diccionario Católico que facilitará su estudio
Hermosas ilustraciones de profetas, patriarcas y otros héroes bíblicos.

Un peregrinaje a todo color de la Tierra Santa y varias iglesias
Una composición tipográfica fácil de leer
Mucho, mucho más!

Lleve la Sagrada Biblia, Edición Inmaculada a su hogar y a los hogares de sus seres queridos. Es el regalo perfecto para bodas, aniversarios, estrenos de casas, padres primerizos y otras ocasiones especiales.

La traducción usada en esta Biblia es el texto clásico de Torres Amat, traducido al español de la vulgata latina de San Jerónimo.
Help make your home a place of peace and prayer with the Sagrada Biblia Edición Inmaculada.

This deluxe Family Bible will become one of your most treasured belongings, reminding you daily of God's love and care and preserving within its pages the great milestones of your family.
Special features of the Sagrada Biblia Edición Inmaculada: Elegant, easy-to-read typesetting, Special Family Record section on the finest Parchtex Paper, Beautifully gilded page edges, Deluxe side-sewn binding to ensure your Family Bible will last for generations, Devotional aids including an inspiring 48 page full color section on the Life of Christ, Study aids including an extensive Biblical Dictionary, Beautiful Old Master illustrations of Prophets, Patriarchs and other Heroes and Heroines of the Bible, A pilgrimage in pictures to shrines and the Holy Land and much, much more!

Bring the Sagrada Biblia Edición Inmaculada into your home and the homes of those you love. It is the perfect gift for Weddings and Anniversaries, Housewarmings, New Parents and Any Special Occasion!

The translation used in the Sagrada Biblia Edición Inmaculada is the classic Torres Amat text, a translation into Spanish of the Latin Vulgate of Saint Jerome.


Sagrada Biblia - Dios Habla Hoy

ISBN 13: 978-0-97994661-5
Stock #: 6615
Format: Paperback

Size: 5.5in. x 8.125in. x 1.25in. / 14cm x 20.6cm x 3.4cm
Características Especiales:
Cónstitucion Dogmatica sobre la Divina Revelación
Libros Deuterocanónicos en orden Canónico
Índice de Páginas
Traducción sencilla directamente de las lenguas originales
Imprimatur: Alfonso Lopez Trujillo
Secretario General del CELAM

Sale Price: $8.95

Biblia De Mi Primera Comunión (Marrón)


Item No. SB1248
ISBN: 9781618901248
Publisher: SBPress
Publication Date: January 2013
Binding: Hardcover
Dimensions: 8.5" X 11"
Pages: 64 pgs

Your child's First Holy Communion is one of the most solemn and significant days in his or her life. And there is no better way to mark this special occasion than with the Biblia De Mi Primera Comunión, new from Saint Benedict Press.

This beautiful Bible Story book is specially designed to mark a child's First Holy Communion. Special features include a Communion Record page and a beautiful two page letter from beloved priest Fr. Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R.

Fr. Groeschel writes to children on the great gift of meeting Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, shares his memory of his own First Communion, and encourages children to love Jesus forever and receive Him often.

Today when the priest gives you Holy Communion, it may seem like ordinary bread, but it is not. It is really and truly Jesus, writes Fr. Groeschel. Today Jesus will come into your heart and soul.

Following Fr. Groeschel's letter, 26 Bible stories from the New Testament will help children come to know and love Jesus even more. Each story is beautifully illustrated in a manner that will inspire young readers and bring the Bible stories to life.

Other features of the Bible include: padded hardcover, gold foil stamped cover and gilded page edges.

The Biblia De Mi Primera Comunión is the perfect gift for First Communicants from parents, godparents, pastors, or any special person in their life, and the perfect way to encourage children's love for the Lord, present in the Holy Eucharist.



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Nacido Fundamentalista, Nacido De Nuevo Catolico

Availability: - In Stock
ISBN: 9781586170271
Author: David Currie
More by this author...
Length: 215 pages
Edition: Paperback
(ign.) Code: BFBA:SP-P
Sale Price: $14.75

David Currie was raised in a devout Christian family whose father was a fundamentalist preacher and both parents teachers at Moody Bible Institute. Currie's whole upbringing was immersed in the life of fundamentalist Protestantism - theology professors, seminary presidents and founders of evangelical mission agencies were frequent guests at his family dinner table. Currie received a degree from Trinity International University and studied in the Masters of Divinity program.

This book was written as an explanation to his fundamentalist and evangelical friends and family about why he became a Roman Catholic. Currie presents a very lucid, systematic and intelligible account of the reasons for his conversion to the ancient Church that Christ founded. He gives a detailed discussion of the important theological and doctrinal beliefs Catholic and evangelicals hold in common, as well as the key doctrines that separate us, particularly the Eucharist, the Pope, and Mary.

"David Currie has written what may turn out to be the work on this nettlesome topic of Evangelicals being received into the Catholic Church. With great charity and lucidity, he pursues every conceivable topic - biblical, ecclesiological, theological, and historical - that arises in the discussions on this matter."
—Thomas Howard, Author, Evangelical is Not Enough

"Currie has given us a work which is eminently intelligible, readable and personal. This book makes an especially happy marriage of the 'head' and the 'heart' in explaining the when, the why and the how of his pilgrimage. It should serve as a paradigm for the movement of 'Everyman' toward God and the Church His divine Son founded."
—Rev. Peter M.J. Stravinskas, Editor, The Catholic Answer

"Currie's book is a must read. Seldom is something so deep explained so clearly as Currie does in this wonderful work. Get it and get a copy for a friend."
—Scott Hahn, Author, Rome Sweet Home
keywords: spanish, born fundamentalist, born again catholic






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