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Our Lord & Lady - Roman Catholic Books

Bishop Sheen's Life of Christ
Fulton J Sheen
STK# 8306

Bishop Sheen’s masterpiece.
"Christendom is over, but not Christ."
Some say this is the best of Sheen’s 84 books, his poem of the God-Man. (Don’t blame him for the book’s cover art!) The greatest Life told by one of the greatest wordsmiths of the dramatic, especially in the temptation scenes, Christ’s conversations with sinners, and above all the Passion. Sheen’s take on Joseph, Mary, Peter and the Apostles, Herod, Pilate, etc. A master of paradox, Bishop Sheen restates old truths in vivid and appealing ways with style, insight, and depth of spirituality, the fruits of his catechizing, meditation, and preaching. A winning combination of Scripture fact, Church teaching, philosophy, reality, and composition of place. The Life of Christ was the prehistory of the Catholic Church, as the Catholic Church is the posthistory of the Life of Christ. Historical yet contemporary; modern parallels drawn from timeless lessons. Need meditation?
476pp. Softcover.

Characters of the Passion
Fulton J. Sheen, D.D.
STK# 8258

The Eternal Drama of the Cross! This inspiring book, written in 1946 by one of the Church's most prolific authors, discusses faith and the vital part it plays in our modern world. Using the stories of many of those who were influential in the life and death of Our Lord, Bishop Sheen gives us a better understanding of the Faith.
Recognizing that the challenges and pressures of society make it difficult for many to maintain their religious belief, Sheen takes you back to Calvary where he dramatically brings to life brief but penetrating characterizations of many of those who played important roles in the Passion. Their stories teach us about trust, despair, egotism, powe; politics, doubt, love, repentance, and more.
Archbishop Sheen gives inspiration to all. To those who may be wavering in their beliefs, he brings comfort and strength. To others, he reaffirms the knowledge that the true Faith is the most powerful weapon in the world today.
94 pages, softcover

Consecration To Mary
Fr. Helmuts Libietis
STK# 6713


Everything you need to make your consecration to the Blessed Virgin according to Saint Louis de Montfort's method in True Devotion to Mary. All the readings in one place.
•Holy Scripture
•The Imitation of Christ
•True Devotion to Mary
•The Love of Eternal Wisdom
•The Secret of the Rosary
•The Secret of Mary
•Letter to the Friends of the Cross
You'll use it for prayer & meditation over and over. As advertised on EWTN.
420 pp. Softcover.

Cross And Crown
Fr. Robert Maeder
STK# 6718

Three meditations by the famous preacher and newspaper editor. Thoughts for Lent:
•Spiritual Hunger
•Crucifixion of Passions
•Christ's Sufferings
•Spiritual Detox
•Triumph of Suffering
•Christ the King
•"Policy of the Gloria"
•Tabernacle as Paradise
•"Queen Mother"
Followed by Part II, Christ's Suffering and Part III, Christ the King.
166 pp. Softcover.

Fatima In Twilight
Mark Fellows
STK# 8014

Jesus was born one cold night in Bethlehem, an event attended by Mary and Joseph, and ignored by the world; yet from this seemingly small event our world has been changed forever.
In 1917 Jesus' Mother appeared to three children on a Portuguese hillside and gave them a message for the Church and the world. She confirmed the message was from Heaven by producing the Miracle of the Sun, a miraculous and terrifying event witnessed by tens of thousands of people, and reported in the secular press of the day. Then everyone moved on with the events of their lives. Ignored by the world, the Message of Fatima was revealed, slowly and by degrees, in the history of the Twentieth Century: the rise of Communism, the martyrdom of the good, and a worldwide descent into godlessness that has caused so much misery and confusion in our own day.
Many believe that the Third Secret of Fatima, never fully revealed by the Church, is writing the history of our new millennium. Can the message of Heaven given at Fatima really address our contemporary problems, and offer solutions that will benefit us in this life, and the next?
345 pp. Softcover.

Immaculata, Our Ideal
Temporary Out of Print
Fr. Karl Stehlin, FSSPX
STK# 8133

What is the first thing you think of when you hear "St. Maximilian Kolbe"? If it's "holocaust" or "concentration camp" then you're a victim of the "St. Max Kolbe, Patron Saint of the Holocaust" crowd. This new book by Fr. Karl Stehlin of the Eastern European District of the Society of Saint Pius X is partly biographical but primarily focuses on St. Maximilian Kolbe's life - long apostolate of spreading devotion to Our Immaculate Lady following the method of St. Louis de Montfort. Father debunks the typical myths of this so - called "Saint of Ecumenism" and shows his concern with combatting heresy, liberalism, modernism, Freemasonry vs Christianity and the need to convert heretics and Jews. One of the best features of this book is that Fr. Stehlin continually relates Kolbe's message with the Crisis in the Church...going so far, for example, as to point out how Lumen Gentium makes it nearly impossible for modern Catholics to truly understand the doctrine of this friar-knight of Our Lady.

In the Likeness of Christ
Fr. Edward Leen
STK# 6727

"I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life" (Jn. 14:6). Catholic Truth is not a collection of dogmas and philosophical principles, nor a series of dos and don'ts; it's a Person - Jesus Christ.
If your spiritual life is dry, an all too human effort to avoid "forbiddens" and occasionally (and usually begrudgingly) checking off a "good deed" to rack up the merit count or to make a payment on the purgatory tab, then you are missing the vivifying principle of the spiritual life - an intimate knowledge of Jesus Christ. "For this is eternal life...to know Christ Jesus" (Jn. 17:3).
Allow Fr. Leen to lead you to a greater knowledge and love of our Lord through this collection of meditations on the life of Christ:
•Presentation in the Temple
•Flight to Egypt
•Hidden life of Jesus
•Saint Joseph
•Blessed Virgin Mary
•Jesus' humility and tenderness
•Holy Eucharist
•Passion and Death
•The Way of Peace.
320 pp. Softcover.

Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Fr. D. Manousos, OFM
STK# 8280

Originally published by the Catechetical Guild in the 1750's, this is the "comic" book companion to The Life of Christ. Both illustrated by Addison Burbank in full color.
The book presents the life of Mary in an engrossing full color "comic"-style format. Starting in the Garden of Eden when God promised to send a woman who would battle Satan...a battle "between thy offspring and hers" through her Assumption into Heaven. Adults and children alike will find the seamless integration of the Gospels informative.
An ideal companion to Know Your Mass, which presents the unbloody Sacrifice of the Mass...here, children learn about she who best assisted at the bloody sacrifice of Calvary...she who we are to imitate in our assistance at the unbloody Sacrifice of the Mass.
Digitially remastered from a 1750's original. Like all of Fr. Manousos's children's books, this one is doctrinally profound, yet accessible to children without being dumbed-down...making it useful for many adults as well.
Great for religion classes and makes an excellent gift for the Feast of St. Nicholas, Christmas, Epiphany, Easter, First Holy Communion, name days, birthdays, etc. Highly recommended.
64pp, softcover, 215 full color illustrations

Loreto & The Holy House
Rev. G. E. Phillips
STK# 8129

This definitive study of the history of the Holy House of Loreto is the most decisive work in the English language defending the authenticity of this most hallowed shrine in all Christendom.
Lifted from its foundation by invisible hands, Our Lady's holy house at Nazareth was transported by angels to the Roman province of Dalmatia (present-day Croatia) in 1291 to prevent its desecration by the Mohammedans. Three years later it took flight coming to rest in Loreto, Italy, where it has stood until this day.
Fr. Phillips provides all the facts, and all the excitement behind the story.
Countless cures and miraculous conversions have happened within the limestone walls of the Santa Casa. How could it be otherwise? Approximately one hundred saints and beati have made a pilgrimage to this blessed sanctuary. This is the holiest place on earth.
Encompassed now for six centuries by a magnificent basilica, in this unpretentious little cottage occurred the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Annunciation of the angel Gabriel to the same humble "handmaid of the Lord" and the Incarnation of the Son of God. Hic Verbum Caro Factum Est Et Habitavit In Nobis reads the inscription etched in gold above the chapel altar: "Here the Word was Made Flesh and Dwelt Among Us." 151 pages, softcover

Miraculous Medal
Fr. M. Aladel, C.M.
STK# 6738

It has been said that the Marian Age began at 11:30 PM on July 18, 1830, when the Blessed Mother appeared to Saint Catherine Laboure at the Motherhouse of the Sisters of Charity in Paris.
This book, written barely 50 years later, gives an authentic account of this apparition of Our Lady. The world of the mid-nineteenth century, no less than our own age, stood sorely in need of the love and compassion of the Mother of God and received from the Queen of Heaven a gift which they could see, feel and wear.
This book explains how the Miraculous Medal burst upon the world and how, through its mediation, Our Lady wrought the conversions of hardened sinners and countless bodily cures. The Symbolism and profound doctrinal message of the medal is fully explained.
227 pp. Softcover.

My Queen and My Mother
Anonymous, with Preface by Bishop Charles of Salford
STK# 8228

Anonymous, with a Preface by Bishop Charles of Salford.
First published in 1904, it has lost none of it's relevance for those who wish to mediate on the prerogatives of the Blessed Virgin, particularly those who find it hard to meditate. This gem takes the Litany of Loreto and reflects, in the form of prayers, upon EVERY petition and title of the Litany -- an easy and fruitful method of mental prayer.
262pp, Hardcover with dust jacket.

Our Lady Of Guadalupe and the Conquest of Darkness
STK# 6401

The extraordinary story of the conversion of Mexico and its deliverance from the Aztec tyranny is told in an engrossing narrative. The history of Cortez's conquest, the appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the subsequent conversion of Mexico are well told. Might not true devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe begin here?
123 pp. Softcover.

Our Lady of Quito
J. L. Mico Buchon, S.J.
STK# 8253

Our Lady of Quito
by Fr. J. L. Mic' Buch'n, S.J.
This image of Mary is well known. Less well known is the miracle associated with the image, when Our Lady literally turned her eyes towards some Jesuit schoolboys. The author relates the history of the prodigy and many of the miracles obtained through the intercession of the Mater Dolorosa, known as Our Lady of Quito.
Includes lyrics to the Hymn to Our Lady of Quito and the Prayer to the Sorrowful Mother of the College (as she is known in Ecuador) in both English and Spanish. A mini-CD, slip-sleeved in the back cover, includes the text files of the original article, MP3 audio files of the hymns, and the score for singing it (in both English and Spanish), making it a great resource for schools.
50pp, softcover, illustrations, CD with text and MP3 audio

The Mystery Of Jesus
Abp. Marcel Lefebvre
STK# 5046

In these twenty-nine meditations inspired by Sacred Scripture, spiritual theology, and the fruit of his own years of contemplation and experience, Archbishop Lefebvre speaks about the life of Christ, His mind and will, the love He had for His Father, and His thirst for souls.
How can Christ be a pattern for us? Why is it good for us that Jesus Christ is both divine and human? How can His heart be our heart? What was Christ's mission and what does it have to do with ours?

Cloaking the Divinity with Humanity
"We must constantly remind ourselves that this humanity cloaks the divinity, and that it is a miracle that Our Lord was not always as radiant as He appeared on Mount Thabor during the Transfiguration. Normally, He should have been radiant and have had a glorious body...but in order to suffer for us, Our Lord wanted to wed our mortal condition such as it is, capable of suffering and death..."
Why Are Mysteries Essential
"The mysteries of the Faith are necessary. There must be mysteries. It would be abnormal if there were no mysteries for us, because that would mean we have nothing more to learn from God, and that our little knowledge would be equal to that of God, which is utterly impossible because the divine knowledge, like God Himself, is infinite, whereas ours is finite, limited."
Understanding the Person of Jesus
"How then can we understand this Person who possessed the Beatific Vision and, at the same time, lived as we do? Those who encountered Our Lord in Palestine saw Him as just another traveler, as any other companion for the journey, as any other dinner guest: the simplicity of the discussions and the conversations reported in the Gospels are the best proof of this. The human soul enjoyed the Beatific Vision, but in fact the Person was God Himself, with all the power and infinitude of God. These are extraordinary realities. ...this is exactly what God wants us to realize."
176 pp. Softcover.

The Shepherds of Fatima
Fr. John De Marchi
STK# 8277

In Heaven, where they know what is really important, they marvel that we fail to see that our Lady's coming to Fatima is the most tremendous event of the 20th century. Our Lady's message for the whole world was entrusted to three children: children, then, have the right to hear all about it, and are disposed to understand what our Lady wants and to cooperate with her requests. This book is for them.
No more enthralling story was ever told and this story is true!
168pp, softcover

To Know Christ Jesus
Frank Sheed
STK# 6446

by Frank Sheed.
This modern classic is a riveting study of the life of Christ. Sheed's wide learning, profound spiritual insight, and lucid style bring the reader to a deep personal encounter with Our Lord. This book has been called "one of the most satisfying studies of the Gospel ever made."
399 pp. Softcover.

True Devotion To Mary
St. Louis de Montfort
STK# 6989

His best known work. Develops the True Devotion introduced in The Love of Eternal Wisdom. Has some of the greatest passages ever written on the Mother of God. It inspired a series of saints from the Little Flower to the reformed alcoholic Saint Matthew Talbot and provided the spiritual foundations for the Legion of Mary. Fr. Faber's famous translation.
215 pp. Softcover.

Who Are You O Immaculata?
Fr. Karl Stehlin
STK# 8234

The first time that God communicates his own name to us in Holy Scripture he says, "I AM WHO AM." When Our Lady spoke to little Saint Bernadette at Lourdes she told her "I AM THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION." Oh the depths of mystery and of beauty that lies in those twin utterances! Discussion of both of these haunting phrases is tightly woven into this seamless and well ordered explanation of the created universe and God's plan for the world.
Fr. Stehlin quotes extensively from St. John Eudes, Cornelius a Lapide, Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, St. Maximilian Kolbe, and Lucia of Fatima. This treatise is one of the most succinct and clear explanations of the complete economy of salvation ever penned. The full role of the Immaculata is explored and refined, and its relevance to the world in our time is detailed in an easy to read and understand format. This is militant Catholic theology made simple for this Marian age.
249pp, softcover.

Worlds First Love
Fulton J. Sheen, D.D.
STK# 8264

With his characteristic eloquence and brilliance, Bishop Fulton Sheen presents a moving portrayal of the Blessed Virgin Mary that combines deep spirituality with history, philosophy and theology. Mary's whole life is lovingly portrayed in this word portrait that is a never failing source of information, consolation and inspiration.
While considering the different phases of Mary's life, Bishop Sheen discusses various problems common to mankind of every age and reveals clearly that every problem can be resolved by recourse to her. He emphasizes the unique dignity, strength and gifts of women and their ability to help heal the world's problems.
Sheen stresses mankind's need of the Mother of God and her burning love for all her children. The great resurgence of devotion to Mary is God's way of emphasizing the value of every person (created in the image of God) against the false doctrines that have so confused the modern world, making the 20th century, arguably, the bloodiest in history.
Beneath the deep spirituality of the book there is a firm foundation of history, philosophy and theology, the truths of which are presented clearly and logically. As always, Archbishop Sheen presents the great, complicated theses of all times in a simple lucid manner that all can understand.
A stimulating literary picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary ... an impressive scope of information.
— Newark News
A remarkable book by Sheen. Many rays of inspiration are to be gleaned from this thought-provoking work.
-Philadelphia Inquirer
The whole treatment is based on a high key that reflects the author's deep reverence and devotion for the Blessed Virgin.
— Chicago Sunday Tribune
276 pages, softcover



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