DiGiovanni Statues


4" Statues

4" Our Lady of Grace Statue
4" Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue
4" Sacred Heart Statue - DiGiovanni
4" St Joseph and Child Stat
4" St Michael Statue - DiGiovanni
4" St Jude Statue
4" Our Lady of Lourdes

8" Statues

8" St Anthony Statue
8" Immaculate Heart of Mary Statue
8" Our Lady of Grace Statue
8" Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue
8" St Theresa Statue
8" Sacred Heart Statue - DiGiovanni
8" St Francis Statue - DiGiovanni
8" St. Joseph and Child Statue
8" St Joseph the Worker

8" St Jude Statue
8" St Michael Statue
8" St Francis Statue
8" Our Lady/Medjugorje Statue
8" St Jude Statue
8" Immaculate Heart Statue
Pope Benedict Statue
Divine Mercy Statue

12" Statues

12" St Michael Statue
12" St Rita Statue
12" Our Lady of Grace Statue
12" Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue
12" Sacred Heart Statue - DiGiovanni
12" St Joseph and Child Statue
12" St Jude Statue

24" Statues

24" St Jude Statue
24" Madonna and Child Statue


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