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Important Catholic Audio CDs, DVDs and Study Guides

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An Exorcist Tells His Story (4 CD Set)

In this powerful audio-book read by Matthew Arnold, Fr. Gabriele Amorth, the renowned chief exorcist of Rome, tells of his many experiences doing battle with Satan to relieve the great suffering of many people in the grip of evil. The importance of this ministry to “expel demons” is clearly seen from the Gospels, from the actions of the Apostles, and from Church history.

Fr. Amorth has performed hundreds of exorcisms over many years and allows you to witness the activities of the exorcist. Experience what an exorcist sees and does with this powerful bundle!

Interview with an Exorcist (DVD)

Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea was preparing to seek his doctorate in Church history when he was compelled by his bishop to pursue the world's first PhD in exorcism. Fr. Fortea was given unrestricted access to many secret and sealed documents, but that was only the beginning. For years He has traveled the world consulting with exorcists, documenting their experiences, investigating cases of suspected demonic possession, and actually attending countless exorcisms.

As you watch this spellbinding presentation you'll better understand the importance of exorcism and why some human forces (even in the Church) attack and disparage this essential apostolic ministry. Order this bundle now and experience the triumph of Jesus Christ over evil in its most visible form.


Dr. Scott Hahn (Read by Matthew Arnold) -- (3 CD Set)

Interested in bringing Matthew Arnold to speak at your parish or event? Book him now through The Catholic Speakers Association!

A fresh and enlightening new perspective on Mary, Mother of God, and her central importance in the Christian faith, from the author of the highly successful The Lamb's Supper, Catholic scholar and apologist Scott Hahn explored the relationship between the Book of Revelation and the Roman Catholic Mass, deftly clarifying the most subtle of theological points with analogies and anecdotes from everyday life.

In Hail, Holy Queen, he employs the same accessible, entertaining style to demonstrate Mary's essential role in Christianity's redemptive message. Most Christians know that the life of Jesus is foreshadowed throughout the Old Testament.

Through a close examination of the Bible, as well as the work of both Catholic and Protestant scholars and clergy, Hahn brings to light the small but significant details showing that just as Jesus is the "New Adam," so Mary is the "New Eve." Building on these scriptural and historical foundations, Hahn presents a new look at the Marian doctrines: Her Immaculate Conception, Perpetual Virginity, Assumption, and Coronation.

Hahn then unveils the Marian mystery at the heart of the Book of Revelation and reveals how it is foretold in the very first pages of the Book of Genesis and in the story of King David's monarchy, which speaks of a privileged place for the mother of the king.

As he guides modern-day readers through passages filled with mysteries and poetry, Hahn helps them rediscover the ancient art and science of reading the Scriptures and gain a more profound understanding of their truthfulness and relevance to faith and the practice of religion in the contemporary world.

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Read by Edwin Hale III -- - Audio CD Set

The Douay-Rheims Bible is a scrupulously faithful translation into English of the Latin “Vulgate” Bible, which Saint Jerome (342-420) translated into Latin from the original languages. The Vulgate quickly became the Bible universally used in the Latin Rite.

Saint Jerome, one of the Early Fathers of the Church, was a man raised up by God to translate the Holy Bible into the common Latin tongue of his day. He knew Latin and Greek perfectly. He was 1500 years closer to the original languages than any scholar today, which would make him a better judge of the exact meaning of any Greek or Hebrew word in Sacred Scripture.

Besides being a towering linguistic genius, he was also a great Saint, who had access to ancient Hebrew and Greek manuscripts of the 2nd and 3rd centuries which have since perished and are no longer available to scholars today. Saint Jerome's translation, moreover, was a careful, word-for-word rendering of the original texts into Latin.

The Latin Vulgate Holy Bible has been read and honored by the Western Church for fifteen-hundred years! It was declared by the Council of Trent to be the official Latin version of the original. The Sacred Council decreed: "Moreover, the same Holy Council... ordains and declares that the old Latin Vulgate Edition, which, in use for so many hundred years, has been approved by the Church, be in public lectures, disputatious, sermons and expositions held as authentic, and so no one dare or presume under any pretext whatsoever to reject it." (Fourth Session, April 8, 1546). As Pope Pius XII stated in his 1943 encyclical letter Divino Afflante Spiritu, this means the Vulgate is "free from any error whatsoever in matters of faith and morals."

The Douay-Rheims translators took great pains to translate exactly. Contrary to the procedure of the modern Bible translators, when a passage seemed strange and unintelligible they left it alone, even if obscure, and "let the chips fall as they may." Modern Bible translators, on the other hand, will often look at an obscure passage, decide what they think it means, and then translate in words that bring out that meaning.

The result is that the English is usually (but not always) easier to understand, but it is not necessarily what the Bible actually says; rather, it is the translator’s interpretation and understanding of what he thinks Sacred Scripture says. Moreover, the Holy Spirit may have hidden several additional meanings in the passage, meanings which may well be completely translated out!

Sometimes, the question is raised: Why translate from a translation (the Latin Vulgate) rather than from the original Greek and Hebrew? This question was also raised in the 16th century when the Douay-Rheims translators, Father Gregory Martin and his assistants, first published the New Testament at Rheims.

They gave ten reasons, ending up by stating in the preface to the 1582 New Testament translation, that the Latin Vulgate "is not only better than all other Latin translations, but than the Greek text itself, in those places where they disagree." They state that the Vulgate is "more pure than the Hebrew or Greek now extant" and that "the same Latin hath been better conserved from corruption." (Preface to the Douay Old Testament, 1609).

Moreover, it is more accurate than any modern Bible because it is based on ancient texts, no longer extant, which were "captured" and "frozen," so to speak, by Saint Jerome (342-420) in his Latin Vulgate. The Douay-Rheims is thus the most reliable English-language Bible there is.

We look forward to the day when the Christian world will rediscover this fact and come to a renewed appreciation of the monumental work of Saint Jerome, and of the Douay-Rheims translators--men who were raised up by God to make the Bible available to the English-speaking world.

14-CD Set

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SKU: ERP009 - Audio CD Set

Spiritual direction can be classified as understanding the general direction or trajectory of one’s soul; working with a spiritual guide to help unite one’s soul to God; and a process of growing in holiness. Covering each of these important pathways to peace and holiness, this audiobook will serve the souls of those who are seeking to deepen their relationship with God and find their spiritual direction. Whether you are at the beginning of the process, a veteran of spiritual direction, or struggling outside of spiritual direction, this audiobook will help you uncover a map of success for your journey.

Daniel Burke’s Navigating the Interior Life will give you the tools you need to understand how and why we grow and die in the spiritual life and what we can do about it.

About the author: Dan Burke is the executive director of EWTN’s National Catholic Register. His award-winning blog, SpiritualDirection.com, has helped hundreds of thousands seeking faithful Catholic spirituality. Anthony Lilles is an author, theologian, and academic dean of Saint John’s Seminary in Camarillo, CA and Juan Diego House for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. His doctoral work was dedicated to the wisdom of the saints and mystics of the Church.

Praise for Navigating the Interior Life:

"Most of us have questions about spiritual direction. What is it? Is it for me? What if I can't find a spiritual director? These questions and more are well answered in Dan Burke's book. The Lord is clearly calling all Catholics into a deeper union with him. This book, in a style which is both inspiring and practical, provides some of the Church's most important wisdom about how to respond to this call."

—Ralph Martin, Ph.D, president, Renewal Ministries and author of The Fulfillment of All Desire

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SKU: ERP018 - Audio CD Set

Winner: Honorable Mention from the Catholic Press Association

Ralph Martin, drawing upon the teaching of seven acknowledged “Spiritual Doctors” of the Church, presents an indepth study of the journey to God. This book provides encouragement and direction for the pilgrim who desires to know, love, and serve our Lord. Whether the reader is beginning the spiritual journey or has been traveling the road for many years, he will find a treasure of wisdom in The Fulfillment of All Desire. It is destined to be a modern classic on the spiritual life.

About the author: Ralph Martin is the president of Renewal Ministries, an organization devoted to Catholic renewal and evangelization. Renewal Ministries is the sponsor of “The Choices We Face” a widely viewed weekly Catholic television and radio program distributed throughout the world and engages in a wide variety of mission work in more than 30 countries.


“This is a book to keep at your place of prayer for years to come. Ralph Martin has given us the fruit of years of study of the spiritual life in the great Catholic tradition. It is a treasure chest of quotations of the greatest writers on the journey to God. Careful reading and rereading will be a source of powerful inspiration for all those on the spiritual journey.”

—Fr. Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R., founder of Friars of the Renewal

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The Mass: An Introduction is a four part series presented by the Archdiocese of Mobile in association with 4PM Media, the creators of The Wild Goose. The DVD features Archbishop Rodi with Fr. Victor Ingalls, Dr. Norman McCrummen, and Dr. Allison Meyer.


Experiencing the fullness of the Mass begins with understanding not just the Mass, but worship itself. The series asks four questions:

Why worship on Sundays?
Why a meal?
Why do we worship the way we do?
Why does the extraordinary come to us in ordinary ways?

Each segment is about 15 minutes long and is available with either English or Spanish subtitles. Additional resources are available at 4PM Media’s Website

Has Saint Joe’s made an impact on your life? Tell us about it here!

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Steve Ray -- (19 Talks total) - Audio CD Set

Interested in bringing Steve Ray to speak at your parish or event? Book him now through The Catholic Speakers Association!

In this Bible study on the first 17 chapters of the Acts of the Apostles, Steve Ray opens the scriptures and shows how the Early Church of the New Testament is the same as the Catholic Church of today. A continuation of Luke's Gospel, this is the only book of the New Testament which continues the story of Jesus into the Early Church.

You’ll be amazed as you learn how the Holy Spirit carefully guided and directed the Apostles and their appointed successors. You will also discover how these first followers of Jesus heroically witnessed to the Gospel message, even to the point of shedding their own blood.

This well-documented study introduces you to many key people and places, struggles and strifes in the work of the Holy Spirit in the Early Church. Individually these four volumes would be $115!

This set includes:

Acts of the Apostles (Vol 1) - (Chapters 1-4)
Acts of the Apostles (Vol 2) - (Chapters 5-10)
Acts of the Apostles (Vol 3) - (Chapters 11-12)
Acts of the Apostles (Vol 4) - (Chapters 13-17)

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Various Speakers -- (15 Talk Set) - Audio CD Set

Interested in bringing Steve Ray to speak at your parish or event? Book him now through The Catholic Speakers Association!

Discover how these converts found peace and truth in the Catholic Church. The courageous, inspiring stories of these fifteen people will deepen your understanding and renew your appreciation of the Catholic Faith.

Conversions by:
Scott Hahn
Steve Ray
Tim Staples
Kimberly Hahn
Jeff Cavins
Jesse Romero
Steve Wood
Thomas Smith
Dion Dimucci
Marcus Grodi
Steve Trombecky
Betty Brennan
Deal Hudson
Ken Hensley
David Currie

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Exactly who is the Blessed Virgin Mary? Can you explain her role in God’s plan for the world? Do you fully understand the vital role she plays in your life?

While Catholics know Mary is important, many never fully grasp how essential she really is. Now they can. The Bible and the Virgin Mary unveils the mystery of Our Lady that is woven into the fabric of Sacred Scripture.

Join author, speaker, and St. Paul Center Executive Director, Matthew Leonard, in this beautiful, awe-inspiring series, in which the Mary of doctrine and devotion comes alive in a powerful, new way. All in all, you will experience Mary as you’ve never experienced her before!

The Bible and the Virgin Mary is part of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology’s dynamic Journey Through Scripture Bible study series. It is based upon Dr. Scott Hahn’s bestselling book Hail, Holy Queen.

Session Listing:

Lesson 1: A Biblical Introduction to Mary (27 min)
Lesson 2: Handmaid of the Lord (27 min)
Lesson 3: Wedding at Cana, Garden in Eden (23 min)
Lesson 4: The New Eve (28 min)
Lesson 5: The Ark of the New Covenant (26 min)
Lesson 6: Born of a Virgin (26 min)
Lesson 7: The Promised Mother (27 min)
Lesson 8: Mother Crowned in Glory (23 min)
Lesson 9: Full of Grace (22 min)
Lesson 10: All Holy (20 min)
Lesson 11: The Assumption (31 min)
Lesson 12: Always a Mother (25 min)

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This bundle includes:

The Gospel of Matthew (12 Talk Set):
Learn how Jesus predicted the end of the world and when that will be, how to deal with persecution from religious authorities, the main theme of the Sermon on the Mount, and much, much more.

The Gospel of Mark (5 Talk Set):
St. Mark paints a portrait of Jesus that is vivid, dynamic, and focused on His miracles and His divine Sonship. Dr. Hahn reveals the hidden themes that St. Mark employed, like a master composer, to orchestrate his magnificent work.

The Gospel of Luke (6 Talk Set):
In this edifying Bible study, you’ll discover why, in Dr. Scott Hahn’s opinion, Luke is the “most Catholic” of the four Gospels.

The Gospel of John (15 Talk Set):
In one of his most popular presentations ever, Dr. Hahn combines classic Catholic interpretation with contemporary biblical scholarship, recent discoveries in the original Greek text, and a stunning analysis of ancient Jewish sources.

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Dr. Edmund Mazza -- (4 Talk Set)

What Do You Do When the Most Joyous Season of the Year has Become More “Ho-hum” than “Ho, Ho, Ho?”

Each Christmas Catholics face the challenge of navigating a yearly routine of commercialism, cards, presents, and parties entirely divorced from the real “reason for the season.” Yet, separated from authentic history, the stable in the little town of Bethlehem is nothing more than a cardboard cutout among the rest of the decorations. While no sensible person would form an opinion on a great book having only read the last chapter, many today light candles and sing Christmas carols in blissful ignorance of the incredible events that led up to the appearance of the Babe in the Manger. But where do you turn to learn the “rest of the story?”

Divine Truth in Earthly History
Edmund Mazza, PhD is the rare university professor who is both humble and courageous enough to challenge the smug assumptions of secular scholarship so as to uncover the true meaning of Christmas precisely in the context of earthly history. In an engaging and entertaining way, Dr. Mazza makes sense of Scripture, Tradition, and history to reveal startling insights from an astounding array of serious sources. Through Old Testament prophecies to ancient oracles to modern discoveries of astronomy and archaeology you will boldly overcome modern ignorance and indifference to enjoy your most profound experience of Christmas ever.

What You Will Discover:
Why exploring the mystery of Christmas is “not for the timid”

How to avoid the extremes of fundamentalism and rationalist skepticism concerning prophecy

How the true Christmas season begins when the secular celebration ends

Why only the very simple and the very wise discover God (like the shepherds and magi)

How the prophecies of the Sibyls can be found in ancient Christian liturgies

How the journey of the wise men parallels the journey of the Church

How to counter the secular attack on Christmas

How God gave Divine revelation to the Jews and natural revelation to the pagans

What contemporary astronomical investigations reveal about the Star of Bethlehem

And much more…

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Do you need to know what the bible really teaches regarding the fundamentalist teaching "Bible Alone" or "sola scriptura"? What about what the bible teaches regarding the "Faith Alone" teaching.

What about Confession? The Papacy? Are these bible answers available in one convenient and handy worksheet?

What about a biblical defense for the Marian Dogmas? Do Catholics worship saints or statues? How can what the Catholic Church really teaches be defended from the sacred Scriptures?

And where can one find the bible verses that defend the Church's position on the Sacraments?

Well, your answer is here: Saint Joseph Communications has produced a one-of-a-kind bible verse "cheat sheet." Order your copies today.

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Matthew Arnold

Interested in bringing Matthew Arnold to speak at your parish or event? Book him now through The Catholic Speakers Association!

These incredible DVDs will empower you with the truths about such important topics such as Mary's role in the Church today, the institution of the Papacy by Christ Himself, and the crucial role of the Church's tradition in Biblical interpretation. These DVD presentations are perfect for adult inquiry classes, RCIA, Confirmation, and Catholic Bible study groups.

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Matthew Arnold, Jesse Romero M.A. and Edmund Mazza Ph.D. -- (DVD)

Interested in bringing Matthew Arnold to speak at your parish or event? Book him now through The Catholic Speakers Association!

The story of the Christian Crusades to the Holy Land is one of the most fascinating events of medieval history – and raises many serious questions today. There is probably no institution in the history of man more unjustly maligned than the Catholic Church-and no more powerful rhetorical device than the distortion of the facts regarding the Crusades.

Opponents of the Church demand to know, "How can the Catholic Church be the true Church when she tortured and killed Jews, Muslims and even other Christians?" "How can a truly Christian Church be responsible for bloody religious wars, when Christ said, 'Turn the other cheek'?" "How can this Church, with the blood of millions on her hands dare to condemn 'a woman's right to choose'?"

Myths and Misconceptions
In the fascinating new DVD, Fire and Sword: The Crusades, Catholic convert and EWTN Radio personality Matt Arnold pits the common accusations about these historical events against the findings of modern scholarship and what he uncovers will amaze you! In this informative presentation, he reveals that those who have a stake in keeping the myths and misconceptions alive are actively obscuring the best scholarship from both religious and secular historians.

Fire and Sword begins with an introduction to many virtually unknown facts about the Middle Ages, and exposes the common misconceptions about the period. Through the works of many leading medieval scholars Matt demonstrates that, "If we judge the past by its fruits, we'll soon discover that the Middle Ages weren't so dark (and Catholics not so barbaric!) as so-called history suggests."

Holy War
In the presentation on the Crusades, you'll discover the true motives and methods of the Christian Crusaders and the nature of their struggle with Islam. Following the example of the best current scholarship, modern medievalists going directly to primary sources for their research. They've discovered that Protestant and secular bias has rejected out-of-hand, the well-documented motives of the Crusaders in favor of a projection of their own anti-Catholicism. Surprisingly, the supply of written records from the Middle Ages is both large and largely ignored. Even many Catholics will be surprised by what they contain!

Catholic Kryptonite?
You'll have your eyes opened to new perspectives and, perhaps most importantly, you'll more readily understand why certain forces (even within the Catholic Church herself) are so fervently dedicated to keeping the old myths alive. Fire and Sword: The Crusades explodes the many myths surrounding these crucial episodes in Salvation History and will positively empower you to better defend the Church that Christ established.

Questions Answered:

Were the Crusades justified?
How can “Holy War” be reconciled with the teachings of Christ?
And are the Crusades really responsible for modern Muslim resentment of the west?
What was the real motive behind the Crusades?
Was the medieval Church corrupt?
Are the Crusades responsible for modern Muslim resentment of the West?
Why should the Middle Ages rightly be called the "Age of Faith?"
What does modern scholarship say about the Crusades

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- Audio CD Set

Steve Ray -- (3 CD Set)

Interested in bringing Steve Ray to speak at your parish or event? Book him now through The Catholic Speakers Association!

In this exciting series, Baptist convert Stephen Ray shares deep insights and effective arguments to win over even the hardest of hearts. You'll be swept away as this best-selling author and apologist shares his journey to Catholicism and investigates the primary stumbling blocks of those who vehemently oppose the Church, the issues of salvation and the Papacy.

Stephen Ray was raised in a devout, loving, Baptist family. Always a zealous instructor of Sacred Scripture, he nearly fell off his chair when a close friend, an Evangelical pastor, converted to Catholicism.

Steve and his wife Janet began a personal pilgrimage that would radically change their lives. After serious study and much prayer, the Rays became convinced that the Roman Catholic Church was the Church founded by Christ almost 2000 years ago. They also realized that Catholicism faithfully and fully continued the Apostolic teaching as understood by the Fathers, the Councils and gloriously preserved through the See of Peter.

Talks in this series:
• Steve Ray's Conversion Story (Finding the Fullness of Faith)
• Not by Faith Alone
• The Pope: Visible Source for Christian Unity

Price: $21.95 Order Here

- (CD Set)

Stephen Ray -- (4 Talk Set)

Interested in bringing Steve Ray to speak at your parish or event? Book him now through The Catholic Speakers Association!

In this exciting series, you will be given the perfect apologetic primer to better understand and defend the Catholic Faith. Stephen Ray, former Evangelical Protestant and Bible teacher, highlights the fundamental issues that many non-Catholics seriously question and some even viciously attack. He shatters the unfounded charges that Catholics have “invented” doctrines by providing straightfoward responses. With incredible enthusiasm, Ray articulates the Truth in a way that is not only solidly Catholic, but totally Biblical as well.

You'll Learn:
• How to disprove the "bible alone" approach
• How to defend the Papacy
• The proper understanding of justification
• How the Church is the "Family of God"
• And much more

Price: $27.95 Order Here


Jesse Romero & Terry Barber with Robert Spencer

Interested in bringing Terry Barber to speak at your parish or event? Book him now through The Catholic Speakers Association!

This is an informative interview with Robert Spencer, author of the best–selling book Not Peace but a Sword: The Great Chasm Between Christianity and Islam

Many Catholics and non–Catholics today believe that Islam is a religion of peace and therefore cling to an illusion that both religions can “co–exist” peacefully today.

Robert Spencer shows why the fact is, there is little common ground for such co–existence... and not from the Catholic side.

In this interview with radio hosts Jesse Romero and Terry Barber, the author, without hesitation, unleashes clear and direct answers to the most often–asked questions. This interview is a must-have for every Catholics and non–Catholics alike.

Two popular speaker/authors endorse Spencer’s message:

“Robert Spencer is a careful observer of Islam and a courageous voice on behalf of Christians. In Not Peace but a Sword, he shows us how to take Islam seriously without falling into alarmism, hatred, or bigotry and provides a needed corrective to media disinformation.”
—Dr. Scott Hahn, Fr. Scanlon Chair of Biblical Theology, Franciscan University of Steubenville

“Robert Spencer carefully examines the challenge posed to Christianity by an increasingly militant Islam. His case is calm, lucid, accurate and uncompromising in its presentation of the facts of history. He provides an honest and unflinching account of the roots of Christian/Muslim tensions, a robust defense of Jesus Christ and Christianity in response to Muslim claims, and a sobering wakeup call to all Christians.”
—Patrick Madrid, author, Catholic apologist and radio show host

Price: $9.95 Order Here


Tim Staples and Dr. Scott Hahn --

Get ready for the catechetical joyride of your life!

World–renowned theologian Dr. Scott Hahn and respected and highly sought–after apologist Tim Staples join forces to tackle one of the most important and misunderstood teachings of Scripture: God’s grace.

What exactly is this “thing” the Church calls “grace?” Is grace simply God’s unmerited favor—as our separated brethren teach? How does grace sanctify or make us holy—as the Church emphasizes?

Let Dr. Hahn and Tim Staples help you untie all of your Gordian knots in this unique presentation on the concept of God’s grace.

The better you understand what grace is, the more effective your evangelization efforts will be.

During this powerful bible–packed discussion, Staples and Hahn discuss the contrast between the Protestant understanding of “grace” versus the Church’s understanding of “grace.”

What is more, your life will be transformed once you realize the supernatural nature of grace and how God literally infuses Himself into your soul (via the sacraments) to become “more like him” (see 2 Pet. 1:8).

Don’t put off ordering and sharing to this important CD! Help to fan the flame of God’s grace today!

In this CD...

◊ The Church Fathers’ view of grace
◊ What the Church has always taught regarding grace
◊ What it means to participate in the life of the Trinity
◊ How our works are invested in God’s work
◊ How it is we truly “cooperate” with grace
◊ Understanding how grace produces obedience
◊ Understanding how obedience brings about freedom
◊ How grace and works go together
◊ A complete exposition of Ephesians 2:5-8

Price: $9.95 Order Here


Thomas Smith

Price: $9.95 Order Here


Dr. Scott Hahn --

We all experience suffering at some time in our lives. Our tribulations range from small disappointments to serious tragedies. Listen as scripture scholar and lay theologian, Dr. Scott Hahn, makes sense out of suffering by drawing from the wisdom and insight of God's Word. He helps us find the meaning of our suffering by showing us how to unite it to the suffering of Christ on the Cross.

Price: $9.95 Order Here


Thomas Smith -- (3-CD Set)

St. Peter tells us to “always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give a reason for the hope that is in you. But so this with gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15). This means that as Catholics, we have to be able and willing to respond the challenges of the cults, which are pervasive in this country.

Unlike our Protestant seperated brethren who hold to many of our common beliefs as Catholics, such as the deity of Christ, the Holy Trinity, the necessity of God's grace for salvation, the bodily resurrection of Christ and many other beliefs, the kingdom of the cults deny one or more of these fundamental dogmas.

Thomas Smith was raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and can trace his lineage back seven generations. In this talk, he shares his beliefs and incredible experiences as a Mormon missionary in Alabama and how this led him to convert and become a Protestant minister and later enter the Catholic Church.

Thomas shares important insights about the beliefs and practices of the Latter-Day Saints (also known as Mormons) and why many of today's Catholics are ill-prepared to respond to their challenge. He shares his own personal experience as a former Mormon and now-revert to the Catholic Faith.

3-CD Set

Price: $21.95 Order Here


Tim Staples --

Don't you wish everyone you knew was Catholic? Take a few moments to think about it. You know friends and family members that would benefit from the Catholic faith.

But how to approach them? What should you say when you have the opportunity to dialogue with them? It is simpler than you may think.

In Why Be Catholic?, Tim covers topics like the scientific proofs for the existence of God; The philosophical principles for proving the existence of God and how God's majesty is revealed in what He has created.

Then, Tim goes on to show how God is revealed through what He Himself instituted: His Church, and why even non-Catholic sources show why the Catholic Church is the one true Church. This makes a perfect gift for those who need to know why the entire world should be Catholic-Christian.

Tim Staples has spent his life studying the faith, both from outside the Catholic Church (as a Protestant minister) and from inside as a Catholic apologist and speaker. In Why Be Catholic?, he presents a powerful, information-packed primer on the Catholic faith.

In the end, it is the Holy Spirit who will bring someone to Jesus Christ and His Church. Your task is to get yourself involved in the process—and Why Be Catholic? will help you do that!

Price: $9.95 Order Here


Dr. Scott Hahn --

As a former Protestant minister, Dr. Scott Hahn knows very well the common objections non-Catholics have with the Catholic Faith.

In this informative talk, he tackles the tough issue of the Papacy and defends our belief that the Pope is part of Jesus Christ's design for His Church.

Become better equipped to respond to those who attack the crucial role of the successor of St. Peter in the Catholic Church's mission.

Price: $9.95 Order Here


Jeff Cavins explores and responds to some of the reasons why so many people have left the Catholic Church for evangelical Christianity. As he presents the story of his return to Catholicism, Cavins also builds a case for why the Catholic Church is the Church founded by Christ.

Price: $9.95 Order Here


Steve Ray -- (Available as CD, DVD, & MP3 Download)
Approximate run time: 1 hour 10 minutes

Interested in bringing Steve Ray to speak at your parish or event? Book him now through The Catholic Speakers Association!

In this exciting series, Baptist convert Stephen Ray shares deep insights and effective arguments to win over even the hardest of hearts. You'll be swept away as this best-selling author and apologist shares his journey to Catholicism and investigates the primary stumbling blocks of those who vehemently oppose the Church, the issues of salvation and the Papacy.

Stephen Ray was raised in a devout, loving, Baptist family. Always a zealous instructor of Sacred Scripture, he nearly fell off his chair when a close friend, an Evangelical pastor, converted to Catholicism.

Steve and his wife Janet began a personal pilgrimage that would radically change their lives. After serious study and much prayer, the Rays became convinced that the Roman Catholic Church was the Church founded by Christ almost 2000 years ago. They also realized that Catholicism faithfully and fully continued the Apostolic teaching as understood by the Fathers, the Councils and gloriously preserved through the See of Peter.

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Karlo Broussard

Price: $9.95 Order Here



Fr. Jose Fortea --

In this captivating DVD, discover how Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea, preparing to seek his doctorate in Church history, was compelled by his bishop to pursue the world's first PhD in exorcism. Fr. Fortea was given unrestricted access to many secret and sealed documents (he spent a month in the Library of Congress alone!), but that was only the beginning. For years Fr. Fortea traveled the world consulting with exorcists, documenting their experiences, investigating cases of suspected demonic possession and actually attending countless exorcisms.

As you watch this spellbinding presentation you'll better understand the importance of exorcism and why some human forces (even in the Church) attack and disparage this essential apostolic ministry. Order now and experience the triumph of Jesus Christ over evil in its most visible form.

Price: $14.95 Order Here


Created by Dennis & Angelina Girard

Interested in bringing Dennis & Angelina Girard to speak at your parish or event? Book them now through The Catholic Speakers Association!

"No one can live continually in sin and continue to say the Rosary: either they will give up sin or they will give up the Rosary."
-Bishop Hugh Doyle

Pope Francis encourages daily recitation of the Rosary & Divine Mercy Chaplet as: "spiritual help for our souls and for spreading love, forgiveness..." now you can experience the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet in a new and beautiful way.

This DVD will help you focus in on your prayer using:
• A beautiful visual backdrop of treasured masterpieces, icons, and mosaics
• A dynamic musical score
• Quotes from Scripture, the Catechism, and the saints
• Passages taken from the Diary of St. Faustina

Price: $14.95 Order Here


Fr. Donald Calloway -- (DVD)

The Chaplet of Divine Mercy is one of today's most popular Catholic devotions. Now you can experience God's Mercy in your own life as you discover how a humble Polish nun became a powerful apostle of God's plan of mercy for the world. In Jesus I Trust in You, Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC instructs you in the powerful spirituality of the popular St. Faustina.

A Message For The World
In this enlightening DVD presentation, Fr. Calloway shares how St. Faustina embraced a spiritual life based on deep humility, purity of intention, and loving obedience to the will of God in imitation of the virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the 1930s, Saint Faustina received from the Lord a message of mercy that she was told to spread through out the world. In a diary of about six hundred pages she recording the revelations she received about God's mercy.

Even before her death in 1938, the devotion to The Divine Mercy had begun to spread and her diary Divine Mercy in My Soul has become the handbook for this popular devotion. But as Father relates, Faustina herself would not have been surprised, for she had been told that the message of God's Mercy would spread through her writings for the great benefit of souls!

Exclusive Special Feature
Today the priests and brothers of the Congregation of Marians of the Immaculate Conception (M.I.C.) are the caretakers of St. Faustina's precious diary. As one of these keepers of the flame of Divine Mercy, Fr. Calloway will enlighten you to the proper practice of her soul-saving devotion. As an added bonus, Father leads the Chaplet of Divine Mercy as well! In this exclusive special feature you'll pray the Chaplet with Father as you meditate on beautiful images from sacred art and the life of Saint Faustina.

JPII and Divine Mercy Sunday
The foremost champion of the Divine Mercy message in our day was Pope John Paul II. He devoted an entire encyclical, Dives In Misericordia, to the Mercy of God and even stated that Divine Mercy "formed the image" of his pontificate. St. Faustina was canonized by Pope John Paul II on April 30, 2000, and then he instituted Divine Mercy Sunday as a way for faithful Catholics to experience God's Mercy by gaining a special plenary indulgence.

In this presentation, Fr. Calloway will answer all your questions about the proper observation of this great gift to the Church. Order now and join St. Faustina by taking deeply into your heart God's gospel command to "be merciful even as your heavenly Father is merciful."

• How St. Faustina's diary clarifies the gospel story of God's love in simple language
• What gave St. Faustina the strength to bear all her sufferings as an offering to God on behalf of the Church, great sinners and the dying
• How to properly pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy
• How the message of mercy that St. Faustina received spread throughout the world
• Why it is important that the public recital of the Chaplet follow its exact wording
• How St. Faustina's diary has become the handbook for devotion to The Divine Mercy
• What is the role of the parish priest on Divine Mercy Sunday
• What extraordinary graces are available on Divine Mercy Sunday and how you can receive them
• How JPII made special, compassionate provisions for obtaining the indulgences by those who cannot go to Mass on Divine Mercy Sunday
• And much more

Price: $19.95 Order Here


Dr. Scott Hahn -- (1 DVD)

Whether you have been married one year or thirty, this DVD is a must for every Catholic couple. Make this DVD a date night on the couch with your husband or wife and watch one of the greatest communicators of the Catholic faith explain the importance of marriage.

As you listen to, and absorb these Biblical teachings, you can become a better communicator to your spouse and deepen your bond with your loved one.

You'll learn:
• How Saint Joseph plays a role in the lives of spouses
• How to call on the graces from the Sacrament of Matrimony
• Insights from Dr. Hahn on how to listen to your spouses every need
• How the marriage covenant can be compared to Jesus and His Bride (the Catholic Church)
• The spiritual tools that help spouses remain chaste to their husbands and wives
And much more

The divorce rate is no different in Catholic marriages as it is in civil unions, which is why it is important to get this DVD into the hands of every married Catholic couple. Act now and purchase this DVD for yourself, your parents, sons, or daughters.

Bonus Segment: Listen to a fifteen minute sobering segment (for men only) that will fire him up to be a more committed husband.

Price: $19.95 Order Here


Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and presented by popular educator Fr. John Flader, Journey into Truth explains the principal teachings of the Church in a way anyone can understand and shows how they can be lived out in ordinary life. The 24 half-hour talks cover the four parts of the Catechism and are enhanced by beautiful high-definition film clips, images, and quotations. This is ideal for RCIA groups, adult faith formation groups, youth groups, teachers, catechists, and families.


Fr. John Flader, was born in the U.S. and has a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard and a Doctorate in Cannon Law from the University of Navarre. He was ordained a priest of Opus Dei in 1967 and since 1968 has resided in Australia, serving as chaplain of Warrane College at the University of New South Wales, chaplain of the University of Tasmania, chaplain of RMIT University, Director of the Catholic Adult Education Center of the Archdiocese of Sydney, and chaplain of Montgrove College. Since 2005 he has written a weekly question-and-answer column in The Catholic Weekly and other Catholic newspapers.


“Fr. John Flader is a master teacher. Much of his priestly ministry has been devoted to the lucid and engaging explanation of the faith. His depth of knowledge and attractive presentation are readily seen in Journey into Truth. I recommend it to all who wish to understand their own journey of faith.”
Most Rev. Julian Porteous, Archbishop of Hobart

“The image of a ‘journey’ speaks vividly of the Christian’s faith in Jesus Christ, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Journey into Truth maps the way forward, always towards that eternal home, the place the Lord Jesus has prepared for each of us. I highly recommend it and pray that many will grow in their faith through it.”
Most Rev. Peter Elliott, Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne
Director of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and the Family

“A superb production, Beautifully presented and rich in content. I hope many will use it to learn the Catholic faith in depth.”
Michael Willesee, Television journalist


- 8 DVDs
- 711 Minutes
- 12 half-hour Sessions
- Subtitles not available

*Accompanying book not available for purchase in the U.S.

Price: $99.95 Order Here


Dr. Scott Hahn --

There is no shortage of bad news in the Catholic Church today. Scandal, Catholic-in-name-only politicians and policy makers, reduced Mass attendance, especially among the young, and on and on and on. Are you finally ready for some “Good News?” We thought so. That’s why Saint Joseph Communications has produced a Special Edition of Scott Hahn’s popular DVD.

External Attraction
When renowned convert Scott Hahn began to study Catholicism, he quickly discovered an authentic splendor about the Catholic Church. At first he was attracted by the Church’s artwork, architecture, intellectual and cultural achievements, humanitarian services, miraculous elements and the heroic virtues of the Saints. But looking closer he found an even more exciting interior splendor, especially in liturgy and worship. Here Hahn discovered the amazing fulfillment of the Old Covenant Passover in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Special Edition
As you watch this DVD, you will accompany Scott Hahn as he began to uncover the true interior splendor within the Catholic Church. You will share his contagious joy of discovery as he describes his journey through Scripture to find that Jesus is the cause of the prerogatives of Mary, that it is Jesus who established the Church, that it is Jesus who guarantees the papacy, and so much more. Plus in this newly mastered Special Edition you will see on-screen images of the many treasures of art and architecture Scott describes from his meeting with Pope John Paul II in Rome and more.

A Message to the Church
This inspiring presentation also includes a special message for Catholics in America to always love the Church and thereby avoid the path of the Biblical Church of Ephesus that “turned aside from their first love.” Rediscover why the true splendor of the Church, the mystery of Christ Himself, must be reclaimed, and proclaimed, today and always.


What the Church teaches about her external splendors
What it is about the Church that sets her apart from all denominations
How the Catholic Church is the “family of God”
Why Catholic missionaries were so successful among the barbarians of Europe
What is the theme of the Mystery of Christ
Why externals matter in liturgy and worship
Why Our Lord’s words to the Church in Ephesus are crucial for Catholics today
How faith means obedience to the truth taught by the Church
What it takes to become a saint
And much, much more!

1-Disc DVD

Price: $19.95 Order Here


Jesse Romero --

Discover How to Refute the Claims of Today’s Most Dangerous Opponent of Catholic Truth!

Popular Catholic evangelist and radio personality Jesse Romero, M.A. has collected a powerful arsenal to combat the threat of militant atheism. With this hard-hitting series Atheism: Not Just Monkey Business you’ll reap the benefits of fifteen years of in-depth research into this crucial topic.

Now, in common, down-to-earth language, you’ll find all the answers you need to protect the souls of those you love as you join in the great spiritual battle of our day.

What you'll discover:
Why atheism is the most important problem facing the Catholic Church today
How dogmatic atheism has become the "religion of the university"
What are the major fallacies of the theory of evolution
What is the importance of fatherhood in the psychology of atheists
Why atheism is not an intellectual problem, but a “problem of the heart”
Why more and more of our kids are becoming victims of atheist propaganda
And much more

4-CD Set or 2-DVD Set

Price: $27.95 Order Here

"40" DVD

“40 is an emotionally powerful and intellectually stimulating must-see movie.”

Movie Guide - The Family Guide to Movie Reviews

The new film 40 is being called the most compelling pro-life documentary ever produced. The title refers to the 40th anniversary of the notorious Roe v. Wade decision and the horrific legacy of four decades of legalized abortion-and what can be done about it. Abortion is the human rights issue of our time. Now you have a powerful means to share that truth in a convincing way-even to the most committed “pro-choicers” in your life.

Beyond Stereotypes
This one-of-a-kind documentary explodes the false pro-choice narrative by showing that the pro-life cause is shared by men and women, young and old, believer and non-believer alike, across all lines. But, much more than an historical documentary on the pro-life movement, 40 is a powerful and comprehensive primer for the abortion debate. Every common objection from “my body, my choice” to the rape exception to “safe, legal, and rare” is definitively answered-and all in less than 90 minutes! Destined to become the premiere film for educating youth on abortion, 40 makes the case for life compassionately and effectively. Put simply, this movie is going to save lives. Get your copy now.

The Powerful New Film, 40:
• Highlights well-reasoned and secular arguments against abortion
• Gives voice to both sides fairly
• Addresses the strongest arguments for the pro-choice position
• Presents abortion as the most important human and civil rights issue of our time
• Captures the real impact of abortion on women, men, and families
• Provides heartfelt testimonies from post abortive women and men
• Is narrated by actress Jennifer Cadena (The Roommate, Crescendo) with an original musical score by award-winning composer Sean Beeson
• Features inspiring stories and deeply personal interviews with more than 40 of the biggest names in the Pro-Life movement
• Is a movie you can share with your pro-choice friends-including non-religious ones
• Is the definitive film on abortion

Price: $19.95 Order Here


Fr. William Casey --

Now, Discover the Key to Peace In Your Life in Three Powerful Presentations On One All-New DVD!

Do you have peace in your life? The angels proclaimed this precious gift of the Holy Spirit at the birth of Christ. Our Lord said, “In Me you have peace,” and, “My peace I give you.” But what is the key to embracing this peace? Now, in three full-length presentations on one all-new DVD, Father Bill Casey reveals how recognizing the true source of peace can save you a lifetime of heartache.

Pitfalls In the Pursuit of Pleasure
From the majestic life of an ancient Roman Emperor to the recent, tragic end of Anna Nichole Smith, Father shares a story that is as old as life itself. As you listen, Father reveals why all the beauty, glamour, fame, fortune, sex and drugs that money can buy cannot bring the happiness that we all desire on earth.

You’ll discover why earthly pleasure does not last, does not satisfy, and most importantly, does not bring peace. In fact, the pursuit of pleasure as an end in itself always leads to ruin because it does not fulfill the purpose for which we were created.

Rebellion Against The Father
Father Casey also reveals the greatest threat to peace in our lives is the moral poison that is killing our nation. Now, you’ll learn that in the 21st century the never-ending battle for truth will be centered upon the Person of God the Father as secularism, radical feminism, and new age paganism reject His sovereignty over creation and attack the sanctity of human life made in His image.

You’ll find this cultural war on the Bride of Christ is the final assault in the Devil's all out attack and leaves you only one choice in these dark days: God or nothing.

The Key To Peace
In this powerful presentation, you’ll learn that there are there are two kinds of peace—and how to discern the difference. Here you’ll find an abundant wellspring of information to manage interpersonal problems and disorder in your life and find the path to peace of soul even amidst times of great personal turmoil. Your future happiness lies in finding this precious gift of the Holy Spirit proclaimed by the angels at the birth of Christ.

Order Finding Peace of Soul now, right away, don’t spend another moment without the sure knowledge that that as long as you are sincerely seeking God, nothing can happen to you that He has not foreseen will lead to your greater good.


What is the true Source of our peace
Why those who commit sin become slaves to sin
What are the two kinds of peace—and how to tell the difference
What is the truth about where your future lies
Why “Despair is the capitol city of hell”
How to have the sure knowledge that God loves you
What you should know about peace in marriage
How to have peace of soul amidst the great turmoil in your life
Why happiness and pleasure are not the same thing
What is the greatest threat to peace of soul
Why we must defend the Fatherhood of God
And much more…

1-Disc DVD

Price: $19.95 Order Here


Matt Arnold --

The all-new DVD is an excellent introduction to the miracle stories from the Gospels. This inspiring presentation combines readings from Sacred Scripture with on-screen text, beautiful sacred art, and enlightening commentary that focuses especially on the two elements that Catholics care about the most: “What does the Church teach about this?” and, “How does it apply to my life today?”

Ideal for Kids and Converts
Matt Arnold (Our Catholic Faith, The Story of the Bible) has created a powerful presentation that is simple enough to be suitable for young people yet sufficiently substantial to be appropriate for adults as well. Applicable to Catholics of all ages, the commentary relates the Church’s accepted interpretations in a clear and easy-to-understand manner that makes the meaning of the miracles truly come alive. As you’ll discover, The Miracles of Jesus is ideal for family Bible study and for the many Catholics, young and old, who are new to encountering the Holy Bible outside of the Sunday readings.

Appealing and Engaging
As you view this informative and insightful DVD, you’ll discover what the miracles of Jesus reveal about the Sacraments, the Church, the power of intercession and much more. All together these miraculous episodes make a single cohesive presentation, but, since each segment is only a few minutes long, any one of them can be viewed independently. For example, any one of the miracles would make an appealing audio-visual supplement for religious education class, or an engaging addition to a conventional Bible study.

Essential Teaching
The Miracles of Jesus makes a creative complement to your CCD or Confirmation program that is also well-suited for adult inquiry classes, RCIA, and group Bible study. Today more than ever Catholic youth and adult converts especially need to recognize that Our Lord’s miracles are at the very heart of His ministry, which is to save us from sin and death through belief in Him and through the Church that He established.

Whether you are a parent, religion teacher or Bible study facilitator, order The Miracles of Jesus today and add a powerful new dimension to your religion classes, group study, family devotions, and personal enrichment.

Why Jesus performed miracles
How the miracles of Jesus reveal the plan of God
How Jesus Walking on the Water relates to the Holy Eucharist
Why Jesus’ miracles are essential to the Gospel
How the spread of the Church is one of Jesus’ greatest miracles
What the Healing of the Leper reveals about Confession
How Jesus continues to heal us through the Church
Why forgiving sins is a greater miracle than raising the dead
How the miracles of Jesus apply to your life
What the miracles of Jesus reveal about the power of intercession
And much more!

1-Disc DVD

Price: $19.95 Order Here


Matt Arnold -- (Available as CD & DVD)

Interested in bringing Matthew Arnold to speak at your parish or event? Book him now through The Catholic Speakers Association!

Price: $9.95 Order Here


Dr. Scott Hahn & Kimberly Hahn, M.A.

This 4 DVD Set on Laying the Groundwork from the Catholic Education Series includes:

-The Scott Hahn Conversion Story

-The Kimberly Hahn Conversion Story

-The Splendor of the Church

-The Bible and the Church

The Catholic Adult Education Series on DVD is an excellent program designed for parishes to receive solid Catholic Adult Education at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional catechetical team. The series is made up of 35 individual programs and is divided into 6 modules for ease of use. These DVD presentations were recorded live on location at parishes across the country, adhere to the teaching contained in the New Catechism of the Catholic Church, have been approved nationwide and are being used in parishes across the United States and throughout the world.

Each DVD presentation runs approximately 60 to 90 minutes and each module is accompanied by a complete PDF study guide on CD that includes:

An overview of each program in the module:
A list of CDs and books recommended by Scott and Kimberly Hahn
A brief summary of the DVD
An outline of the DVD
A Reference page of all books and Scripture passages cited
Questions for group discussions following the DVD presentation
Complete transcripts of every DVD presentation
Program Item numbers and price list

Module I - The "Catholic Adult Education on DVD" Program with Scott and Kimberly Hahn is Broken down into six Modules. Each module consists of related presentations and is laid out in a recommended sequence of showing. The first four programs in Module I lay the foundation for the entire program. First, we introduce Scott and Kimberly Hahn and tell how they came to see the Catholic Church as the Family of God. From there we move into an overview of the Catholic Church and show the historical splendor of her existence. The final DVD in this section focuses on the Bible and the Church; it explains why the two must go together and cannot be separated. This program establishes the divine authority of both the Bible and the Church and provides a definitive source of reference for subject matter in later programs.

Complete Catholic Adult Education on DVD course - All 6 modules, Programs 1-35

Catholic Adult Education Series:
MOD1: Laying the Groundwork
MOD2: Salvation History
MOD3: One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church
MOD4: A Closer look at Christ's Church
MOD5: The Seven Sacraments of the Church
MOD6: Applying our Faith to our Families

Price: $59.95 Order Here


Dr. Scott Hahn & Kimberly Hahn, M.A. --

This 6 DVD Set on A Close Look At Christ's Church from the Catholic Education Series includes:

• The Pope, Holy Father
• Purgatory, Holy Fire
• Mary, Holy Mother
• Mark, Ark of the Covenant
• Saints, Holy Siblings
• Eucharist, Holy Meal

Price: $79.95 Order Here


Dr. Scott Hahn & Kimberly Hahn, M.A. --

This 9 DVD Set on Applying Faith To Our Families from the Catholic Education Series includes:

• Christ and the Church: A Model for Marriage
• The Holy Family: A Model for the Catholic Home
• Children: A Model for Family Growth
• Catechizing Your Family
• Know Your Rites: Living the Sacramental Life as Family
• Overworked and Underprayed: Catholic Family Devotions
• Catechizing and Evangelizing Family: 21st Century Vision
• The Great Omission: Why Catholics Don't Evangelize
• The Catholic Gospel: More than Saving Sinners

Price: $124.95 Order Here


Dr. Scott Hahn & Kimberly Hahn, M.A. --

This 5 DVD Set on Salvation History from the Catholic Education Series includes talks on:
• One Holy Family
• One Holy Tribe
• One Holy Nation
• One Holy Kingdom
• One Holy Church

Price: $69.95 Order Here


Dr. Scott Hahn & Kimberly Hahn, M.A. --

This 4 DVD Set on Understanding Our One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church from the Catholic Education Series includes:

• The Church is One
• The Church is Holy
• The Church is Catholic
• The Church is Apostolic

Price: $59.95 Order Here


Dr. Scott Hahn & Kimberly Hahn, M.A. --

This 7 DVD Set on The Sevent Sacraments from the Catholic Education Series includes:
• Introduction to the Meaning of a Sacrament
• Grace is For-Giving and For-Getting
• Signed, Sealed and Delivered: Baptism and Confirmation
• Communion as Reunion: The Holy Eucharist
• Holy Healing: Penance and Anointing of the Sick
• Going on Vocation: Marriage and Holy Orders
• The Lamb's Supper

Price: $99.95 Order Here



Best DVDs on Padre Pio and Sr. Faustina:
2 Best DVDs 3 Documentary Films in one DVD

Other Documentary Videos on

Sr. Faustina, Padre Pio and Apparitions at Medjugorje
St. Pio of Pietrelcina and St. Faustina

Pious Publications
"Seeing Is Believing" Video Library

Padre Pio Revisited

From San Giovanni to Heaven - New Video on Canonization of Padre Pio

The Beatification of Padre Pio

The Life of Sister Faustina - The Apostle of Divine Mercy

Spanish Edition - La Historia De Sor Faustina

A Celebration of Padre Pio - Pray, Hope, and Don't Worry

Spanish Edition - Homenaje Al Padre Pio

Padre Pio - At The Gates of Heaven

Medjugorje - The Miracles and The Message

Sister Faustina - The Promise of Mercy

The Beatification of Sister Faustina - Join the Celebration

Padre Pio's San Giovanni - "I Can Refuse No One"

Padre Pio's Way of the Cross



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