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Fiction - Roman Catholic Books

Blood Red Crescent + Lepanto
Price: $16.75 Order Here
Henry Garnett
STK# 8121

It was fall 1570, and rumors of an invasion by the Turks were spreading throughout Venice. Down by the docks, Guido Callata listened to the sailors as they discussed past battles and speculated about more fighting in the future. From the altar of St. Mark's, a message from His Holiness Pope Pius V had been read, calling for crusade to repel Turkish advances. A fleet of Venetian and Spanish vessels would be assembled, and Guido's father, like other wealthy Venetians, had agreed to build and equip a galley for the Christian fleet... How Guido finally manages to join the fleet and help to defeat the Turks in the memorable Battle of Lepanto is a colorful tale of danger, suspense, and adventure in 16th - century Italy. (First published in 1960.) 188 pp. Hardcover with dust jacket. Illustrated.

Blue Gonfalon at First Crusade
Price: $16.75 Order Here
Margaret Ann Hubbard
STK# 8119

A panorama of Europe in 1099 AD set in a thrilling story of the First Crusade. Ever since he could remember, Bennet wanted to become a knight. No matter that he was the son of an armorer on the estate of Lord Godfrey, Duke of Lorraine; no matter that a peasant's son could never see the realization of such a fantastic dream.
Then one day Peter the Hermit rode through Lorraine, describing atrocities committed by infidels in Jerusalem and calling for an army of Christians to march to Palestine. Bennet's chance had come at last, for when Godfrey took the crusader's cross, he asked Bennet to accompany him to the Holy Land as his squire. With the blue gonfalon flying at the head of the French troops, Bennet began the long journey to Jerusalem - toward adventure, danger, and the possibility that a courageous deed would make his dream of knighthood come true.
187 pp. Hardcover with dust jacket. Illustrated.

Boy Knight Of Reims
Price: $18.75 Order Here
Eloise Lownsbery
STK# 8120

An historical novel set at the time of St. Joan of Arc, first published in 1927.
Jean D'Orbais was born under the shadow of Reims Cathedral. From his earliest childhood he sees its beauty through the efforts of the master craftsmen who are at work on it. When he is ten years old, he is apprenticed to a goldsmith, and begins his education in the arts. The story of his career, his escapades, his ambitions, and his final success is enthralling.
But it is not Jean alone who interests us. Through his eyes we see the bustling town of Reims in the 14th century with its crafts and guilds, its merchants and beggars, its nobles and its soldiers.
332 pp. Hardcover. Illustrated.

Coming Of The Monster
Price: $12.75 Order Here
Fr. Owen Francis Dudley
STK# 8077

Part V of the Fr. Dudley series; portrays the modern revolt against God and the moral law. An unusual mystery that leads you on a "journey of the mind" - and body! - with scenes set in Leningrad, Lourdes, Paris, and Hollywood.
275 pp. Hardcover.

Masterful Monk
Price: $12.75 Order Here
Fr. Owen Francis Dudley
STK# 8075

Part III in the Fr. Dudley series. In a vivid portrayal of the philosophical problem of human happiness, Fr. Dudley lays out for the reader the now all-too-familiar attack on mankind's innate sense of morality. Temptations of materialism were never stronger than they are today, yet here they are embodied in a novel from 1945!
314 pp. hardcover.

Pageant Of Life
Price: $12.75 Order Here
Fr. Owen Francis Dudley
STK# 8076

Part IV in the Fr. Dudley series; a tale of human respect. In this book, Fr. Dudley endeavors to present an antithesis to that modern cowardice which manifests itself in the vogue for the vague and non-committal; the convenient dilettantism which questions everything and holds nothing.
343 pp. Hardcover.

Samurai And The Tea
Price: $8.75 Order Here
Cathy Brueggemann-Beil
STK# 8013

by Cathy Brueggemann-Beil
Historical novel of a Japanese-American Catholic boy who rediscovers the importance of the Faith after being mystically transported back to the scenes of important events in the history of Japanese Catholicism. Appropriate for older children and adults.
"The Samurai and the Tea ... is a powerful little book. It is a literary expression of the saying of Archbishop Lefebvre that our future lies in our past. And the choice of Japan for a glorious past is fitting. Japan has seen heroism almost continually in its Christian history: persecution, betrayal, and perseverance without the sacraments. Though not our ancestry, it speaks to us. Being Catholics, they are ours. The book also, by telling the story, gives a hint of the beauty and strength of chanoyu, the Way of Tea. It is true that the missionaries were practitioners of it in the 16th century ....The lessons Michael learns, the family he comes to appreciate, the faith he learns, and the maturity he acquires through suffering are also things which make this an appealing story. It speaks of the necessity of grace and knowledge through suffering. This is a lesson greatly needed in the modern world." - Fr. James Doran
138 pp. Softcover.

Shadow On The Earth
Price: $10.75 Order Here
Fr. Owen Francis Dudley
STK# 8074

Part II of the Fr. Dudley series. This novel depicts the different perspectives of optimism and pessimism pitted against each other - a story of good versus evil at its best. Set in a Benedictine monastery, this great read leads to a deepened understanding of the answer to the problem of pain and suffering.
143 pp. Hardcover.

Tremaynes & Masterful Monk
Price: $12.75 Order Here
Fr. Owen Francis Dudley
STK# 8115

by Fr. Owen Francis Dudley
The novel is a character study, the story of an ugly, unlikable man who seemed unredeemable. In the event, he proved otherwise - owing to the monk acting on the principle of the potentially reclaimable deep down.
333 pp. Hardcover.



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