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Faith and Spirituality - Marian Catholic Books


A Primer on the Absolute Primacy of Christ
Price: $5.00

Scotus' Teachings on Christ made simple
This volume by Fr. Dean, FI is an excellent introductory summary of the well known Franciscan thesis, "The Primacy of Christ." Briefly stated, it is a thesis central to the doctrine and life of the Franciscan Order in particular and that of the Holy Church in general regarding the operation of God in the economy of salvation (Economic Trinity). The thesis stipulates the centraility of Christ in this Trinitarian operation as it presupposes the hierarchized ordering in the motive of the divine will. The uniqueness of this volume is the author's attempt to explain in simple language this theological doctrine for the non-professional theologians.

Praises by renowned Catholic authors" What I arrived at by degrees - and I believe by intervention of divine providence - Father Maximilian Mary has arranged for us in an orderly fashion… I continue to believe that these points, so faithfully attested to by Bl. John Duns Scotus and his disciples and so admirably elucidated by Father Maximilian in this little book, are not simply the intellectual heritage of Franciscans, but belong to all Christians because they are the teaching that comes to us from the Word of God."

- Msgr Arthur Burton Calkins, from the Foreword"Every disputed question in current theology begins or ends with some reference to christocentrism or the primacy of Christ, but rarely provides any clear definition of these terms, and even more rarely makes reference to the theologian, Bl. John Duns Scotus, who was most responsible for the key to the correct understanding and use of this terminology. Here, for the first time in over half a century, in an English style accessible to the non-professional reader, we have an accurate detailed account of Scotus' explanation of this core theme on Christian thought, traditionally dubbed the Franciscan thesis, or the absolute, joint predestination of Jesus and Mary to be King and Queen of the universe."

- Fr. Peter Mary Fehlner, FI"An outstanding and articulate synthesis of the Franciscan Thesis, which is so valuable in a 'full truth' Mariology. I highly recommend this primer!"

- Dr. Mark Miravalle, STD"Not just a masterful theological exploration of the Franciscan thesis that the Word would have become Flesh whether or not Adam had sinned, this book is also a stunningly beautiful, sustained meditation on the centrality of the Incarnation, and the role of the Mother of God, in creation. It cannot help but draw the reader's mind and heart deeply into the most sublime of mysteries, resulting in a deepened awe at God's providence, majesty, and love."
- Roy Schoeman, Author - "Salvation is from the Jews"


Aquinas on Reasons for Our Faith
Price: $10.00

Classical arguments for modern problem
Translated by Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner, FI and edited with notes and introduction by James Likoudis
This is an excellent translation with notes on a writing of the Angelic doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas, De rationibus fidei contra Saracenos about 1265 A.D. Muslims have to be approached with arguments solely from reason; rational arguments can only show such truths not to be contrary to reason. Supernatural truths exceed the power of reason to demonstrate.
SKU: AIB-ARFM026,120pp paperback.


Come and Follow Me
Price: $5.00

by Fr. Stefano Manelli, FI
Discerning vocations? This is your book
An excellent book on vocations. St. John Bosco held that, "A third of our young people carry the seed of a priestly and religious vocation." If this is true then, why are there not more vocations? The author answers many questions of men and women aspiring to the priestly or religious life by quoting extensively from Scripture and the words and example of the saints and popes -- an invaluable book for promoting a better understanding and appreciation of vocations to the consecrated life.
PROD ID: AIB-CF013, 127 pp, perfect bound.


For the Life of the World
Price: $5.00

by Fr. Jerzy Domanski, OFM Conv.
A powerful faith on the Holy Eucharist
The former international director of the Knights of the Immaculata, and Guardian of the City of the Immaculate in Poland, examines St. Maximilian's Eucharistic, spiritual life as a priest and adorer of the Eucharist, all in the context of his love of the Immaculate. Fr. Domanski, who is the foremost authority on the life and writings of St. Maximilian, answers those who would accuse St. Maximilian of over-doing devotion to Mary at the expense of devotion to Jesus.
SKU: AIB-FL009, 160 pp, perfect bound.


Franciscan Legend of the Immaculate
Price: $5.00

An inspiring way of life, full of dedication
Franciscan Legend of the Immaculate documents the history of the Franciscans of the Immaculate from their beginnings in an abandoned friary in Frigento, Italy, with two young priests in 1970, up to their erection as a Religious Institute of Pontifical Rite with around 600 friars and sisters throughout the world by 1998. It recounts the manifold goodness the Blessed Virgin has done to this religious order and the achievement the friars and sisters have accomplished for Our Lady. This inspiring story provides hope for the whole Church in these times of great difficulty.
PROD ID: AIB-FLI015, 124 pp , perfect bound, color illustrations.


In Pursuit of Immortal Souls
Price: $5.00

by Fr. Maximilian M. Dean, FI
In Pursuit of Immortal Souls is a series of meditations on the role of redemptive suffering, silence, and prayer in the missions. This book on missionary spirituality is directed primarily to missionaries; nonetheless it is marvelous spiritual reading for all Catholics who are missionary by virtue of their Baptism. "This excellent treatise, leading us to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary as well as to the evangelical heroism of the great Apostle," writes Dr. Mark Miravalle S.T.D., "can only benefit the full giving flesh" to our Holy Father's call of holiness and evangelization for the third Christian millennium.
PROD ID: AIB-IPS015 , 184 pp , perfect bound.


Jesus, Our Eucharistic Love
Price: $5.00

by Fr. Stefano M. Manelli
A must copy to deepen devotion to the Eucharist
A treasure of Eucharistic devotional writings and examples from the Saints showing their stirring Eucharistic love and devotion. Originally written in Italian, this latest edition is the most complete and accurate English translation. It is the most popular of the Academy of the Immaculate books. A valuable aid for reading meditatively before the Blessed Sacrament.
SKU: AIB-JO012, 150 pp, perfect bound.


Mary and the Priestly Ministry
Price: $5.00

by Fr. Emile Neubert
First time in English language
Fr. Neubert, a Marianist, one of the finest Mariologists of the twentieth century, is not only the author of scholarly works, but of an amazing number of excellent books on matters spiritual and pastoral from a Marian perspective. This work, only now published in an English translation, first appeared in France in 1952 and was quickly translated into most European languages, but never in English. Fr. Neubert considered it one of his most important works. Countless priests have found this text an inspiring book of meditation and a source of priestly renewal.
Fr. Neubert was a very faithful exponent of the ancient tradition of the Church on Mary yet, at the same time, particularly in books such as this, he anticipated points rightly stressed by Vatican II for the renewal of the clergy. Among these are the roles of Mary in the Church in general, and in the priesthood and religious life in particular. Fr. Neubert’s hermeneutic fully accords with that recently underscored by our Holy Father for the interpretation of Vatican II in relation to tradition and pastoral adaptation.
(SKU: AIB-MPM036 278 pp. laminated, gloss softcover)


Padre Pio of Pietrelcina
Price: $5.00

by Fr. Stefano M. Manelli
A simple but moving account on Padre Pio
The 148-page book on the recently beatified Padre Pio is packed with details about his life, spirituality and charisms, by one who knew the Padre intimately. The author qualifies as a spiritual son of Padre Pio in a number of ways. He grew up in a family which had a close relationship with the new Blessed. Padre Pio was the author's spiritual director. Padre Pio spoke of the Manelli family as "my family." Fr. Stefano turned to Padre Pio for guidance in establishing a new Franciscan community, the Franciscans of the Immaculate.
SKU: AIB-PP011, 148pp., perfect bound.


Roman Conferences of St. Maximilian M. Kolbe
Price: $5.00

A translation by Fr. Peter Damian Fehlner, FI
Many are the themes touched upon by St. Maximilian Kolbe in this book: Marian mediation, concept of the will, person of the Immaculate and her bearing on the thesis of the absolute primacy of Christ and her relation to each of the three divine persons. This is a translation for the first time in English language by a renowned Kolbe scholar.
PROD ID: AIB-RCMK027,58pp paperback.


St. Maximilian Kolbe: Martyr of Charity - Pneumatolgist
Price: $8.00

by Fr. Peter Damien Fehlner, FI
A comprehensive study on the Holy Spirit
A scholarly study of St. Maximilian's teaching on the Holy Spirit and Our Lady, focus of contemporary criticism of the Saint and of his Marian program of life and thought, both by conservatives as well as by liberals. The author, being a prominent Kolbe scholar, shows how Kolbe's perspectives are in full continuity with those of St. Francis and the great Franciscan doctors. Thoroughly documented with extensive bibliography.
PROD ID: AIB-SMKP023, 200pp, paperback


The Providence of God and the Existence of Evil
Price: $5.00

by Fr. Michael Gavreau, FI
An answer to a commonly asked question of our time
A Philosophical Treatise on the Problem of Evil
One of the rational causes of modern atheism is the difficulty of many in reconciling the goodness of God in His Providence and the existence of evil in the world. This book attempts to resolve this apparent contradiction based on classical philosophy of the scholastics. It is a low-key apologetical discussion of the problem of evil in relation to divine Providence, with a concluding Marian twist to this perenniel theme of all human reflection, so important not only philosophically, but above all spiritually.
PROD ID: AIB-PGEE028, 124pp paperback.


Virgo Facta Ecclesia (Virgin Made Church)
Price: $5.00

by Fr. Peter Damien Fehlner, FI and Fr. Maximilian Dean, FI
Insightful work on St. Francis
Made up of two parts by two different friars: the first part is a short biography of St. Francis of Assisi, his and the early friars' love and devotion to Mary; the second part is on the Marian character of the Franciscan Order, based on its long tradition of Marian devotion, especially in championing the dogma of the Immaculate Conception of Mary-- from St. Francis to St. Maximilian Kolbe.
(SKU: AIB-VF004, 185pp, gloss in soft bound)


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