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Retreat / Prayer - Roman Catholic Books

Blessed Be God
Price: $35.75 - Out of Print
Frs. C. Callan & J. McHugh
STK# 8164

A COMPLETE CATHOLIC PRAYER BOOK. From the publisher: "In the nearly 25 years that we have been doing work in the used book business, we have come across hundreds of different devotional manuals, prayer books, novena books, etc. Now the book which has been in the greatest demand since we began our work is...Blessed Be God, probably one of the few Catholic traditional prayer books that covers most of the bases when it comes to novenas, pious exercises, prayers, litanies, the Mass, etc. No prayer book has everything, but this one has much of what any Catholic may want for his or her daily spiritual life. Includes a missal, meditations and readings from the Bible & The Imitation of Christ, all the Epistles and Gospels for Sundays and Holydays, Sunday Vespers, Matrimonial Ceremony, Prayers for the Dying. INCREDIBLY COMPREHENSIVE. One buyer gave away all her other prayer books because this one 'has everything'!" Fine paper, one ribbon, in print from 1925-61. This is an exact reprint of the 1925 edition. Can't go wrong if you want a prayer book! 754 pp. Gold-embossed hardcover.

Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in the Home
- Out of Print
STK# 8433

The Enthronement of the Sacred Heart is a crusade to establish the Social Reign of the Sacred Heart in society through the family,
the social cell. It is based on Our Lord's statement to St. Margaret Mary, "I will reign through My Heart!"
This booklet contains an organized campaign to restore Christ to the family thorough a program of litanies and other prayers that carefully
guide you through the Enthronement Ceremony.
18pp. Softcover.

From The Rose Garden Of Our Lady
Price: $7.95 Order Here
Fr. William Schaeffler
STK# 8012

First published in Bavaria, Germany in 1929, this book contains a beautiful line illustration of each mystery, several paragraphs from the Gospels (or a Father of the Church) on each mystery, followed by ten profound mini-meditations - one for each Hail Mary. An indispensable book (that fits in your pocket) for anyone who wants to stop merely SAYING the Rosary and start PRAYING the Rosary!
75 pp. Softcover.

Holy Hour of Reparation
Price: $9.75 Order Here
STK# 8388

This prayer book has been a classic since 1945 -- now completely re-typeset and printed in full color.
This collection of prayers may be used for public or private devotion. Excellent for making a "Holy Hour" at home or at Church. Contains a thorough
one-hour program of litanies, acts of consecration, and other prayers to carefully guide you along the way.
This gorgeous reprint of the Holy Hour of Reparation is simply stunning. Each prayer from the original 1945 prayer book
has been re-typeset for larger, clearer print. Color pictures have been added throughout.
Every church — and every family! — needs this book! Once you see it, you’ll be convinced. Bookstore owners, be the first to stock your
Church pews with the classic reprint of the famous devotion which Jesus Himself asked us to do.
64pp. Softcover. Full color throughout on smooth, tan paper-stock.

Militia Immaculatae: The Knighthood of Immaculate Virgin Mary
Price: $4.95 Order Here
Fr. Karl Stehlin, SSPX
STK# 8420

Donation goes to Fr. Stehlin to defray the cost of printing in Poland.

My Daily Bread
Price: $9.50 Order Here
Fr. Anthony J. Paone
STK# 6438

A summary of spiritual doctrine so simple that everyone can come to a knowledge and practice of the principles of the spiritual life.
It is divided into three books which treat respectively of the three ways of the Spiritual Life: Purification, Imitation, and Union. This book must be read, not only with the head, but with the heart. We must think and pray.
439 pp. Leatherette cover.

My Daily Psalm Book
Price: $8.50 Order Here
Arranged by Fr. Joseph B. Frey
STK# 6439

The book of psalms arranged for each day of the week according to the order of the Roman Breviary - pray with the Church.
There is no need to scrape together endless man - made prayers when the Psalms frame the very thoughts of God. The oldest prayers used by Our Lord, Our Lady, and the saints. This book is the first time the entire psalter was illustrated by one artist. Ariel Agemian's (Knight of St. Gregory) illustrations were three years in the making for this pocket-sized treasure.
370 pp, Numerical and topical indexes included. 153 illustrations.

New Regulations On Indulgences
Price: $4.95 Order Here
Fr. Winifred Herbst, S.D.S.
STK# 8072

Outlines the nature and value of indulgences and the new regulations governing them. Designed to inspire in us the practice of making reparation for ourselves and for the Poor Souls.
Taken from the official Enchiridion of Indulgences. Many Catholics do not even know what a plenary indulgence is, let alone how to gain one.
47 pp. Softcover.

Novena To The Holy Ghost
Price: $3.95 Order Here
Fr. M. Mischler, S.J.
STK# 8152

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear "Holy Ghost"? If it's a bird, there's a small problem. We suspect that 99% of even dedicated Catholics have this same dilemma. Thus we are offering a small book as the solution. This is a Novena booklet unlike any other.
Once again, we must return to the motto of the French Seminary in Rome that was so often on the lips of Archbishop Lefebvre and his mentor, Fr. LeFloch: "pietas cum doctrina, doctrina cum pietate" - "piety with doctrine, doctrine with piety." Novena books are usually heavy on piety and pretty short on doctrine, yet, as St. Thomas tells us, "you cannot love what you do not know." How can you love the Holy Ghost and communicate in prayer with Him, if you do not first know Him? If knowing the Holy Ghost puts feathers in your mind, you don't know Him...unfortunately, that's most of us.
This little twenty-four page treasure, like all Novenas, covers a period of daily prayer for nine days:
1) The Holy Ghost
2) Fear
3) Piety
4) Fortitude
5) Knowledge
6) Understanding
7) Counsel
8) Wisdom
9) Fruits
Each day includes a short, scholastic definition of each gift of the Holy Ghost, then a profound meditation which is followed by an intense prayer appropriate to that gift. Lastly, one recites the Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, the Act of Consecration to the Holy Ghost and the Prayer for the Seven Gifts.
This should ESPECIALLY be in the hand of every confirmand, every sponsor, every parent, teacher, priest and religious. We give gifts at Confirmation in imitation of the Holy Ghost, who gives much greater gifts. What better gift is there than helping the confirmed know and love what he has received from Him?
24 pp, Pocket-size. Durable softcover.

Prayer Crusade for Priests
Price: $8.45 Order Here
Society of St. Pius X
STK# 8412

Since its first printing, Prayer Crusade for Priests has helped to unite the faithful to priests laboring in the vineyard of the Lord.
Now, for the first time, all the prayers necessary to participate in this Crusade are easily accessible.
Even if you are not formally a member of the Prayer Crusade, you will find the devotions herein edifying and beneficial to your spiritual life.
• Rosary for Priests • Prayers for Confessors • Deceased Priests • Seminarians • Vocations •
Holy Hour for Priests • Litanies • Way of the Cross for Priests • Ejaculatory Prayers
“By our prayers, words and example may we draw many souls to this sublime ideal of the Catholic Priesthood and to its essential act, the Holy
Sacrifice of the Mass. I encourage you to consider joining the Prayer Crusade for Priests. Here is one way to guarantee the supernatural in
your daily life: by praying every day prayers for priests...”
96pp. 5" x 6". Color softcover.

Price: $42.45 Order Here
Rev. J. P. Christopher, Ph.D., Editor
STK# 6765

This official collection (raccolta) of the Church's prayers and devotions was published in English in 1757. It includes a timely supplement of additional prayers for many urgent needs all of which were composed under Pope Pius XII. Many of the prayers and devotions are followed by the Latin text.
These 800 prayers touch practically every spiritual and physical need, and every personal and societal hope. They are the confidently suppliant voice of the Catholic Church.
752 pp. Hardcover.

Religious Vocation: An Unnecessary Mystery
Price: $13.50 Order Here
Fr. Richard Butler, O.P.
STK# 8401

Religious Vocation - An Unnecessary Mystery
The question of discerning a vocation is agonized over by many generous young Catholics today. A solid Thomist, who wrote this book in 1961,
Father Butler shows that this type of question shows a totally wrong approach to a religious vocation - an approach that began with misguided
theology in the 20th century, which then trickled down to the popular level, confusing both aspirants and spiritual directors.
Though Fr. Butler deals primarily with vocations to the religious life, he also gives the classic guidelines on priestly vocations. The author
states, based on the tradition of the Church, that religious vocation is not uncommon, rare or extraordinary and that it does not require an
introspective search for some special voice or attraction. This book provides welcome, intelligent guidance both for spiritual directors
and for those considering the religious life or that of Priesthood!
167pp., softcover.

Retreat Prayerbook
Price: $6.45 Order Here
Compiled by Angelus Press
STK# 4063

Retreat Manual and Family Prayer Book
Originally written to accompany the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius, this prayer booklet is useful at any time. Contains prayers for use throughout the day, the Stations of the Cross, various meditations and hymns (Latin with English), Examination of Conscience. Excellent for those wishing to keep the spirit of their retreat alive.
54 pp. Softcover.

Rosary Album
Michael C. Buccino
STK# 8196

Sold Out

A top favorite of young children and adults! Booklet includes over 200 original black and white illustrations (one for each bead!) by the late Mr. Michael Buccino. The artist began these drawings to help his children meditate more easily on the Rosary. "I came up with the idea that if they had a book with pictures it might keep their minds on meditating while they were praying and would be better able to concentrate on the Rosary. So I got started working on the Rosary Album, which took me 18 years to put together. The book has brought the rosary to life."
There is a picture and scripture verse for each bead. The Litany of Our Lady (with illustrations) is also woven into each mystery. For all ages.
72 pp.

Rules For Discerning Spirits
Price: $3.75 Order Here
Fr. Ludovic-Marie Barrielle
STK# 4092

Since 1533, the spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius have been used by millions to deepen their Christian life. This booklet distills the wisdom of the 30-day retreat into 20 principles so you can discern the spiritual influences in your life that are from God from those that are from the devil. Father writes from 40 years of experience as a retreat master.
60 pp. Softcover.

The Holy Rosary
Price: $21.75 Order Here
STK# 8403

Praying your family Rosary does not have to be an arduous experience. The Rosary is often less strenuous when one focuses on the mysteries with
the aid of religious art—pictures which accurately recount the Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries. Give yourself—and your
children—the chance to pray with less distraction. Once you see it, you will want to own this beautifully remastered, full-color rosary book.
Useful for both children and adults, The Holy Rosary features detailed imagery and short meditations that will inspire readers of all,
ages. 150 Hail Mary’s — 150 Color Pictures — 150 Meditations. The Holy Rosary is your tool to a better, more focused Rosary. End your
distractions once and for all with The Holy Rosary—in pictures.
60pp. full-color 9"x12" Softcover.



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