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Apologetics - Roman Catholic Books

CHT1: Triumph of Church
Price: $11.25 Order Here
STK# 5098

This booklet and accompanying chart prove at a glance that the Catholic Church has always been and is the one true Church of Christ. Explains the many heresies through the ages and graphically presents their origin and progress. For schoolchildren, catechism classes and apologetics.
30 pp. Softcover.

CHT2: The Test
Package of 5 copies
Price: $24.75 Order Here
STK# 5096

The Test: The Church as Christ Established it in 33 AD Graphically Compared with His Church in the World Today.
Ideal for religion classes, church history students, convert classes, discussion clubs and Bible students.
13" x 17.5", double-sided poster

CHT3: The Four Marks
Package of 5 copies
Price: $24.75 Order Here
STK# 5097

he Four Marks of Christ's Church: Christ Established only One Church - Was It Your Church?
Ideal for religion classes, church history students, convert classes, discussion clubs and Bible students.
14" x 18", double-sided poster

CHT4: The Making of New Testament
Package of 5 copies
Price: $24.75 Order Here
STK# 5099

The Making of the New Testament: The Catholic Church - the Mother of the Bible
Ideal for religion classes, church history students, convert classes, discussion clubs and Bible students.
13" x 17" double-sided poster

CHT5:The Origins of Protestantism
Package of 5 copies
Price: $24.75 Order Here
STK# 5100

The Origins and Divisions of Protestantism
Graphically shows the splintering of the protestant sects from 1517 to 1939.
Ideal for religion classes, church history students, convert classes, discussion clubs and Bible students.
14" x 17" double-sided poster

CHT6:The Life of the Soul
Package of 5 copies
Price: $24.75 Order Here
STK# 5101

Ideal for religion classes, church history students, convert classes, discussion clubs and Bible students.
Graphically shows that minerals do not have souls, that plants and animals do (although different from one another) and that humans also have souls...souls endowed with an intellect and well and capable of sharing in the life of God through Sanctifying Grace.
14" x 17" double-sided poster

CHT7: Faith and Common Sense
Package of 5 copies
Price: $24.75 Order Here
STK# 5102

Presents three sets of premises and three conclusions regarding:
1. To Be Human is to be Religious
2. To Be Religious is to be Christian
3. To Be Christian is to be Catholic
Ideal for religion classes, church history students, convert classes, discussion clubs and Bible students.
14" x 17" double-sided poster

CHT8: Story of Our Salvation
Package of 5 copies
Price: $24.75 Order Here
STK# 5103

The Story of Our Salvation
From Creation to the life of the Church, see all of Salvation History presented in graphical form.
Ideal for religion classes, church history students, convert classes, discussion clubs and Bible students.
14" x 22" double-sided poster

Love in the Ruins
Price: $15.75 Order Here
Anne M. Larson, Ed.
STK# 8340

"Every Catholic who has found refuge in the traditions of the Church has a story. One doesn't end up at the Latin Mass by accident...
"The narratives are written by Roman Catholics who have discovered or rediscovered the riches of the ancient liturgy and traditions of Holy Mother Church, powerful antidotes to the ecclesiastic and liturgical crises of our day."—From the Preface
The Contributors
Joseph O'Brien
Michael Larson
Mary Ann Kreitzer
John Vennari
Andrew Childs
Dr. David Allen White
Richard Cowden Guido
Dr. John C. Rao
Edwin Faust
T. Renée Kozinski
Michael Matt
Brian Douglass
Dr. Kenton Craven
181 pages. Softcover.

Map Of Life
Frank Sheed
STK# 6447

Considered one of the best and most popular short statements of the Catholic faith ever written.Drawing on God's revelation and the doctrines of the Catholic Church, Sheed focuses on the major truths of our existence to reveal the divine master plan for each of us.
The best apologetics book to give to someone who is "nothing" that is to say, coming from no particular religious tradition...a modern skeptic who may finally be looking for a greater meaning to life. We have seen God work wonders of grace through this book. Contains one of the best explanations of the Trinity ever written.
150 pp. Softcover.

Open Letter To Confused Catholics
Price: $13.75 Order Here
Abp. Marcel Lefebvre
STK# 5045

A popular study of the crisis in the Church written for all to understand. Covers the Mass, Sacraments, Priesthood, the New Catechisms, Ecumenism, etc., and demonstrates the new spirit in the Church which has caused doubt and confusion among the faithful. Has served as a beacon for thousands; certain to become a classic.
163 pp. Softcover.

SET: Catena Aurea: Commentary on the Gospels
St. Thomas Aquinas
STK# 8393

4-volume Set, edited by John Henry Newman
St. Thomas Aquinas’ incredible commentary on the books of the Gospel is now available in an elegant hardcover set. Compiling the works of
the Early Church Fathers (over 80 are featured!), the Angelic Doctor presents a comprehensive and erudite exegesis of the Scriptural books that
specifically recount the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Each volume features original-quality text reprinted on fine, natural-colored paper, sewn-binding, handsomely hardbound in an
antique-style khaki rattan Kidskin with red embossing on the covers and spines, and a red marking ribbon.
2840pp. in 4 volumes, hardcover

The Best of Questions and Answers
Price: $25.25 Order Here
Fr. Peter Scott, Fr. Carl Pulvermacher, Fr. Doran, Fr. Laisney, Fr. Boyle
STK# 8343

The book our readers wanted. The BEST questions and the BEST answers of 30 years of The Angelus are printed in this hardback edition. This will be a family's heirloom reference book for everyday Catholic living to match the Catholic Faith it believes and the Latin Mass it attends.
Over 300 answers classified under 30 subtitles, authored by Fathers Pulvermacher, Cooper, Doran, Boyle, and Scott, SSPX:
• Marriage, Parenting, Family Life and Child Rearing • Lives after Death •
Catholic Citizenship • Catholic Vocabulary • Church Practices and Customs •

The Fallacy Detective
Price: $23.25 Order Here
Nathan & Hans Bluedorn
STK# 8339

A book that introduces Catholic logic and critical thinking by blowing up the tricksterism of Madison Avenue advertising, campaign sloganeering, media grandstanding, product endorsements, and billboard jingoism. Fun to use. Self-teaching, not intimidating. Starts with skills you can use right way. A fallacy is an error in logic—a place where someone has made a mistake in his thinking. These are fallacies, with more in the book to smile your way to exercising your mind and learning how to identify screwy thinking

233 pages. Softcover. Illustrated. Answer Key.

You And Thousands Like You
Price: $15.75 Order Here
Fr. Owen Francis Dudley
STK# 3082

Originally printed in 1949, this book is perhaps even more relevant today than when it was first written. Written in the form of An Open Letter to the Men and Women of Today, this dynamic book constitutes an excellent apologetic for the Catholic Faith.
It shows what Christianity means and involves, and demonstrates how its practice could stave off the impending disaster which looms over our world. Fr. Dudley's presentation is logical, forceful and thought-provoking. He writes in a vivid and dynamic style familiar to his readers. "If certain things I shall say are resented, please believe me that it is not my intention to hurt, but only to draw attention to the truth. A quality of truth is that it hurts when refused; when accepted it no longer hurts".
157 pages, sewn hardcover.

College Apologetics
Fr. Anthony Alexander
STK# 8450

College Apologetics: Proof of the Truth of the Catholic Faith
The classic apologetics at the adult level. It is precisely reasoned, and carrys the reader through a series of logic gates that begin with the proof
of the existence of God and follow logically through the proof of the existence of the human soul, the necessity of religion, the reliability
of the Gospels, the claims of Christ and the proofs thereof, the reason for His coming, the nature of His Church, its four classic
identifying marks, and, finally, its infallibility as the religious Teacher of mankind.
Not only is the book's logic ironclad, it also unveils the great historical evidence for the veracity of the Church from extant writings of
some of the greatest historical figures of the first centuries after Christ.
The identity of the True Church of Jesus Christ will not be a mystery after reading this book!
248 pp. Softcover.

Pope John Paul II - Doubts About a Beatification
$15.75 Order Here
Fr. Patrick De La Rocque, FSSPX
STK# 8526

"Santo subito!" "Sainthood now!" exclaimed the people assembled in St. Peter's Square on the very day Pope John Paul II passed away. The crowd called for the canonization of the deceased pope.

To many, John Paul II was a hero. He traveled the world and inspired the multitudes. He caused the fall of the Berlin Wall. He invited Catholics to “be not afraid!” He pardoned Ali Agça for the attempt on his life of May 13, 1981. He was an intrepid defender of life, especially against abortion.

But the reality is not so simple.

An in-depth study of the requirements for beatification and the examination of John Paul II’s pontificate in light of those requirements leads to amazement. Gray areas, sometimes extensive, come to light. The greatest of the Christian virtues–faith, hope, and charity–are not unscathed. Many of the Pope’s teachings and initiatives which for the wide public seem to be titles of glory prove to be in fact matters of grave reproach.

Benedict XVI’s beatification of his predecessor on May 1, 2011, may indeed have been a serious mistake.

Fr. La Rocque provides an in-depth study of the requirements for beatification and the examination of John Paul II's pontificate in light of those requirements.
113 pp. Paperback.



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