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Spiritual Life - Roman Catholic Books

Backbiting Tongue
Fr. Belet
STK# 6735

Currently unavailable

Originally written in French in 1870, Fr. Belet wages war against one of the worst sins of his (and our) time - backbiting - better known to us as detraction (telling the faults of others without cause). Most of us do not realize how evil this sin is. In fact, many of us don't think it's a sin at all. After ruining someone's reputation, or satisfying our anger (and yes, hatred) by spewing out every bad thing we can say about someone, we justify ourselves by saying, "Well, it's true!" We even think we are acting justly by giving someone what they deserve... little do we see things from God's point of view, to whom these are vile sins - a form of hatred of neighbor - a failure to do the two things necessary - to love God and our neighbor (Mt. 22:37-40).
In his war on detraction, Fr. Belet drafts into his army all the best men of Western Civilization: Aristotle, Plato, Horace, Seneca, Pliny, the Roman Emperor Constantine, King David, Isaiah, Saints James, Luke, Matthew, Paul, John Chrysostom, Jerome, Cassian, Gregory the Great, Augustine, Bernard, Thomas Aquinas, and many, many others. A fascinating little book - well worth its cost.
78 pp. Pocket size, softcover.

Christ, Ideal Of The Monk
Dom Columba Marmion, O.S.B.
STK# 8053
On backorder - no date yet

Whether you're a monk or a layman, Abbot Columba Marmion, will help you understand the nature of the perfection to which God has called you. Abbot Marmion also wanted this book (as he explained in 1922) to increase "the esteem of the religious vocation sometimes misunderstood by our age; to help some chosen ones to realize in themselves the call of grace, or to triumph over the obstacles that natural affections or the spirit of the world oppose to its call."
Bishop Tissier de Malerais says of Archbishop Lefebvre that in 1935 "he went on retreat to one of his favorite Benedictine monasteries, Maredsous Abbey, where he wanted to soak up the teachings of Dom Marmion. The famous Abbot had died six years previously in the odor of sanctity but his spiritual treasures, it seemed to him, were being forgotten."
463 pp. Sewn hardcover, index.

Christians Courageous
Aloysius Roche
STK# 8404

Bold heroes of the Faith
For every half-dozen heroes antiquity could muster, Christendom produced thousands; and often from the strangest holes and corners. Instead of
drying up the spirit of adventure, the Fire of Pentecost kindled it anew and made it burn with an unquenchable flame. The Master’s parting
instructions to His followers resulted in a host of enterprises quite as daring as any to be found in Homer.
Some of these are brought vividly to life in these stories about courageous Christians from the earliest days of Christianity to modern
times. Although written primarily for youthful readers, they are sure to interest all those to whom
the achievements of their fellow Christians are a matter of pride and encouragement.
Here you’ll read about, among others:The pagan actor whose mockery of the Faith led him to convert and even die a Christian martyr
The blind boy who became an adviser to great saints
The brave bishop who successfully defended the true Faith — against his fellow bishops and even the Emperor!
The monk who was martyred in the Coliseum trying to stop the bloodshed of the gladiators there
The priest who suffered cruel deprivations to convert a savage tribe — with a dictionary!
The Irish monk who crossed the Sea of Darkness to discover America
The celebrated Spanish novelist who helped save Christendom from the Turks at the Battle of Lepanto
The unarmed bishop who, with words alone, drove Attila the Hun from the gates of RomeThe stirring adventures of these brave Christian souls remind us that God has in hand for each of us a unique mission,
worthy of all our imagination and of all our daring.
192pp., softcover

Converted By The Devil: Pierre le Gouvello de Keriolet
STK# 7090

Absolutely fascinating story of God's mercy to sinners. An egregious sinner, Keriolet (1602-1660) was arrogant, wicked, confrontational, proud and haughty. He would go out of his way to start quarrels and was a notorious seducer of well-born women. And yet God's mercy was upon him.
Escaping death when shot at point-blank range, he was at last brought to his knees when he went to the church where the possessed Ursuline sisters of Loudun were being exorcized. He was Converted by the Devil!
87 pp. Pocket size, softcover.

Ecclesiastical Ministry
Fr. Emmanuel Marie Andre
STK# 6724

What do we care if this book originally appeared in 1863? People are still people; priests are still priests. The principles concerning both are timeless. Here's a book praised by Archbishop Lefebvre who during his life often referred to its author as an extraordinary example of the Catholic priesthood in practice.
Fr. Emmanuel's work on the priestly ministry has long captivated the attention of Catholic priests resolved to understand the profoundly supernatural nature of their priesthood, determined to see it as a continuation of the great mystery of the Incarnation, overwhelmed by the sense of what it is to be an instrument of Holy Mother Church. Father's clear understanding of the danger of naturalism, and the supernaturally empty and "lifeless" ministry which is its consequence, and his analysis of the evils of liberalism, were a century ahead of his time.
This great little manual will help priests to live their priesthood united to the Sovereign High Priest Whom they represent. How the priest's "death to the world" is not a passing act, but a continuing holocaust. As long as there are priests, the Blood which baptizes the world will not cease to flow and the Living Source of charity will be in good hands... better hands if this book were followed. Intended for priests, but excellent for lay people as well who will benefit by knowing the true purpose of those with whom they are called to cooperate in the apostolate.
44 pp. Softcover.

Friends Of The Cross
St. Louis de Montfort
STK# 6988

A onlyless booklet. Each paragraph leads us to a greater understanding, appreciation, and love of the Cross that is our key to the gate of Heaven. Includes fourteen practical rules to follow in carrying our crosses in order to accept them generously. If you zealously implement these fourteen practical rules and the other suggestions in these thirty-six short pages, you will be a Saint. Period.
36 pp. Softcover.

Golden Key
St. Anthony Mary Claret
STK# 8052

For the first time in English! A collection of thirty-five meditations of St. Anthony Mary Claret based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. Even during St. Anthony's lifetime, this book "produced marvelous results in such a way that, provided sinners make the Exercise well, they will be converted, while the just will be strengthened and perfected in grace." Indeed, these pages contain some of the finest spiritual reading available.
The meditations are arranged so that they can be followed during a formal retreat or can be read privately as spiritual reading when you have just a few moments to take in a point or two.
370 pp. Softcover. Appendices.

Holy Hour of Reparation
STK# 8388

This prayer book has been a classic since 1945 -- now completely re-typeset and printed in full color.
This collection of prayers may be used for public or private devotion. Excellent for making a "Holy Hour" at home or at Church. Contains a thorough
one-hour program of litanies, acts of consecration, and other prayers to carefully guide you along the way.
This gorgeous reprint of the Holy Hour of Reparation is simply stunning. Each prayer from the original 1945 prayer book
has been re-typeset for larger, clearer print. Color pictures have been added throughout.
Every church — and every family! — needs this book! Once you see it, you’ll be convinced. Bookstore owners, be the first to stock your
Church pews with the classic reprint of the famous devotion which Jesus Himself asked us to do.
64pp. Softcover. Full color throughout on smooth, tan paper-stock.

How To Pray Always
Fr. Raoul Plus, S.J.
STK# 8057

Christ urges us to pray without ceasing, but when we try to do so, many of us simply cease without praying!
We're distracted by troubles or duty or we quit just because we're tired. Fr. Plus dispels false notions of prayer and shows how we really can pray without ceasing - even when exhaustion cripples us and cares threaten to sweep us away. How we can recollect ourselves, so that once we begin to pray, our prayers will be richer and more productive; how to practice interior silence habitually; and he explains each of the kinds of prayer and shows when we should - and should not - employ each.
130 pp. Softcover

John Henry Newman: Parochial and Plain Sermons
STK# 8389

All eight volumes of Newman's famous sermons are brought together in this new edition that is beautifully printed and bound on Bible paper with
a flexible leatherette cover and red ribbon. Newman's sermons are as powerful, fresh and challenging today as when he first gave them.
The topics that Newman covers are ones central to Christianity and salvation. Newman once again demonstrates his profound understanding of human
psychology, and the temptations and trials we encounter as Christians in the world. This deluxe edition is a magnificent work of timeless
inspiration and illumination for every generation of Christian readers. 191 sermons in total.
1781 pp. Hardcover.

Lift Up Your Heart
Fulton J. Sheen, D.D.
STK# 8259

Lift up your heart: The search for pleasure is a sign of emptiness which the Divine alone can fill. – Bishop Fulton Sheen
In one of his most popular and best-selling books, the beloved Catholic prelate deftly strikes at the very heart and soul of humanity's universal predicament: overcoming roadblocks to genuine spiritual peace and union with God.
Lift Up Your Heart was written to help all those who struggle to ascend beyond the mere human (ego) level and I-level of existence to reach the supernatural or Divine-level. With clarity, logic, and unshakable faith, Sheen provides guidance in solving the problems caused by the tensions and stresses of living in a troubled modern world.
This treasured classic contains simple, practical advice on identifying and overcoming conflicts associated with empty pleasure, character weakness, self-discipline, false beliefs, and the fear of "letting go." Above all, the book offers enduring words of wisdom on grace, prayer and meditation, sanctifying the present moment, and making up for the past.
One of Bishop Sheen's very best books!
-Rev. Fr. Christopher Brandler, SSPX
280 pages, softover

On the Passion of Christ
Thomas à Kempis
STK# 8337

This book is Thomas à Kempis’s lesser known reflections on 35 various Gospel passages dealing with the Passion and Death of Christ, now newly translated into English. Thomas à Kempis wrote: “If Jesus Crucified would come into our hearts, how quickly and perfectly we would be instructed in the spiritual life.” This book makes Jesus Christ Crucified accessible in ways you haven’t thought of. Each two-to-five-page entry offers a prayer, a meditation, and spiritual advice, and closes with another short prayer. Each chapter is devoted to an event of the Passion as read from the Scriptures, making for powerful reflections for SEPTUAGESIMA, LENT, and HOLY WEEK. Imagine these chapter titles for your composition of place:How the Lord Jesus went to meet His betrayer
The desertion of Our Lord and the flight of the Apostles
Herod’s deriding of Jesus
The angry shouts “Away with him!” and “Crucify him!“
The despoiling, mocking, crowning, and striking of Jesus’ head
The Lord Jesus and His hanging naked, high, and long on the Cross
The crowd’s insults and Jesus’ enduring perseverance on the Cross
His giving of the Blessed Mary and Saint John to each other
The lone dereliction of the Lord Jesus on the Cross
Fulfilling the Scriptures in the death of Christ and on the words “It is finished!”
The pitiable appearance of Jesus after His soul left His body
Prayers to members of Christ’s body
170 pages. Sewn softcover. Illustrated.

Peace of Soul
Fulton J. Sheen, S.T.D.
STK# 8261

Written in 1949, Sheen offers in this book a way for man to bring peace to his soul. He asks us to stop blaming our subconscious for all our ills and to examine instead our conscience; to turn away from the psychoanalyst and turn to God. He defines Freudianism as a revolution against the restraining influences of society. He tears the masks from the false gods of rationalized self indulgence and misguided social reform, and explains spiritual discipline and Divine authority as means to greater freedom.
...Peace of Soul shows I that inner conflicts can be resolved only through their redemption by God. Those who wonder at the frequent successes of the author in bringing well-known persons into the Catholic Church will find in these chapters an interesting reflection of his persuasion.
-The New York Times Book Review
Many readers will find this to be the book they have been waiting for ... it could ... be classed as required reading for all psychiatrists and as recommended reading for all persons who are searching for peace of soul.
- Booklist
[Sheen] begins his book where the readers of self-improvement volumes seem to feel most at home: the realm of psychology.... The psychiatrist's patient may indeed gain peace of mind, but the Christian gets something far better - peace of soul.
- Time Magazine
The writing is clear and forceful, the logic frequently brilliant.... This is a rewarding experience for any reader and those of other religions or of none will enjoy it even when in disagreement.
- Catholic World
Not only Catholics but all who are interested in discovering what is the point of view of one of our leading Catholic thinkers will be interested in this book.
- Kirkus
280 pages, softcover

Saint George: Knight of Lydda
Anthony Cooney
STK# 8387

Saint George’s tale, like that of many hero-saints, has been overlaid with the fond embellishments of story-tellers throughout the generations. Anthony
Cooney has re-examined the historical sources for the life of St George, and has forged these into a stirring and original historical novel.
Here we rediscover St George as Giorgios Theognosta, the Roman cavalry officer from Lydda in Palestine, a Christian during the last days of
the pagan Empire, a brave man who stands up for his faith during the final great wave of persecution. Giorgios’ integrity and military
skill, inherited from his murdered father, bring him success in his career, but this success brings him the envy of a powerful enemy,
one whom he will ultimately have to confront.
In Giorgios’ company we journey to the corners of an Empire striving to hold its borders against those who reject Roman rule – from Germania to
North Africa, from Persia to Britannia – encountering along the way a throng of historical characters: Aurelian, Diocletian, Galerius,
Zenobia, an old British king named Coel, and Giorgios’ great friend, a promising young officer of the imperial family named Constantine . . .
The action-filled narrative reveals much about the Christian Church of the third century, about life in the Roman army, and about how
extraordinary legends can arise through the affectionate exaggeration and symbolic story-telling of a devoted scribe.
320 pp. Softcover.

Searching for and Maintaining Peace
Fr. Jacques Philippe
STK# 8225

Searching for and Maintaining Peace: A Small Treatise on Peace of Heart
by Fr. Jacques Philippe
Our age is characterized by an extraordinary amount of agitation and lack of peace. This tendency manifests itself in our spiritual life, in our search for God and holiness, in our service to our neighbor...a kind of restlessness and anxiety take the place of the confidence and peace which ought to be ours. What must we do to overcome the moments of fear and distress which assail us? How can we learn to place all our confidence in God and abandon ourselves into his loving care?
This is what is taught in this simple, yet profound treatise on peace of heart. Taking concrete examples from our everyday life, the author invites us to respond in a Christ-like fashion to the upsetting situations we must all confront.
118 pp, softcover.

Soul of the Apostolate
J-B Chautard, O.C.S.O.
STK# 8257

Favorite book of Pope St. Pius X!
We congratulate you sincerely upon having brought out so clearly the absolute necesity of the interior life for those engaged in good works, a life so necessary for the success of their ministry. - Pope Benedict XV to the author
In this age of relentless activity, it is easy for Christians, particularly those involved in good works, to fall into the pattern of the activist. But mere activity and material results are not sufficient for a successful apostolate.
Dom Chautard demonstrates that the very foundation of all apostolic work must be the Interior Life. The apostle of Christ will grow to become an instrument and true channel of God's graces to the world only through prayer, meditation and the cultivation of the Interior Life. When one is involved in works of spiritual or corporal charity, his work can only be truly efficacious when he anchors his Interior Life in Christ. Without Christ, we can do nothing.
Dom Chautard will teach you:
• The pre-eminence of the Interior Life over the Active Life (the anti-thesis of the core error of Americanism according to Pope Leo XIII in Longinqua Oceana).
•The dangers of the Active Life: for you and your apostolate.
•The Devil's special temptations for those working for Our Lord.
•The steps necessary in order to develop and grow in the Interior Life.
•The necessity of the Interior Life to a successful and spiritually fruitful apostolate.
For anyone who would work for Our Lord and His Church, there is simply no book more important to read and to follow than The Soul of the Apostolate
336 pages, softcover

Spiritual Conferences
Fr. Frederick Faber
STK# 8216

Fr. Faber was one of the giants of 19th - century English Catholicism. A convert from Anglicanism, he was best known for his powerful sermons. During Advents, Lents, and Months of Mary, Fr. Faber would preach on matters of the spiritual life. These spiritual conferences, as he called them, were honed to perfection for this collection, which became one of his most popular books. Among the many topics and insights: Common ways people are dishonest with themselves and how to overcome them, Kindness: the grand cause of God in the world, Two mistakes we are likely to make when we study the lives of the saints, How the practice of kindness bears its greatest fruit in our spiritual lives, Plain rules for doing kind actions, Why - contrary to common opinion - our thoughts are a more true measure of ourselves than our actions are, The habit of not judging others, Kind listening: akin to kind speaking, How God sometimes makes the hour of death a private and special interview with his failing creature - sometimes to give assurance and sometimes to punish, Varieties of death: What kind should we pray for?, Why only the irreligious can ever desire a sudden death, The spiritual dangers of lingering deaths, The quiet, easy death: why it is less desirable than it appears, One type of death that is often the end of a careless life - and is the most painful to loved ones, The chief temptations of death, The final assaults of evil angels, The fear of death: one kind that is good for us and several that are very bad, What is death like? What do we look like - and experiences on our deathbed? Answers from a priest who has been present at countless deaths, Five kinds of deaths that are the most precious in the sight of God, Christian simplicity: three things in which it consists, The seven fundamental varieties of self - deceit and its five sources, Why self - deceit tends to increase with age, Wrong intentions for going to Confession, How to have confidence in God, Why does piety seem so monotonous? And what can we do about it?, Heaven and Hell: what will they be like?, The surest method of discovering God's eternal purposes for us. 345pp, hardcover.

The Holy Rosary
STK# 8403

Praying your family Rosary does not have to be an arduous experience. The Rosary is often less strenuous when one focuses on the mysteries with
the aid of religious art—pictures which accurately recount the Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries. Give yourself—and your
children—the chance to pray with less distraction. Once you see it, you will want to own this beautifully remastered, full-color rosary book.
Useful for both children and adults, The Holy Rosary features detailed imagery and short meditations that will inspire readers of all,
ages. 150 Hail Mary’s — 150 Color Pictures — 150 Meditations. The Holy Rosary is your tool to a better, more focused Rosary. End your
distractions once and for all with The Holy Rosary—in pictures.
60pp. full-color 9"x12" Softcover.

The Rule of St Benedict
St. Benedict
STK# 8441

The sixth century was one not unlike our own. Wars were being waged, society was in disarray (materially and morally) and the Church was in a state of severe crisis and confusion (sound familiar?). Saint Benedict realized the meaninglessness of his career path in Rome and so he retired to the hills to seek the one thing necessary and the one thing that would change the world? Holiness.
By and by, Benedict attracted aspirants and eventually he wrote a rule of life that would bring millions of souls to great sanctity and whose monks, by humility, prayer and work saved what was left of the Western Roman Empire and ultimately gave birth to the Age of Faith - the Middle Ages.
This rule contained a remarkably simple and common sense approach to spirituality which did not emphasize severe mortification but rather humility, obedience, prayer, work and spiritual reading. Benedict insisted on a vow of stability by which a monk promised to remain in his monastery until death. This made each monastery a brotherhood, a family, in which each member works for the good of the whole, with the Abbot as the spiritual Father.
Saint Benedict's Rule has endured for 1500 years as a living code and guiding light not only for monks, but also for the laity. A full explanation here is not possible, but you will see, on nearly every page, how to bring the monastic spirit into the home in important ways. Benedict's instructions to Abbots on how to deal with different types of monks is perfectly applicable to how a Father must handle different types of children. He even warns about those monks who will try to play the Prior off against the Abbot (any Mother and Father can see what's going on there!). No rectory, no religious house, and no Catholic family, should be without a copy of this seminal work.
-Steps on the path to perfection:
-72 good works that show our love for God
-12 steps of humility
-How to show proper reverence in the presence of God
-How the Divine Office ought to be said
-Prayer - why shorter is better
-On reading
-On eating and drinking
-Observing Lent
-Why daily manual labor is good for the soul
111pp. Softcover.

The Spiritual Writings of Raphael Cardinal Merry Del Val
Raphael Cardinal Merry Del Val
STK# 8385

Raphael, Cardinal Merry del Val, Secretary of State to Pope St.Pius X from 1903 to 1914, was born in the Spanish Embassy in London in 1865,
the son of a distinguished Spanish diplomat of Irish origin and English mother.
Educated by the Jesuits, he was to become a priest after a brilliant period of study, first in England then in Rome. Jealousy long supposed he owed the prodigious rise of his career to a privilege of birth, the truth is very
different - far from seeking honours he only ever wished to be an ordinary priest - however, from an aristocratic background and speaking many
languages, the Vatican had great duties for him. He died in Rome in 1930 and is buried in St.Peter's Basilica. This collection of his work,
includes sermons, prayers, writings on the Saints, Sacraments and Mary, addresses to conferences and letters of spiritual direction.
242pp., color softcover.

Think Well on It
Bishop Richard Challoner
STK# 8314

Considerations on the Great Truths of the Catholic Religion Bishop Richard Challoner (1691–1781) takes the reader through all the major considerations we should all keep in mind as the background against which we should measure and consider everything we do in life:
• The purpose of our creation
• Our final destiny
• The benefits bestowed on us by God
• The obligations of a Christian
• The vanity of the world
• The happiness of serving God
• What we shall think at the hour of our death
• The shortness of time and the length of eternity
• Our Particular Judgment and General Judgment
• Our final sentence, heaven and hell, the small number of the saved
• Mortal sin and doing penance
• The Passion and Death of our Redeemer.
Perfect for doing a brief meditation daily. Probably the most persuasive admonition that exists in English to heed the advice of the Gospels and to live our lives in such a manner that we assure our eternal salvation.
157 pages, softcover, imprimatur. Sale Price: $12.00

Way to Inner Peace
Fulton J. Sheen, D.D.
STK# 8263

Were St. Francis of Assisi to be asked the way to inner peace, he - like Archbishop Sheen - would have undoubtedly pointed to the way of the cross. Humility and charity would have been the virtues recommended to pave the way and make the going easier.
Sorrow for sins, patience with others, and a healthy sense of humor would be considered almost equally important. In this classic - written some 50 years ago - we find many nearly forgotten age-old truths surprisingly and specifically apropos to the needs of our own times. Rich in psychology and richer yet in New Testament spirituality, these pages will provide an invaluable guide to all those who, for whatever reason, are seeking the way to inner peace.
215 pages, softcover

Why Must I Suffer?
Fr. F. J. Remler, C.M.
STK# 7082

Whether it be due to our own over-indulgences in abusing the goods of this earth, our own countless transgressions against God's commandments, or the Providential designs of our Creator, we will have our lot of suffering in this life. There is no escaping that. The question is how to benefit from it individually unto our everlasting glory and happiness in heaven.
Fr. Remler provides fifteen reasons why we ought to embrace our trials and tribulations, be they physical or spiritual. Father addresses the effects of sin or the reliqua peccati - something that we tend to forget...and that not without consequence for our spiritual lives.
This magnificent analysis of suffering, as to its cause, its value, and its ultimate effect (i.e., conformity to Christ) will give us more strength to bear not only our own cross, but to willingly share in the suffering Jesus endured for all men by accepting, as joyful victims, crosses vicariously borne for sinners within our own family, for our wayward friends, for the crimes of our nation, and for those dear to us who are languishing in Purgatory.
96 pp. Softcover.

Spiritual Journey
Abp. Marcel Lefebvre
STK# 4079

Archbishop Lefebvre's last book. Describes a sanctity, simple yet profound, based on the writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas. "Souls find in the Summa not only the light of the faith, but also the source of sanctity."
Originally for priests and seminarians, it is now a popular favorite. In satisfying the intellect rather than the emotions, we're encouraged to make "a total and unreserved offering of ourselves to God by our Lord Jesus Christ Crucified."
73 pp. Softcover.


Priestly Holiness

After the posthumous book of Archbishop Lefebvre, "The Mass of All Time", we offer now its pendant, "Priestly Holiness".

The passages brought together in this volume constitute a veritable Summa of Priesthood, independent of time and place. It is an invitation to breathe in those ultimate principles which guided Archbishop Lefebvre, so that we, too, might remain faithful to the path he traced out for us. The last chapter is dedicated to the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X, a work of the Church raised up by Providence as a beacon of Catholic Tradition; its mission both yesterday and today is to defend and protect Priesthood and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in all their splendor and their doctrinal purity. May our Lady, Queen of Apostles and Confessors, deign to bless this work and make it an instrument of the grace of her divine son, so that priests might always increase in number and in holiness, for the greater glory of God and of His Church.
--His Excellency Bernard Fellay, Superior General, Society of Saint Pius X

Here are Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre's own words on the back cover.
"The true priest loves souls, gives himself to them, sacrifices himself for them for the love of God. He gives himself to souls as he gives them the Eucharist. He gives them Jesus by teaching and by Holy Communion. All of his priestly life thereby becomes a Mass. The holy priest lives his Mass and brings all those around him to live it, as well. He leads them to understand that all of our lives ought to be a Mass, a total oblation, a continual sacrifice of ourselves, out of love of God and out of love of neighbor. That is the ideal of the true priest, an ideal which brings him a lasting joy and peace of soul."
510 pp. Hardcover.





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