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Catholic Papal Encyclicals - Roman Catholic Books

Economics & Salvation
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Pope Pius XI
STK# 8223

A unique edition of Pope Pius XI's encyclical Quadragesimo Anno, On the Reconstruction of the Social Order. Contains an introduction by Bishop Richard N. Williamson and four color graphs and charts by Bishop Williamson to help the reader gain a deeper understanding of the text. An invaluable study guide.
Written partially in response to the Great Depression, the Holy Father sets forth the principles of Catholic social order. This includes the right of a worker to a just wage, the proper balance of capital and labor, the principle of subsidiarity, the twin dangers of economic individualism and collectivism, the inherent problems of Socialism, the proper distribution of productive property and the restoration of the guilds.
"The present state of affairs...clearly indicates the way in which We ought to proceed. For We are now confronted, as more than once before in the history of the Church, with a world that in large part has almost fallen back into paganism. That these whole classes of men may be brought back to Christ Whom they have denied, we must recruit and train from among them, themselves, auxiliary soldiers of the Church who know them well and their minds and wishes, and can reach their hearts with a tender brotherly love. The first and immediate apostles to the workers ought to be workers; the apostles to those who follow industry and trade ought to be from among them themselves."
57pp, softcover, color charts.

ENC: Aeterni Patris
Price: $19.25 Order Here
Package of 10 copies
Pope Leo XIII
STK# 5321

On the Restoration of Christian Philosophy. Bad philosophy damns souls. Good philosophy fortifies is the handmaiden of the Faith. Reviews the Church's thinkers, especially Saint Thomas Aquinas, of "chief and special glory."
19 pp.

ENC: Custodi De Quella Fede
Pope Leo XIII
STK# 5313

Guardians of that Faith. Addressed to the Italian people warning against the allurements and false promises of the Freemasons.
Pope Leo XIII wrote his encyclical Humanum Genus: On Freemasonry vs Christianity, on April 20, 1884, and another, Dall'Alto Dell'Apostolico Seggio: To the bishops, clergy and people of Italy on Freemasonry vs Christianity in Italy, on October 15, 1890, where he discusses at length the Masonic program and warned faithful Catholics about its incompatibility and opposition to the Church's program of eternal salvation. But seeing that the impious war continued to rage against the Church and particularly in Italy, he wrote this present encyclical, addressed to the Italian people, where again he raised a cry of alarm and protest over the machinations of this secret sect.
Since he had already talked about the principles of Masonry in the previous encyclicals, he limited himself this time to list its deplorable effects and accomplishments in Italy. The good pope then exhorts the Italian people to shake themselves loose from the allurements, false promises, and threats of this sect; to avoid being drawn into it; and to fight this battle offensively, opposing press to press, school to school, organization to organization, congress to congress, action to action.
14 pp.

ENC: Diuturnum Illud
Price: $2.50 Order Here
Pope Leo XIII
STK# 6551

On the Origin of Civil Power.
Where does authority come from? How society needs it. Rejects "consent of the people." Measure of how Church defends loyalty to temporal power. Lessons of history.
22 pp.

ENC: Divini Illius Magistri
Price: $4.25 Order Here
Pope Pius XI
STK# 6725

Encyclical on Christian Education. Principles to be followed by the Church, State, and Family regarding education. Based on nature and revealed truth.
The inviolable principles which this document lays down regarding the Church, family and State in the matter of education, are based on the very nature of things and on revealed truth. They cannot be shaken by the ebb and flow of events. As for the fundamental rules which it prescribes, these too are not subject to the wear and tear of time, since they are only the faithful echo of the Divine Master, Whose "words shall not pass away."
The encyclical is a real Magna Carta of Christian education, "outside which no education is complete and perfect." It lends itself to study, today as it did in the past, by all those who in a spirit of loyalty, desire to know, in this matter, the genuine and firm thought of the Church, "to whom belongs, in a very special manner, the mission of education." In times of difficulty, it provides, with its clarity of doctrine, a certain guide for the courageous efforts of Catholic parents and teachers who are desirous of assuring youth of a formation fully in conformity with the requirements of the faith.

ENC: Divini Redemptoris
Price: $4.25 Order Here
Pope Pius XI
STK# 5317

On Atheistic Communism. The 1927 Soviet Secret Police's official published list of victims whom they put to death (over a period of 10 years since the 1917 Russian Revolution) numbered 1,744,674. Furthermore, world-wide propaganda of unprecedented activity, well-organized and supported by an unstinted supply of funds, went on without intermission or relaxation, the effects of which we still suffer today.
The main aim of this campaign was to root out from the minds of the people the Christian faith and even the belief in God, and to overthrow the existing civilization founded upon that faith. Pope Pius XI, seeing this, recalls previous and present solemn condemnations and solemn protests against Communism. He then contrasts the destructive principles and method of action of atheistic Communism vs. the clear doctrine of the Catholic Church, in order to inculcate anew and with greater insistence the means by which Christian civilization can be saved from this satanic scourge.

ENC: Ecclesiae Fastos
Price: $3.00 Order Here
Pope Pius XII
STK# 8116

On St. Boniface.
Pope Pius XII tells the riveting story of the life of the English Benedictine, St. Boniface, who became the apostle of Germany and the true "Father of the German people" by giving them life in Christ - incorporating them into His mystical body - all the while demonstrating a steadfast obedience to the Bishop of Rome.
A martyr, he is buried in Fulda, Germany, where, to this day, the German bishops continue to hold their conferences. It is also a popular place of pilgrimage.
26 pp.

ENC: Libertas Praestantissimum
Price: $4.00 Order Here
Pope Leo XIII
STK# 6558

Encyclical on Human Liberty.
Liberty - one of the world's most misunderstood concepts is put into its true Catholic perspective.

ENC: Mediator Dei
Price: $4.00 Order Here
Pope Pius XII
STK# 5307

On the Sacred Liturgy
A reprimand to innovators. Nature of Liturgy, especially the Mass. Eucharistic worship. Divine Office and Liturgical Year. Pastoral directives. Many novelties of the Novus Ordo are specifically condemned in this encyclical!
80 pp.

ENC: Mens Nostra
Price: $3.00 Order Here
Pope Pius XI
STK# 8118

On the Promotion of the Spiritual Exercises.
Pope Pius XI reminds us who live in a world inundated with materialism and external activity, that we must turn our hearts and minds towards God in silent contemplation, enabling us to better know, love, and serve Him. A must read for every retreat-master and excellent for all retreatants as well. Briefly covers the history of the Spiritual Exercises as well.
23 pp. Softcover.

ENC: Mirari Vos
Price: $3.00 Order Here
Pope Gregory XVI
STK# 6557

Mirari Vos: On Religious Indifferentism.
In the early 1800s, the Church in France, infected by the Revolution of 1789, turned to its charismatic philosopher and apologist, Abbe Felicite-Robert de Lamennais, promoter of a movement to "catholicize liberalism." He expounded an alien philosophy based on a new theory of certitude claiming truth does not belong to individual reason, but to the universal consent of mankind. According to him, certainty of truth was not determined by evidence, but by the authority of mankind. The true religion, he concluded, is that which can put forth on its behalf the greatest number of witnesses.
His opinions on liberty of press, conscience, revolt, and democratization of the Church, were receiving popularity. This caught the attention of Pope Gregory XVI, who condemned them in Mirari Vos (15 August 1832). De Lammenais refused to submit and renounced his priesthood and Catholicism. He died unrepentant and unreconciled with the Church.
"From this poisoned source of indifferentism flows that false and absurd, or rather extravagant, maxim that liberty of conscience should be established and guaranteed to each man - a most contagious error, ..." -Pope Gregory XVI in Mirari Vos.

ENC: Mortalium Animos
Price: $2.50 Order Here
Pope Pius XI
STK# 6554

On True Religious Unity
Perhaps the ecumenical dizziness spun from the first Parliament of Religions (Chicago, 1893) and the horrific modern wars like the First World War (and their wearying effect on society) were on the mind of Pius XI when he wrote this encyclical (1928).
Times were hard enough all over and people were tired: who wanted to fight about religion of all things? As a result, the cause of fostering unity among men of all religions - among those calling themselves Christians - was catching on fast and generating indifference, even among Catholics, to the objective truths of the True Faith. This ecumenism was being motivated by a false idea of "one flock" under the guise of a falsely - understood charity.
Pius XI here denounces the dreamers, calls inconceivable a "federation of Christians in which each member retains his own opinions ... in matters of faith," and, proclaims that the only ecumenism is to convert the world to Catholicism.

ENC: Mystici Corporis
Price: $2.70 Order Here
Pope Pius XII
STK# 5301

On the Mystical Body of Christ.
Explanation of this doctrine. The Catholic Church: its unity, role of hierarchy, Sacraments, connection of Head and members. Who's a member? Who's not?

ENC: Our Apostolic Mandate
Price: $3.90 Order Here
Pope St. Pius X
STK# 5310

Condemnation of a lay movement hyping the ideas modern society holds inviolable: human dignity, liberation from authority, democratization of the Church.
58 pp.

ENC: Pascendi Domini
Price: $3.15 Order Here
Pope St. Pius X
STK# 5306

On the Doctrine of the Modernists (Pius X, 1907).
The prophetic encyclical of Pius X which defined Modernism, cut it up, and let is hang out to dry. Modernists can't hide from this light.
77 pp.

ENC: Quas Primas
Pope Pius XI
STK# 5305

On the Kingship of Christ.
Proclaims the Feast of Christ the King. The nature of this Kingship, its advantages, opportunities, and expectations. The relationship between Church and State.
23 pp.

ENC: Qui Pluribus
Price: $3.85 Order Here
Pope Pius IX
STK# 5312

On Faith and Religion.
Raises the alert to the errors of the day: liberalism, Freemasonry vs Christianity, rationalism, pantheism, naturalism, Protestantism, and Communism.
22 pp.

ENC: Quo Primum
Package of 10 copies
Pope St. Pius V
STK# 5319

Brief but important document from Pope Saint Pius V giving the full weight of papal authority towards promoting the celebration of the Mass of the Latin Tridentine Rite in perpetuity.

ENC: Satis Cognitum
Price: $4.25 Order Here
Pope Leo XIII
STK# 8131

On The Unity of the Church. "That they may be one" - "Ut unum sint" has been the rallying cry of Churchmen since Vatican II, and the explanation for the promotion of an ecumenical agenda that places "unity" before everything. But what is the nature of the unity for which the Lord prayed His heavenly Father on the way to Gethsemane? Indeed, most Catholics cannot answer with precision what exactly the Church is, the conditions for belonging to it, or its necessity for salvation. If you want a clear and concise explanation of these principles, Satis Cognitum is the place to begin. Written when popes said what they meant and meant what they said, it is free from the ambiguities which are so characteristic of late 20th - century explanations of these issues. "Wherefore, in His divine wisdom, He ordained in His Church Unity of Faith; a virtue which is the first of those bonds which unite man to God, and whence we receive the name of the faithful - 'one Lord, one faith, one baptism' " (Eph. 4:5). 48 pp. Softcover.

ENC:Ad Diem Illum Laetissimum
Price: $3.25 Order Here
Pope St. Pius X
STK# 5318

On the Jubilee of the Immaculate Conception.
On the 50th anniversary of the solemn promulgation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception (1854-1904), Pope St. Pius X issued this encyclical to encourage the whole Church to organize joyous celebrations, and to grant a Jubilee Indulgence in honor of this event. The pope ultimately hoped by doing this to gain that restoration of all things in Christ which is the motto of his pontificate.
In this encyclical, he outlines the great riches and the wonderful hidden implications behind the dogma of the Immaculate Conception: Mary is the Reparatrix; Dispensatrix of all grace; our chief Mediatrix; our supreme example of sanctity. She continues to labor in Heaven in order to bring us to perfect charity of God and to eternal happiness.
The pope insists on our corresponding response in faith, hope and charity - of keeping the commandments and fleeing from sin, of praying for those who are fallen away. By proclaiming the dogma we combat all the Modernist errors, proving what the Church attributes to this august Virgin, that she has exterminated all heresies in the world.

ENC:Casti Connubii
Price: $3.95 Order Here
Pope Pius XI
STK# 5302

On Christian Marriage.
Necessary reading for every couple planning marriage. Matrimony's sanctity, blessings, pitfalls. Make saints of each other.
43 pp.

ENC:E Supremi Apostolatus
Price: $3.00 Order Here
Pope St. Pius X
STK# 5315

On the Restoration of All Things in Christ.
Blueprint of a saint's papacy. Submission to God equals admitting His kingship in all things. True renewal.
17 pp.

ENC:Fulgens Radiatur
Price: $3.00 Order Here
Pope Pius XII
STK# 8117

On St. Benedict.
Pope Pius XII writes on the life, times and the message of the great Father of Western Monasticism: St. Benedict. Pius XII explains and insists on the relevancy of the Rule of St. Benedict to the modern world. "The more things change, the more they stay the same."
23 pp.

ENC:Quanta Cura & Syllabus
Price: $3.50 Order Here
Pope Pius IX
STK# 5314

Quanta Cura and the Syllabus of Errors
Written to all bishops so they would see "...all the errors and pernicious doctrines which Pius IX has reprobated and condemned."
29 pp.

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