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Fulton Sheen - Roman Catholic Books
Best of Bishop Sheen

Calvary and The Mass
Price: $8.45 Order Here
Bp. Fulton Sheen
STK# 8214

By Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.
In this 1936 work, then Msgr. Sheen takes Our Lord's seven last words from the Cross and correlates them to appropriate parts of the Mass - the sacramental representation of that same sacrifice. A fascinating book that will give you a new perspective on the Mass:
1)The Confiteor: Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.
2) The Offertory: Amen I say to thee, this day thou shalt be with me in paradise.
3) The Sanctus: Woman, behold thy Son...Behold thy mother.
4) The Consecration: My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me!
5) The Communion: I thirst.
6) Ite, Missa Est: It is finished.
7) The Last Gospel: Father, into Thy hands I commend my Spirit.
Bishop Sheen says, "Hence the Mass is to us the crowning act of Christian worship. A pulpit in which the words of our Lord are repeated does not unite us to Him; a choir in which sweet sentiments are sung brings us no closer to His Cross than to His garments. A temple without an altar of sacrifice is non-existent among primitive peoples, and is meaningless among Christians. And so in the Catholic Church the altar, and not the pulpit or the choir or the organ, is the center of worship, for there is re - enacted the memorial of His Passion." (from the Prologue).
71pp, softcover.

Characters of the Passion
Price: $10.75 Order Here
Fulton J. Sheen, D.D.
STK# 8258

The Eternal Drama of the Cross! This inspiring book, written in 1946 by one of the Church's most prolific authors, discusses faith and the vital part it plays in our modern world. Using the stories of many of those who were influential in the life and death of Our Lord, Bishop Sheen gives us a better understanding of the Faith.
Recognizing that the challenges and pressures of society make it difficult for many to maintain their religious belief, Sheen takes you back to Calvary where he dramatically brings to life brief but penetrating characterizations of many of those who played important roles in the Passion. Their stories teach us about trust, despair, egotism, powe; politics, doubt, love, repentance, and more.
Archbishop Sheen gives inspiration to all. To those who may be wavering in their beliefs, he brings comfort and strength. To others, he reaffirms the knowledge that the true Faith is the most powerful weapon in the world today.
94 pages, softcover

Fulton Sheen: Family Retreat DVD
Price: $29.95 Order Here
Fulton J. Sheen, D.D.
STK# 8265

This is the only retreat by the great Archbishop Fulton Sheen recorded on video. Sheen gives twelve conferences to an audience of all ages on the following topics:
• Confession
• The Devil
• Love
• The Mass
• Making the Right Choice
• The Our Father
• Youth and Sex
• "Wasting Your Life for Christ"
• Our Lady
• Kenosis
• "Old Pots"
• The Cross
One of his best retreats, preached before a live audience in a church toward the end of Archbishop Sheen's active life. The church was filled with people of all ages: young children, teenagers, and their parents. In this moving presentation, the Archbishop speaks about topics that apply to everyone.
Listen to the Archbishop as he treats, in his usuals thorough, articulate and humorous manner, each of these topics, and more!
DVD, color, running time - 6 hours & 4 minutes

Lift Up Your Heart
Price: $17.75 Order Here
Fulton J. Sheen, D.D.
STK# 8259

Lift up your heart: The search for pleasure is a sign of emptiness which the Divine alone can fill. – Bishop Fulton Sheen
In one of his most popular and best-selling books, the beloved Catholic prelate deftly strikes at the very heart and soul of humanity's universal predicament: overcoming roadblocks to genuine spiritual peace and union with God.
Lift Up Your Heart was written to help all those who struggle to ascend beyond the mere human (ego) level and I-level of existence to reach the supernatural or Divine-level. With clarity, logic, and unshakable faith, Sheen provides guidance in solving the problems caused by the tensions and stresses of living in a troubled modern world.
This treasured classic contains simple, practical advice on identifying and overcoming conflicts associated with empty pleasure, character weakness, self-discipline, false beliefs, and the fear of "letting go." Above all, the book offers enduring words of wisdom on grace, prayer and meditation, sanctifying the present moment, and making up for the past.
One of Bishop Sheen's very best books!
-Rev. Fr. Christopher Brandler, SSPX
280 pages, softover

Old Errors and New Labels
Price: $15.75 Order Here
Fulton J. Sheen, Ph.D.
STK# 8260

Bishop Sheen said in 1931:
This book is an attempt to judge contemporary ideas in the field of morals, religion, science, evolution, sociology, psychology and humanism in the light of that philosophical daylight called 'common sense.' If at times it criticizes certain views on the grounds of their unreasonableness, it does so to prepare for a view which seems more reasonable. If at other times it shows that what is wrong with a certain philosophical outlook is that it emphasizes a part against the whole, it does so in order to suggest a view that is more Catholic in the sense of being the whole truth.
The extraordinary thing for the reader here at the beginning of the twenty-first century is that many of the "old errors" of seventy-five years ago are still cropping up with "new labels" today. There is no sympathy shown in these pages for those who believe that everything that is modern is best, nor with those who believe that everything that is modern is bad. The book does attempt to show, however, that what is often called "modern" is only a new label for an old error, and that what is called "behind the times" is really "beyond time" and outside of fashions because it is an expression of eternal truth.
222 pages, softcover

Three to Get Married
Price: $10.75 Order Here
Fulton J. Sheen, Ph.D.
STK# 8262

One of the greatest and best-loved spokesmen for the Faith here sets out the Church's beautiful understanding of marriage in his trademark clear and entertaining style. Frankly and charitably, Bishop Sheen presents the causes of and solutions to common marital crises, and tells touching real-life stories of people whose lives were transformed through marriage.
Not only an insightful look at the proper/Catholic notion of love and sex, Bishop Sheen covers practically every aspect of marriage with a view to imparting its proper role and purpose. From the damage caused by indiscriminte sex education to the "three basic tensions in marriage," Bishop Sheen shows the Church's teaching on the sacrament of matrimony from the standpoints of philosophy, theology and morality.
He emphasizes that Our Lord Jesus Christ is at the center of every successful and loving marriage. Hence, THREE to Get Married.
This is a perfect gift for engaged couples, or for married people as a fruitful occasion for self-examination.
216 pages, softcover

Way to Inner Peace
Price: $8.45 Order Here
Fulton J. Sheen, D.D.
STK# 8263

Were St. Francis of Assisi to be asked the way to inner peace, he - like Archbishop Sheen - would have undoubtedly pointed to the way of the cross. Humility and charity would have been the virtues recommended to pave the way and make the going easier.
Sorrow for sins, patience with others, and a healthy sense of humor would be considered almost equally important. In this classic - written some 50 years ago - we find many nearly forgotten age-old truths surprisingly and specifically apropos to the needs of our own times. Rich in psychology and richer yet in New Testament spirituality, these pages will provide an invaluable guide to all those who, for whatever reason, are seeking the way to inner peace.
215 pages, softcover

Worlds First Love
Price: $15.75 Order Here
Fulton J. Sheen, D.D.
STK# 8264

With his characteristic eloquence and brilliance, Bishop Fulton Sheen presents a moving portrayal of the Blessed Virgin Mary that combines deep spirituality with history, philosophy and theology. Mary's whole life is lovingly portrayed in this word portrait that is a never failing source of information, consolation and inspiration.
While considering the different phases of Mary's life, Bishop Sheen discusses various problems common to mankind of every age and reveals clearly that every problem can be resolved by recourse to her. He emphasizes the unique dignity, strength and gifts of women and their ability to help heal the world's problems.
Sheen stresses mankind's need of the Mother of God and her burning love for all her children. The great resurgence of devotion to Mary is God's way of emphasizing the value of every person (created in the image of God) against the false doctrines that have so confused the modern world, making the 20th century, arguably, the bloodiest in history.
Beneath the deep spirituality of the book there is a firm foundation of history, philosophy and theology, the truths of which are presented clearly and logically. As always, Archbishop Sheen presents the great, complicated theses of all times in a simple lucid manner that all can understand.
A stimulating literary picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary ... an impressive scope of information.
— Newark News
A remarkable book by Sheen. Many rays of inspiration are to be gleaned from this thought-provoking work.
-Philadelphia Inquirer
The whole treatment is based on a high key that reflects the author's deep reverence and devotion for the Blessed Virgin.
— Chicago Sunday Tribune
276 pages, softcover

Bishop Sheen's Life of Christ
Price: $18.95 Order Here
Fulton J Sheen
STK# 8306

Bishop Sheen’s masterpiece.
"Christendom is over, but not Christ."
Some say this is the best of Sheen’s 84 books, his poem of the God-Man. (Don’t blame him for the book’s cover art!) The greatest Life told by one of the greatest wordsmiths of the dramatic, especially in the temptation scenes, Christ’s conversations with sinners, and above all the Passion. Sheen’s take on Joseph, Mary, Peter and the Apostles, Herod, Pilate, etc. A master of paradox, Bishop Sheen restates old truths in vivid and appealing ways with style, insight, and depth of spirituality, the fruits of his catechizing, meditation, and preaching. A winning combination of Scripture fact, Church teaching, philosophy, reality, and composition of place. The Life of Christ was the prehistory of the Catholic Church, as the Catholic Church is the posthistory of the Life of Christ. Historical yet contemporary; modern parallels drawn from timeless lessons. Need meditation?
476pp. Softcover.



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