Nativity Ornament
Item Number: KD332
 Pieces/Pkg: 12
Please note that this item is advertised in the catalog with a star on the top of the stable. It is actually an ornament that has no star but rather a string to hang it on the tree. -- Resin -- 3 1⁄2" H



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Three-Piece Nativity Set in Decorative Stable

Three-Piece Nativity Set in Ornate Stand

Standing Lectern


Lectern with Shelf

Standing Holy Family

Flower Stand

Slim Holy Family Stand

As For Me and My House Garden Stone

Nativity Christmas Tree Ornament

Nativity Ornament

Holy Family Ornament

Fabric Holy Family Stand

Nativity Glass Paperweight

Nativity Scene Music Box

Five-Piece Arched Nativity Set

Nativity Ornament

Instrument of Thy Peace Doves Garden Figurine

Holy Family Advent Wreath

Nativity Plaque

Heavenly Angels Garden Planter

Holy Family in Adoration Stand

Double Angel Candleholder

Virgin and Child Wall Plaque

Adoration of the Child Wall Plaque

Coronation of the Virgin Wall Plaque

Angel Wall Hanging

Nativity Waterglobe

Resurrection Keepsake

Nativity Waterglobe

Matteo Nativity Waterball

Guardian Angel One Decade Auto Rosary Refill

Father Forgive Them Lapel Pin Display

Divine Mercy One Decade Auto Rosary Refill

Easter Cross Jewelry Display

St. Benedict One Decade Auto Rosary Refills

St. Patrick One Decade Auto Rosary Refill

He Is Risen Lily Cross

Crown of Thorns Wall Cross

St. Michael One Decade Auto Rosary Refill

Miraculous One Decade Auto Rosary Refill

Nativity Wall Shrine with Votive Holder

Crown of Thorns Cross Wall Plaque

Story of Easter Tealight Holder

Nativity Wall Wreath

Grant Me Patience Wall Plaque

Madonna and Child Wall Plaque

Holy Family Shrine

Framed Holy Family Stand

Madonna and Child in Metal Gazebo

Holy Family in Metal Gazebo

Holy Family in Metal Arch

Resin Wall Rosary

Holy Family Stand

Holy Family Stand

I Thank My God Wall Cross

Heart Dangle Unity Candle Holder

Musical Nativity Stand with Lights

Someone Special Pocket Token

Antique Silver Nativity Set

Musical Nativity in Wood Box

St Benedict Badge Crucifix

St Benedict Standing Crucifix

Chalice with Paten

Ciborium with Cross Top

RCIA Black Rosary

RCIA Crystal Rosary

Last Supper Stand

Passion Crucifix

Nativity Cabinet

13" Musical Stable Nativity with Lights

8" Stable Nativity with Lights

13" Musical Stable Nativity with Lights

8" Stable Nativity with Lights

Angel Musician Tapestry

12" Musical Stable Nativity with Lights and Angel

12" Musical Stable Nativity with Lights and Angel

12" Musical Stable Nativity with Lights

11" Musical Stable Nativity with Lights

12" Musical Stable Nativity with Lights and Angel

Ave Maria Tapestry

Footprints Tapestry

Madonna and Child Tapestry

Madonna of the Book Tapestry

Madonna and Child with Two Angels Tapestry

11" Stable Nativity with Fiber Optics

Eleven-Piece Nativity Set

Three-Piece Val Gardena Nativity Set

Garden Angel with Dove Birdbath/Bird Feeder

Del Verano Sitting Angel

Garden Angel with Dove

Floral Garden Angel

Angel in Adoration from the Linaioli Triptych Tapestry

Baby St Francis Garden Statue

Serenity Tapestry

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Ten Commandments Garden Plaque

Ten Commandments Garden Stone

Garden Angel on Swing

Nativity Plaque

St. Francis Plaque

Praying Cherub Garden Figurine

Our Lady of Guadalupe Patron Saint Rosary

Standing Garden Cross

St Anthony Patron Saint Rosary


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