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Saints & Blessed - Roman Catholic Books

A Modern Martyr: St. Theophane Venard
STK# 8341

"I like Théophane Vénard even more than Saint
Louis de Gonzaga, because the life of Saint
Louis de Gonzaga was extraordinary and
Théophane Vénard's was quite ordinary...my
soul is like his. He is the one who has best
lived my way of spiritual childhood."
St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus
Théophane Vénard's example, particularly his way of accepting his martyrdom, was a valuable aid to Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus, especially his words before martyrdom: "I do not rely on my own strength, but on the strength of Him who defeated the power of Hell and of the world through the Cross."

A Saint under Moslem Rule
Dom Justo Perez de Urbel, O.S.B.
STK# 8274

A book of unusual power, scholarship, and interest. Though restricted to 9th century Cordova under Moorish domination, it is a typical picture of the tremendous life-and-death struggle, the religious and cultural conflict, between two antagonistic and incompatible civilizations: Catholic and Moslem.
Great leaders stand forth like St. Eulogius, the central figure of this history and his dear friend St. Alvaro. Chance of victory there was none for Cordova at this bleak hour. One could only show that men and women would never be wanting to carry on the conflict until the victory should be won.
We see the ancient Mozarabic rite up close as we listen to chants and prayers, attend a baptism, wedding, ordination and lastly the solemn services performed over the martyred body of the leader of the Mozarabic Christians.
245pp, softcover

Flame of White: Life of St. Pius X
William Hunermann
STK# 8276

A biography of St. Pius X for youngsters 12 and up. The lessons given us by the life of the only Saint-Pope in over 500 years are in his poverty, charity and burning zeal for souls that should animate all of us. The purpose of this biography is to widen the circle of boys and girls, men and women who know him better and love him more.
"I highly recommend this book for children." -Fr. Herve de la Tour
269pp, hardcover

Marcel Van: The Triumph of Love by Catherine St-Pierre
Catherine St-Pierre
STK# 8288

Marcel Van: The Triumph of Love by Catherine St-Pierre
St. Theresa the Little Flower revealed herself to Marcel Van and guided him in her Little Way of Love. His simple and solid faith was highlighted with submission to God's Providence during persecution and suffering. This book convinces its readers that the fire of God's Charity burned in the life of this humble and courageous lay Redemptorist Brother.
Amidst suffering, first in Hanoi, Vietnam, and consummated with his martyr's death at the age of 31 in a Communist concentration camp (July 10, 1759), Marcel Van's message of love still echoed: "Love cannot die, it goes on loving without any limitations of time. Oh, if I could only die of love! I have already made an act of total offering, and that act has been accepted...."
Forty-three years after the Communist victory in the Republic of Vietnam, Marcel Van is still a voice to raise our heart and mind to our suffering and faithful Savior. Includes the messages given by the Blessed Virgin Mary to Marcel Van in 1946 regarding what She called "the Apostles of My reign." Though of a different and curious culture, the traditional Catholic faith of this lay brother transforms and overcomes differences in nationality.
192pp. Sewn softcover, 20 photographs.

Medal Or Cross Of St. Benedict
Dom Prosper Gueranger, O.S.B.
STK# 6737

Complete explanation of the medal and cross of St. Benedict. It explains the origin of the medal, what all the letters on the medal mean, its miraculous effects throughout history, indulgences attached to the medal and the special rite for blessing this medal.
Did you know that this medal is essentially a devotion to the Holy Cross of Our Lord in the spirit of Saint Benedict who worked his many miracles through the power of the Cross?
Did you know that St. Benedict is the traditional patron of a good death? Do you know why?
Read to find out! Includes a chapter on devotion to St. Benedict and special prayers to help you use the medal and increase your devotion to St. Benedict and the Holy Cross. Written by the incomparable Dom Gueranger, founder of the Benedictine Abbey of Solesmes and author of The Liturgical Year.
140 pp. Softcover.

Militia Immaculatae: The Knighthood of Immaculate Virgin Mary
Fr. Karl Stehlin, SSPX
STK# 8420

Donation goes to Fr. Stehlin to defray the cost of printing in Poland.

Pius IX: The Man And The Myth
Yves Chiron
STK# 8126

Is the 19th century a blank century to you? Let Yves Chiron connect the dots from the viewpoint of the longest pontificate in the history of the Church - Blessed Pius IX.
Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti is one of the most interesting and complex individuals to ever become Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church. He was born in 1792, during the French Revolution, lived through the Napoleonic conquests of Europe, and witnessed the unification of both Italy and the Prussian Empire.
His pontificate included the proclamation of the dogmas of the Immaculate Conception and Papal Infallibility, the convocation of the First Vatican Council, the publication of the Syllabus of Errors, the beginnings of Catholic Action, and the development of the foreign missions.
If you want an insight into the many interesting facets of the relationship between the Church and the world at the end of the 19th century, this book is for you. If you are interested in the fight of the Church against the great movements of Modernity: liberalism, Freemasonry vs Christianity, the Enlightenment, laicism, capitalism and communism, this book is worth reading. If the mention of Pius IX brings nothing to mind, you need to read this book.
Chapters include:
•The First Years
•A Difficult Path to Priesthood
•From Tata Giovanni to Chile
•Bishop of Spoleto
•Bishop and Cardinal of Imola
•Sovereign Pontiff
•From Reform to Revolution
•The Pope in Exile
•Resistance and Renewal
•The Pope of the Immaculate Conception
•Pius IX and Italy
•The Pope of the Syllabus
•The Roman Question
•The Vatican Council
•The "Prisoner of the Vatican"
•Towards the Canonization
The author, Yves Chiron, is a professor of history and a member of the Society of the Ecclesiastical History of France. He has authored many works in his native French, including biographies of Padre Pio and Paul VI, and is the author of the Angelus Press title St. Pius X: Restorer of the Church.
327 pp. Softcover. Index.

Saint Fernando III: A Kingdom for Christ
James Fitzhenry
STK# 8407

"The King of Kings shall open, and the king of the land shall come..."
It was the feast of St. Michael the Archangel, the 29th of September, 1224. The warriors waited restlessly in the courtyard, astride their
steeds, clad in steel mail and brilliant plate armor. Elaborate silk surcoats, emblazoned with various devices, fluttered loosely in the early
morning breeze, and assorted weapons hung from saddles or were belted about lean waists.
The army fell silent as King Fernando suddenly appeared on the staircase. He stood still, grim-faced, appraising with satisfaction the
assembled host. Fernando had labored incredibly, struggling for years to bring this day about. He knew that these men had also endured sufferings
and labors untold, as had all of Castile for hundreds of years. How many thousands of knights had spilled their blood during those centuries,
fighting heroically to defend their homeland from the unjust oppressor, or while attempting to retake what had been stolen from them? How many
unnamed men and women toiled as slaves in Moorish lands, serving their masters in shame and fear, finding relief only in death? How many were even,
now chained to an oar in the bowels of a Moorish galley, forgotten to all but God, or were forced into servitude in Muslim armies, perishing as
they fought to spread the cult of the Infidel?
It had come to an end. This day, the faith and discipline of one man had prevailed over an entire kingdom. Now that kingdom was finally
strong enough to strike back."
The greatest Spanish monarch, King of Castile and Leon, St. Fernando III was born in the year 1199 - exactly 100 years after the death of his
illustrious ancestor, El Cid. In him would be combined the soul of a knight dedicated entirely to God, the irresistible power of the Cid, and
due to his royal heritage, the authority to marshal the might of an entire kingdom against the enemies of Christ. Personally leading his
armies into battle, he took back more territory from Islam than any other king in history. First cousin of St. Louis IX of France, he died a
saintly death in the year 1252. His incorrupt body can still be seen in the Cathedral of Seville, and his feastday, May 30th, is a holy
day of obligation in Spain.
336pp., hardcover

Saint George: Knight of Lydda
Anthony Cooney
STK# 8387

Saint George’s tale, like that of many hero-saints, has been overlaid with the fond embellishments of story-tellers throughout the generations. Anthony
Cooney has re-examined the historical sources for the life of St George, and has forged these into a stirring and original historical novel.
Here we rediscover St George as Giorgios Theognosta, the Roman cavalry officer from Lydda in Palestine, a Christian during the last days of
the pagan Empire, a brave man who stands up for his faith during the final great wave of persecution. Giorgios’ integrity and military
skill, inherited from his murdered father, bring him success in his career, but this success brings him the envy of a powerful enemy,
one whom he will ultimately have to confront.
In Giorgios’ company we journey to the corners of an Empire striving to hold its borders against those who reject Roman rule – from Germania to
North Africa, from Persia to Britannia – encountering along the way a throng of historical characters: Aurelian, Diocletian, Galerius,
Zenobia, an old British king named Coel, and Giorgios’ great friend, a promising young officer of the imperial family named Constantine . . .
The action-filled narrative reveals much about the Christian Church of the third century, about life in the Roman army, and about how
extraordinary legends can arise through the affectionate exaggeration and symbolic story-telling of a devoted scribe.
320 pp. Softcover.

Saints to Help the Sick and Dying
Msgr. Edmund Goebel
STK# 8293

Saints to Help the Sick and Dying
by Monsignor Edmund Goebel
Our life is all about dying well. This gentle book was first published in 1937 to help the dying and diseased and their caregivers to conduct themselves with the mind of the Church at the most important moment in our life.
Explains what is to be done whether a priest is present or not. What are the preparations for Communion of the Sick, for Extreme Unction? What to do when bedside with a non-Catholic?
Explanations of the virtues and Sacraments in the sickroom. Includes 62 patron saints to be invoked against the particular maladies for which they are known to intercede, each with a short biography of the wonderworker and a short prayer.
• How to resign oneself to death • Prayers and indulgences for this critical time • How to console the sick and reconcile the sinner • Listing of the dying words of 63 saints, blessed, and famous laypeople (e.g., Christopher Columbus, Julian the Apostate, Queen Elizabeth, etc.) • Step-by-step guide through the Ritual • Litany of the Dying, Examination of Conscience, making a good confession • Over 60 ejaculations to be recalled at the time of death.
129pp. Red,gold-embossed hardbound, illustrated.

St Charbel Makhlouf of Lebanon
STK# 8198

St. Charbel (1828 - 98), a Maronite Rite Catholic religious, priest and hermit of Bekaa-Kafra, Lebanon, is considered by many to be the masculine counterpart of the Little Flower of Lisieux and one of the greatest saints of our times. He led a hidden life of profound virtue, humble labor and ardent fervor for the Holy Eucharist.
He left home at the age of twenty-three to follow the examples of two uncles by entering the monastic life of the Lebanese Maronite Order (a religious order WITHIN the Catholic Maronite Rite that includes most Catholics in Lebanon). He was profoundly devoted to the Holy Rosary and to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which he said daily at 11:00AM. Why so late? Because he knelt before the Blessed Sacrament from midnight the night before (yes, eleven hours!) to prepare for Mass!
His obedience was absolutely perfect, going even so far as to obey the lay laborers at the monastery. His fasting and penances were severe. He separated himself from the world entirely, from his first entrance to the novitiate. His only contact with the outside world was at the request of his superiors, orders which he followed without question. His entire life, without the slightest exception, was completely supernatural. The stories of his heroic virtues, told by many who knew him, are fascinating enough especially since they take place in a land that Catholics are not much accustomed to thinking of as Catholic - Lebanon. It is even more interesting as he was a miracle worker in life and in death - the miracles were practically non - stop.
Fr. Charbel suffered a stroke on December 16, 1898, during the Offertory of the Liturgy...the high point of his day - his entire life was an offertory. He was reciting the prayer of the Holy Liturgy of the Maronite Rite: "Father of Truth, behold Your Son, a sacrifice pleasing to You. Accept this offering of Him who died for me..." As he fell to the floor, he kept his hands safely clasped around the Holy Eucharist. His companion, Fr. Makarios Al-Mishmeshani the Hermit, and some other monks helped him to his cell, where he continued to repeat that prayer until his death on Christmas Eve, 1898.
From April 22-August 14, 1750, exactly 350 miracles were recorded at his tomb...20 of the cured were Moslems. MANY, MANY more were recorded as his body remained perfectly intact (supple skin, flexible joints, no odor) for over 75 years after his death and exuded a miraculous liquid that healed a great number of crippled and sick people and converted many others, including Moslems to the True Faith. His casket rotted, he did not. The author of the book warns that the miraculous events surrounding the Saint's life are so great, that it is easy to lose sight of the essential - his holiness.
The Sacred Scriptures tell us that war is a punishment for sin. Consequently, sanctity is the ultimate solution to war. While the Middle East and specifically St. Charbel's beloved Lebanon has recently been torn asunder, let us all invoke him as we earnestly pray for peace and the conversion of non-believers...intentions dear to the heart of St. Charbel.
96pp, softover.

St. Francis of Assisi & the Conversion of the Muslims
Frank Rega
STK# 8271

Tells the authentic story of St. Francis's trip to the Sultan in Egypt and efforts to convert him to the One True Faith. Also includes a brief biography of St. Francis, including his stigmata; the Franciscans; St. Clare; and St. Francis's view of the Crusades. A book greatly needed in our era of false ecumenism.
152pp, softcover

St. Gerard Majella
Fr. Edward Saint-Omer
STK# 8272

ST. GERARD MAJELLA: The Wonder-Worker Patron of Expectant Mothers
Millions of expectant mothers pray for his intercession and wear his medal, but few of us know much about him. St. Gerard died of tuberculosis at 29 years of age while a lay brother in the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Redemptorists), where he achieved great sanctity.
A tailor by profession before he entered the Redemptorist order at the age of 26, St. Gerard became famous for his miracles, cures, charity, ecstasies, mortifications, purity, obedience, discernment of spirits, infused knowledge, prophecies, knowledge of distant events, bilocations, and power over nature, the human heart - and even the Devil!
The author also describes the saint's death, funeral, miracles after his death, his beatification and canonization, plus, the widespread devotion to him that soon sprang up everywhere.
258pp, softcover

St. Monica: Model of ... Mothers
F. A. Forbes
STK# 8273

The famous persevering mother whose prayers, patience and good example at last obtained the conversion of her wayward son, the great St. Augustine, as well as her pagan husband and her mother-in-law. Includes her childhood, difficult marriage, anguish over Augustine, constancy and, in the end, her joy at his conversion. A magnificent story of prayer finally answered!
103pp, softcover

St. Nicholas Of Switzerland
Fr. Clement
STK# 7091

This great 15th century saint is a burning torch still giving light to his countrymen and to the entire Church. His life reminds us that holiness can be pursued in every vocation. Saint Nicholas was a soldier, a farmer, a magistrate, a husband, the father of a large family, and a hermit for the last 20 years of his life.
He was very devoted to our Lady and the Holy Eucharist. Separate investigations of the religious and civil authorities of the day attest to Saint Nicholas's eating nothing besides daily Communion for years.
Forty years before Martin Luther kicked off the "reformation," Saint Nicholas warned his people not to be deceived by the coming apostasy. "An unfortunate time of revolt and dissension in the Church of Jesus Christ is on the way. O my children, do not let yourselves be misled by any innovations! Stay together and hold fast. Stay on the same way, the same paths as your pious ancestors. That is how you will resist the attacks, tempests, and storms that are going to rise up with violence."
If that isn't incredible enough, God also showed him a great apostasy which will sound all too familiar to traditional Catholics. Saint Nicholas warned, "The Church will be punished, for the majority of its members, great and small, will become very perverted. The Church will sink deeper and deeper until it finally seems to have been destroyed, and the Succession of Peter and the other Apostles will seem to have ended. But after that, it will be triumphantly exalted in the sight of all doubters."
Pocket size, a joy to read, abundantly illustrated. 78 pp. Softcover.

St. Pius X
Yves Chiron
STK# 6768

Saint Pius X is the first pope in modern history to be canonized since Saint Pius V in 1712. The Church canonized him because of the heroic virtues he practiced in his private life and also in the performance of his ecclesiastical duties: Assistant Priest, Pastor, Canon, Episcopal Chancellor, seminary spiritual director, Bishop, Cardinal Patriarch of Venice, and Pope from 1903 to 1914.
Yves Chiron's fresh biography breaks new ground by establishing an exact, fair portrait of Saint Pius X, who is often portrayed as a pious pope of great Faith, but "retrograde, simplistic and close minded to modern aspirations and new ideas." The work accomplished by Saint Pius X was monumental. He was not a pietistic simpleton, but a powerful and brilliant defender of the True Faith in the face of the Modernism that was invading the Church even in those days - the beginnings of the Liberalism that resurfaced at Vatican II.
Mr. Chiron demonstrates that he was a tireless defender of the rights of the Church against secularism. He was a great reforming pope; restoring Gregorian chant as the sacred music of the Church; reforming the Curia; initiating the codification of Canon Law, and devoting himself especially to reforming the seminaries in order to form pious, zealous young priests, on guard against the creeping infection of Modernism.
In researching this book, Yves Chiron draws from many sources, especially from Italy, where this great man, so beloved by his countrymen, rose from being a poor country farm boy to being the Vicar of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The author was also able to research the Secret Vatican Archives.
There is no better "rags - to - riches" story, for he came from a poor but hardworking family and rose to the heights of spiritual riches. This book not only relates the historical events of the Pope's life but offers many personal stories that are like windows into his soul and clearly show his saintly personality.
352 pp. Softcover. 24 pp of illustrations.

The Song of Bernadette (Book)
Franz Werfel
STK# 8426

This is the classic work that tells the true story surrounding the miraculous visions of St. Bernadette Soubirous at Lourdes, France in 1858.
Werfel, a highly respected anti-Nazi writer from Vienna, became a Jewish refugee who barely escaped death in 1940, and wrote this moving
story to fulfill a promise he made to God. While hiding in the little village of Lourdes, Werfel felt the Nazi noose tightening, and realizing
that he and his wife might well be caught and executed, he made a promise to God to write about the “song of Bernadette” that he had been
inspired by during his clandestine stay in Lourdes. Though Werfel was Jewish, he was so deeply impressed by both Bernadette and the
happenings at Lourdes, that his writing has a profound sense of Catholic understanding.
“On re-reading The Song, what struck me most about Werfel’s craft was how deeply this Jewish writer, who had long been interested in
Catholicism but who had never converted, had entered into Catholicism’s sacramental imagination. For all its unsparing depiction of
the poverty of the French Pyrenees, the pettiness of local officialdom, the skepticism and institutional-mindedness of local churchmen,
The Song of Bernadette is shot through with a sense of the extraordinary that lies on the far side of the ordinary, revealing itself
through the simplest things.”
—George Weigel, from the Foreword
605 pp. Softcover.

The Story of a Family: the Home of St Therese of Lisieux
Fr. Stephane-Joseph Piat, O.F.M
STK# 8434

The Story of a Family contains the fabulously captivating and popular life of the Martin family, showing the background that helped
produce "the greatest Saint of Modern Times." (St. Pius X).
"When we had our children, our lives changed somewhat. Thenceforward we lived only for them; they made all our happiness and we would never
have found it save in them. In fact, nothing any longer cost us anything; the world was no longer a burden to us. As for me, my children were my
great compensation, so that I wished to have many in order to bring them up for Heaven."
—Zélie Martin464 pp. softcover.

Therese Newmann: Mystic and Stigmatist
Adalbert Albert Vogl
STK# 8435

The life and remarkable gifts of Therese Neumann (1898-1962); who bore the stigmata from 1926 to 1962; and suffered the Passion of Jesus on Fridays.
She went without food and drink (save Communion) for 26 years. Also tells of her visions; language phenomena; mystical recognition of the
Holy Eucharist; of priests; priestly blessings and relics; her bi-location and other mystical gifts.
272 pp. Softcover.

Christians Courageous
Aloysius Roche
STK# 8404

Bold heroes of the Faith
For every half-dozen heroes antiquity could muster, Christendom produced thousands; and often from the strangest holes and corners. Instead of
drying up the spirit of adventure, the Fire of Pentecost kindled it anew and made it burn with an unquenchable flame. The Master’s parting
instructions to His followers resulted in a host of enterprises quite as daring as any to be found in Homer.
Some of these are brought vividly to life in these stories about courageous Christians from the earliest days of Christianity to modern
times. Although written primarily for youthful readers, they are sure to interest all those to whom
the achievements of their fellow Christians are a matter of pride and encouragement.
Here you’ll read about, among others:The pagan actor whose mockery of the Faith led him to convert and even die a Christian martyr
The blind boy who became an adviser to great saints
The brave bishop who successfully defended the true Faith — against his fellow bishops and even the Emperor!
The monk who was martyred in the Coliseum trying to stop the bloodshed of the gladiators there
The priest who suffered cruel deprivations to convert a savage tribe — with a dictionary!
The Irish monk who crossed the Sea of Darkness to discover America
The celebrated Spanish novelist who helped save Christendom from the Turks at the Battle of Lepanto
The unarmed bishop who, with words alone, drove Attila the Hun from the gates of RomeThe stirring adventures of these brave Christian souls remind us that God has in hand for each of us a unique mission,
worthy of all our imagination and of all our daring.
192pp., softcover



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